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  1. I ignored your post because I ignore almost all of your posts, LIAR. You have nothing to offer that interests me.
  2. The lack of nude photographs on the Internet are a hint. You’ve seen the nude pictures of the soon-to-be former First Lady?
  3. Tell you what, cultboy. Next time you don’t care about a topic, don’t comment on it, again and again and again and ... Your posts are ridiculous. Over and out.
  4. At 73.79 deaths per 100K, Sweden’s deaths from COVID-19 is high compared to most of the world. It’s not just enough to look at countries that screwed up worse than Sweden like UK and US (both of which reacted slowly and reluctantly). You have to look at all nations, including those that listened to the experts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic_death_rates_by_country Herd immunity should be achieved through vaccination, not through allowing half the country to get infected and hoping for the best. The latter is known to cause untold number of deaths.
  5. bullshit. herd emergency through widespread infection leads to too many deaths, bedwetter.
  6. I liked your memes but @rippy38, Mall Cop, says they were spam. 😊 Our friends on the right are cranky. Dear leader’s plot to steal the election from the rightful winner was a bust. 😂
  7. Sweden counted on herd immunity and now regrets the decision. It led to an excess of deaths. The government apologized. Herd immunity was a failure - which is what almost every expert predicted.
  8. Dear Santa, I was good this year. I want a brain for Christmas. Also nude photos of Mrs. Clause. Love Booboo
  9. Came across a CNN story that referenced what the author of the tweet was referring to but it was not as “interesting” as implied. 'It's turned crazy': Inside the scramble for Trump pardons https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/16/politics/donald-trump-pardons-lame-duck/index.html
  10. Yet your team hasn’t shown a shred of evidence to a judge. Go figure.
  11. AFAIK it’s fake. It was in the Twitter feed that the OP linked. Gotta assume it’s all BS and jokes.
  12. Having been deeply in debt after the divorce from my first wife I became debt averse. It took me about five years to dig out from that hole. Told myself never again. Feel the same way about the country. If you want it, figure out how to pay for it first. Everybody is a deficit hawk when the other party is in power. Your side blames entitlements. Mine blames tax cuts. Obama’s initial deficit was to tackle the Great Recession. It was understandable. He and Congress should have done more to bring it under control in subsequent years. The post Obama deficits were without justification - or at least they were until the pandemic hit. We’re leaving our kids a potential nightmare. US debt is currently a safe investment but it may not always be that way. Reality could set in if the greenback is ever replaced as the international reserve currency.
  13. I think it is a joke. There was no link to a CNN story and I see nothing on CNN.COM.
  14. There’s a new coronavirus strain in the UK, but don’t panic https://www.popsci.com/story/health/sars-cov-2-new-strain-covid-19/ Having a bit of trouble on this site right now so I’ll leave the link to speak for itself.
  15. We used to visit our friends at Copper Mountain. Beautiful country. Does fiscal conservatism exist any more? Nowadays you’re just as likely to find liberals calling for balanced budgets as conservatives.
  16. Have you linked to the CNN ‘headline’ about little Donnie’s refusal to leave the WH yet? 🙄
  17. rye smile or wry smile? I’m not looking at my property tax bill but your post did make me smile. 🙂 BTW: I’m here in the projects listening to Jason and his girlfriend Glenda go at it in the next apartment. Glenda is a screamer so you can hear her all the way to the community burning barrel. Ol Freddie is down there laughing himself silly at Glenda’s expression of orgasmic delight while his old lady yells at him for not redeeming her engagement ring from the pawn shop. Good times, man, good times.
  18. Glad to return the favor. Isn’t it the time of night for you to claim that you visit this site from your yacht off the coast of Oklahoma?
  19. Probably a good idea to tone down the stupid on this site. You Rambo wannabes can still tell us what badass muthas you are. You just won’t be allowed to brag about how many Americans you hope to kill.
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