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  1. Were you one of the half who acknowledged him as the legitimate president or did you fall for the birtherism bullshit?
  2. Non family members with real experience. Novel approach. 🤔
  3. Do you think we’ll even get that much? Half of them didn’t acknowledge Obama as president.
  4. if they were patriots, they would support President-elect of the United States Joseph R. Biden Jr. isn’t that what you have been telling us for four years? 😇 Cheer up, man. It was clear from the start that Trump had no evidence of voter fraud. This is a routine step that should have happened three weeks ago.
  5. Aren’t you acquainted with all of the liberals you know and love on the liberal forum? ❤️
  6. Trump is trying to overturn the will of the people and failing. The guy finds a new way to lose this election every day. 😂
  7. I wonder if this news will prompt many of these cult members to accept reality. probably not.
  8. Quit whining. It’s breaking on CNN. i’ll link as soon as available. ETA: https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/23/politics/transition-biden-gsa-begin/index.html. I also added it to my initial post.
  9. But you can have control over yours if you seek medical help. it’s a done deal son. The funds are freed up. Government departments will have to cooperate with the Biden transition team. Will post the letter when it is published online.
  10. About time. ETA: https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/23/politics/transition-biden-gsa-begin/index.html
  11. The losing candidates refusal to accept loss is not an election dispute.
  12. Not sure if anybody mentioned, but almost every state awards their EC votes to the candidate who got the most votes in the state. It’s pretty easy to figure out how the EC vote is going to go. 306-232 for Biden. Happens every four years,
  13. I asked around at the MAGA rally. Everyone was voting for Trump. He won with 100%.
  14. Nobody turns down legal donations. Trump sent over 300 emails asking for donations to a bait and switch scam. Biden sent a few emails asking for transition funding because the Trump appointed bitch is obstructing the normal transition funding and information process.
  15. You might not have but your RW brethren certain mentioned it a few thousand times.
  16. Georgia certified today. The first name on the Certificate of Ascertainment is Stacey Abrams.
  17. Didn’t your side promise that Durham was going to blow the lid off everything? Or did I just dream about reading it on this site for months and months?
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