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  1. Get back to us if there are indictments.
  2. Do your friends in Nigeria have anything resembling evidence? I think it’s cool that the better man won fair and square and the loser’s seditious efforts to overturn the will of the people was a remarkable failure.
  3. Barr was in on it too? So far the culprits include: Every judge. the Supreme Court, Democratic governors and officials. Republican governors and officials The free press, Dominion, more than 80 million voters, the electoral college. 🙄
  4. How come you didn’t show “what we saw” to the courts, cranky pants?
  5. They do appear to be amusingly low information on most issues. They make up for their lack of intellect with passion, so there’s that.
  6. I too have enjoyed a hearty laugh - at you and your ilk pretending that your dear leader didn’t lose in a landslide. Are you cranky because reality is settling in?
  7. We wanted to destroy the evidence but it turns out you didn’t have any. 🤣🤣
  8. What about elnut and dulledge? They’ve been promising that Trump will turn this thing around any minute now.
  9. You do understand that idle speculation is the entire reason for this forum? 🙂
  10. Will the point ever come when you get tired of spewing the bullshit that you read on gateway pundit? https://www.acslaw.org/projects/the-presidential-investigation-education-project/other-resources/key-findings-of-the-mueller-report/
  11. wrong again, pTurd. Mueller said: Russia hacked the DNC and Podesta. It used wikileaks to dump selected emails. It employed trolls to push disinformation. Trump et al tried to collude but failed. Obstruction by Trump was documented but not pursued. (It might yet be) Opps! https://www.acslaw.org/projects/the-presidential-investigation-education-project/other-resources/key-findings-of-the-mueller-report/
  12. Poor cult. Do we have to be nice to them or can we just give them a tube of butt balm and tell them to man up?
  13. The way I understand it, a Senator and a Representative can jointly object to EC votes. Then the House and Senate meet separately to debate and vote. If both houses sustain the objection, congressional state delegations will step in and vote for president. There are more Republican state delegations than Democratic so they could, in theory, vote for Trump. To work, the majority of the House and the majority of the Senate would need to support the objection. That seems extremely unlikely. it won’t work, but it may keep hope alive in the Trump camp.
  14. We did that too, right after we stole Trump’s mojo on Nov 3rd.
  15. Your problem is that the Mueller report and the Senate findings contradict your baseless claim. Happy Electoral College Day. 😇
  16. My prediction is that he’ll try to cajole Congress to appoint him.
  17. Biden is probably right, we should turn the page. Biden is a bigger man than me. IMO, Trump and his allies attacked the constitution with lies and frivolous lawsuits. If that’s not sedition, it’s damned close. If there are no consequences there will be nothing to stop future losing candidates from trying the same scam. Arrest and imprisonment is probably not going to fly but maybe the House can vote to sanction the seditionists. Get it into the permanent record for posterity.
  18. To be fair he did lie about the Mueller report, blatantly too.
  19. Sadly, this is how things have been done. Trump finds the most humiliating way to fire people who he thinks have crossed him.
  20. It was broadcast live. 302-232 for Biden right now. 4 more votes for Biden to come. Landslide!!!
  21. A bunch of Karen’s banging on the back door and demanding to speak to the manager does not an alternative electoral college make. Sorry, cultboy. You lost again.
  22. Absolutely. Trump was pissed when Barr wouldn’t parrot the baseless claims of widespread fraud.
  23. That is probably what happened. Trump was pissed when Barr refused to lie about vote fraud.
  24. Barr is not a man that I admire but he appears to be able to read the writing on the wall.
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