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  1. Seems that way. His Christmas present to himself is to get the fat man off his back.
  2. Attorney General William Barr has resigned.
  3. Mom was inserting the extra fortune into my cookie. It hurt a little but I’ve had worse nights.
  4. In my alternate reality, Mi Fuk Yung slept with me and all @calguygot was two fortunes in a cookie.
  5. Yep, Trump needs those $$$. Why are they wasting time on this forum when they could be earning money to send to dear leader?
  6. They get to vote in the alternative state house which is located in a guy named Ken’s garage.
  7. To be semi serious for a moment: Precious McKesson is talking about the moment she cast her electoral vote for Joe Biden in Nebraska on TV. She is the first African American woman to cast an electoral college vote in Nebraska. Chinese agents cheered. Mi Fuk Yung threw her panties. 😅
  8. You got a recommendation from Gates? Damn, all I got was a kind word from a blind computer repairman in Delaware.
  9. You got a girl? Not fair. I became a Chinese spy and all I got was a reach around from the guy who owns the Chinese laundry.
  10. I didn’t know that. Thanks for the heads up. Are there term limits in alt-America or is dear leader Trump president for life?
  11. You”ve certainly clarified that you’re a very petty man. That makes you boring, boy. Fuck off.
  12. The truth hurts, bedwetter. You’ll need a double diaper tonight. https://www.forbes.com/sites/alisondurkee/2020/12/08/trump-and-the-gop-have-now-lost-50-post-election-lawsuits/?sh=68c161ba2960
  13. Facts upset you, bedwetter. Have a cry. You’ll be hearing about President Biden for at least four years. 🤣🤣
  14. Of course they are, bedwetter. Most of them were dismissed because Trump’s idiot lawyers alleged but failed to produced a shred of credible evidence for their lies. SCOTUS dismissed on standing. Had it not, there is no doubt that it would have been dismissed on the same grounds that lower court dismissed the identical argument.
  15. The inauguration will proceed. Three Democratic members know Joe Biden won. Three Republican members are afraid to acknowledge it. Republican fear of the base carries no legal weigh.
  16. Frivolous suits get laughed out of court. Your loser of a leader has been laughed out of court around 56 times ... and counting. Never mind, bedwetter. There’s always 2024. Maybe Ivanka will run. Or the Kraken lady, she’s about your speed.
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