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  1. Not really. He had to use his get out of jail free card. If he breaks the rule again he’ll be back in hell room without a pass. ETA: Oops, I see you recognized that in a subsequent post. Never mind.
  2. Booboo forgot to add “(This is really TOOOOOO easy, folks!)”
  3. I, for one, appreciate when booboo marks his unfunny quips with the “this is really TOOOOOOOO easy folks” disclaimer. It lets us know that zero effort went into the post. Perhaps if booboo would put the disclaimer at the start it would help us quickly identify the post as not worth reading.
  4. Not sure what you mean exactly. AFAIK Lake City Tribune adheres to the journalistic standard of labelling opinion as such. The linked article was clearly labelled as an opinion piece.
  5. I donated too, but it was long before the new recognition/rewards program so no tick for me.
  6. Unsurprising that neighbors don’t want the local golf club turned into a residential complex. Keeping the Trump’s out is just a bonus.
  7. Quite a few televangelists take advantage of people’s faith and gullibility to steal from them. It is unsurprising that this televangelist would also take a fake PPP loan from the government. We can’t really derive anything about Christianity from the conduct of this individual. The lesson, to me, is that one needs to be wary of sending money to individuals who live lavish lifestyles on the backs of donations. Currently one such individual is the president of the United States who has raised hundreds of millions from the lie that the presidential election was stolen from him.
  8. The press reported the truth about the Mueller and Senate investigations. Evidence of extensive meddling was uncovered. The hack of the DNC and the release of selected emails through wikileaks was an escalation from prior years. The use of troll farms and bots to push disinformation to the top of social media feeds was another step beyond. A public investigation was necessary to counter it. It was newsworthy.
  9. Good call. The rule is no credible threats. A threat to shoot at any liberal poster on sight seems as credible as a threat to shoot a specific poster.
  10. Yet I am the one who can spell “retard”. We usually have facts on our side. Journalists prefer fact to fiction. it’s about facts again.The platforms cracked down on misinformation. Call it meddling if you wish but they are not a hostile foreign government.
  11. You asked the question “who cares?” upthread. It appears that you care enough to comment multiple times.
  12. You prove the original post. The Mueller report and the Senate findings document exactly how the Russians meddled. The evidence is there but you ignore it because you no longer share a commitment to objective reality.
  13. Boy, you Internet cowboys are the toughest muthas that ever walked the Earth. 🙄
  14. How many people on this forum do you suspect of burning and looting?
  15. No, it reported the truth about Russian meddling on behalf of Trump in 2016.
  16. Of course it makes a difference. Speaks to credibility.
  17. The doctorate in education will come in handy if she chooses education as her cause. You might want to skip the thread if you hate it. It’s easy. I spent 38 days skipping dozens of threads detailing the conspiracy theory-du-jour from epoch times.
  18. I suppose. At least she earned her job with her clothes on.
  19. Jill Biden earned a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in educational leadership from the University of Delaware. She has been a professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College since 2009. She’s no slouch.
  20. It’s going to be weird having a first lady that we haven’t all seen naked. Dr. Jill Biden should be great.
  21. Republicans prefer to call their falsehoods alternative facts. It sounds more respectable.
  22. Good progress lads. You’ve moved beyond denying Joe Biden’s landslide victory to whining about cabinet picks.
  23. FFS, a man who served his country with honor tried to donate to the site. Now he sits in hell and an asshole has the power to fuck with his account. Over a misunderstanding between grown men. Not cool.
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