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  1. Key point being: As I said earlier, the Democratic House will not vote to approve the objection so it dies. I doubt the Senate would vote to approve an objection . Romney, Murcowski, Collins and probably McConnell would not go along with the scam and you won’t get a single Dem.
  2. A random Internet dude, just like you. 🤷‍♂️ Difference is, the world agrees with me. Even Putin congratulated president-elect Biden.
  3. If the Texas suit was a Hail Mary pass, this one is some random fan tossing a nerf ball into the air from his back yard and calling it a touchdown.
  4. You may have mixed up the Russian and American constitution, Boris. There is no clause in the American constitution that permits a president to declare his own loss invalid.
  5. No, they were not selected by legislatures. They were selected by a few disgruntled Republican legislators which carries no constitutional weight.
  6. You need both the House and the Senate to separately vote to reject the electors selected by state legislatures. It’s not going to happen.
  7. The constitution specifies Electors chosen by state legislatures. There is no allowance for alternates selected by a single political party. Even if a senator and a representative were to object to the official state electors, you’ll never get a majority of the House to sustain the objection. It’s highly unlikely that you’d get the Senate to sustain it either. The majority leader already told his caucus not to engage in silly games.
  8. Zerohedge, LOL. Trump will lose this one too. He has already lost this election more times than any loser in history. What’s one more loss?
  9. He tried to hide from the embarrassment of being texxxy but failed again.
  10. I don’t think booboo wanted us to know that he and texxxy are one and the same trailer park dweller.
  11. Silly booboo screwed up again. The man was not an American so he was not a member of the Democratic Party.
  12. Depends if you consider it a violation of the rules. I do. It was necessary to tone down the violent rhetoric on the forum, IMO. After the injustice that was done to Maineman, it seems refreshingly tied to actual rules.
  13. Is booboo religious? I picture him as a guy who wants to be a sinful fornicator but can’t convince a woman to go along with it.
  14. The source for the contents of this OP appears to be Fox News but it was not disclosed. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/hunter-biden-letter-chinese-cefc-chairman-wire-request AFAIK, there is no grand jury at this time. It’s a routine investigation.
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