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  1. if Trump won, you would change my avatar or my signature or something for a month, If the Dem won (Biden) I got a pinned thread or something small like that. Not sure if anybody has had the heart to tell you but Biden won fair and square and he won bigly. I don’t care about the bet but I do enjoy typing President-elect Joseph R. Biden.
  2. Indeed you did pay Cyndi, very quickly and without being asked. Taipan too. @kfoolsthinks that the rest of us care about the spat between .net and .org. They seem to think that over at .net too. They banned teacher and restricted Spycar. There is no shortage of imagined espionage afoot 🤣
  3. Don’t mind @kfools. He has been cranky since Biden won the election in a massive landslide. 😇 He and I had a bet. Do you think I should remind him about it? 🤣
  4. Just you wait and see @Scout. They are coming for us, any day now. Just as soon as they blow the lid off our massive plot to deny Trump his ten gazillion electoral college votes. It will be the most epically epic takedown of the deep state since McCarthy.
  5. Is there any conspiracy theory that the sore losers didn’t fall for?
  6. The election was fine. Trump is a sore loser and his followers are in denial. ... 🥂
  7. Trump’s incompetence is not funny. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic_death_rates_by_country
  8. true in every way. you have no medical or scientific acumen to refute that claim
  9. America had one of the worst responses to the pandemic in the world. It was on Trump’s watch. he said it was a hoax. He said it would miraculously disappear. He held super spreader events. He discouraged mask use. He touted unproven treatments. Now he claims that he had something to do with the vaccine and he’ll distribute it before he leaves office. Sorry Donnie, we don’t believe you. You’ve lied from the start.
  10. if you think you have a case, use the report button. This a tribute thread - it is the highest honor that can be awarded to a poster in this tiny corner of cyberspace. Congratulations @Dontlooknowon your tribute thread.
  11. You tried to lump the papers that offered no opinion on AGW in with the few papers that refuted the theory. It was a rudimentary mistake of the sort made by children and indoctrinated fools. Nobody reads BACs links any more. They lead to low rent blogs funded by petrodollars. The real science can be found in peer reviewed scientific journals. It’s as settled as it is ever going to be. There is no point wasting time dealing with the flat earth society. Adults need to discuss risk mitigation, not waste time humoring the scientifically illiterate.
  12. If Trump is sworn in on Jan 20th, 2021, I’ll give you back the 150 fake greenies and 150 more. Don’t count on Trump being sworn in. ... 🥛
  13. Some do but it is safe to say that it is not being taken seriously by the powers that be. Progress is too slow. Likely we’ll reach equilibrium at +2.5 C. More forest fires, more and greater weather events, crop migration, rising sea levels etc. The impact will vary across the globe and will be felt most intensely by those poor regions that contribute the least CO2 The species and society will survive. The cost of warming may significantly exceed what would have been spent on mitigation.
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