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  1. He sure did. He reminded the country and the world that he humiliated Trump in a record landslide. Cult denial lasted a month. Now it’s time for anger, bargaining, anger, anger, anger ...
  2. Sometimes it’s about discouraging the owner from mistakes - like selling to one member the right to administratively torment another member. 🤷‍♂️
  3. He’s not a dictator. He’s a wannabe dictator. He just can’t pull it off.
  4. The speech after Clinton’ concession call was fine. He showed few signs of bipartisanship during his presidency. Mostly he threw red meat to the base and got you all worked up into a frothing rage.
  5. Agreed. That boy is pure troll with nothing to contribute to any discussion.
  6. Wisconsin Supreme Court Denies Trump Campaign Effort to Throw Out Votes https://www.wsj.com/articles/wisconsin-supreme-court-denies-trump-campaign-effort-to-throw-out-votes-11607969548 A divided Wisconsin Supreme Court rejected a Trump campaign lawsuit seeking to reverse President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, ending the president’s last major effort to reverse the results as the Electoral College met Monday. President Trump’s legal team aimed to invalidate the votes of 220,000 people, asking the court to throw out four broad categories of ballots, including those cas
  7. They won’t. They speak up when the target is a con. They giggle like little girls when the target is a liberal.
  8. Character needs to be every day, not just when it is easy. Have a good week.
  9. C’mon man. It comes across as petty. That crap is normal for some of these boys but you’re better than this.
  10. Did they mess with your handle, man? SMH
  11. He tried to donate and got fucked over because of a misunderstanding.
  12. Mostly here but both. Given what just happened to MM, it’s beneficial to have a backup lol.
  13. The site offers entertainment. Contributions should be considered a thank you gift for value already received. There need be no expectation of additional personal reward. It would be kinda cool if every fucking feature and rule change made around here was not weaponized.
  14. And generously sized butts they were. I think I saw a recipe for jambalaya on one guys left cheek.
  15. They have this evidence but they forgot to produce it in court - 60 times. 😆
  16. On a serious note: my dad was into yachting. He was unable to achieve his dream of sailing around the world. Economic and health setbacks interfered. Enjoy it. My wife and I do the RV thing. It’s not as exotic but we enjoy exploring on land.
  17. Trump plans to bilk many of these boys for years and years. Others will figure out that they were played but they will be too embarrassed to admit it.
  18. There were security cameras. Observers were welcome at any time. The sec. of state investigated and found that the magical suitcases were standard ballot boxes and recycling bins. Judges laughed it out of court. But hey, the epoch times said they were suitcases so...
  19. The magical suitcases were debunked. The world knows it. Enjoy your boat. Here in the hood we throw an inflatable mattress into the kiddy pool and call it the yacht. 🙂
  20. Only 6D? Underestimate Trump at your peril.
  21. Losing in court 60 times was part of the master plan. Trump is playing 4D chess, don’t you know. 😃
  22. Spew those lies, bedwetter. They’ve worked so well for you so far - Trump has us right where he wants us. 🤣🤣🤣 306-232.
  23. This conversation only happens because the grifter suckered his cult into believing a conspiracy theory. Send $$$. He needs funding for his alt-reality media outlet to keep the rubes on the hook.
  24. Wrong. It’s a tax investigation and NOBODY CARES. Same as NOBODY CARES about the investigation into the Trump kids, They weren’t on the ballot.
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