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  1. bullshit. you’ve offered no credible evidence that papers were mischaracterized. I challenge you to link to a published peer reviewed paper that effectively counters Cook 2013. Quit dodging and find something.
  2. The existence of witches was not proven by the preponderance of the evidence. It was a faith based belief. Physical evidence is not an argument from authority. Ignorance of the evidence is a poor excuse for ignoring the evidence.
  3. You failed to prove a credible link to a reputable peer reviewed scientific journal. Your argument fails on the face of it. Nothing you argue subsequently has merit. Care to try again? I challenge you to link to a published peer reviewed paper that effectively counters Cook 2013. Not an unverified argument in a low rent opinion blog like popular technology - an actual academic journal. Why does that simple task elude you?
  4. None of the things I posted can be determined subjectively. They are supported by an overwhelming preponderance of physical evidence. They are facts.
  5. Only to those who confuse fact and opinion. The examples I posted are fact, not opinion. They are fact because they are supported by the overwhelming preponderance of evidence.
  6. Teachers should teach truth. Certain facts are supported by the preponderance of the evidence. The theory of evolution is robust. The Earth is a globe. The Earth revolves around the sun. The Holocaust happened Anthropogenic. Global warming is real. Joseph R. Biden won the election in a landslide. Firing teachers for teaching the truth is troublesome, to say the least.
  7. This individual believes that he has a right to demand that we discuss anything he finds on low rent websites funded by fossil fuel industry groups. He’s mistaken. 🙄 That is exactly how science does not work. It doesn’t matter what contrarians assert in blogs and TV interviews. it does not matter what the self described intrepid researchers write in the notoriously anti-science popular technology blog. The only thing that matters is what they publish in peer reviewed scientific journals. This individual has yet to produce a peer reviewed paper that effectively
  8. Don”t be a smart ass. Nobody accused you of anything but posting bullshit from low rent, low credibility blogs like WUWT and the equally fake Popular Technology blog. Will you also link to the copy of the exact same bullshit at Climate Dispatch!. 🤣🤣 Nobody said the scientists don’t exist. You’re 0/2 at straw men. It’s a common trick used by science deniers and flat earthers. Dump some bullshit from a low rent fake science blog and demand that we all waste time playing wack-a-mole with it. Ignore real scientific research which can only be found in reputable academic journa
  9. Mack, I’m just messing with ya. It’s all good natured. 🙂 Good luck to you sir, seriously. God bless.
  10. @Old Mack, do you suffer from Kamala Derangement Syndrome? The heartbreak of KDS can be treated by saying the Serenity Prayer a dozen times. Good luck.
  11. Nobody who pays attention to WattsUpWithThat blog need be taken seriously. It’s fake news. When the poster won’t even admit that they parrot bullshit from WattsUpWithThat blog then we can dismiss them out of hand. Cook et al contacted scientists and asked them to categorize their own work. It is referenced in the peer reviewed scientific paper. There is an abundance of peer reviewed research on the consensus of climate scientists both prior to and subsequent to Cook et al. Oreskes 2004, Oreskes 2007, Doran and Zimmerman 2009, and Anderegg et al. 2010 are some. All show near unani
  12. booboo doesn’t grasp that he his posse of clueless cretins lost this debate about 15 years ago. Poor booboo.
  13. Took 20 seconds using google to figure out where you got your shyte. It came from the notoriously fake wattsupwiththat blog but you’re afraid to admit it. There is a duplicate on some other low rent websites but nowhere credible. next.
  14. Get back to us when you grow the courage to post a link to whichever low rent blog you got this bullshit fromm. 🙄
  15. Take your time. You’re still in Denali. 🤣🤣🤣
  16. if Trump won, you would change my avatar or my signature or something for a month, If the Dem won (Biden) I got a pinned thread or something small like that. Not sure if anybody has had the heart to tell you but Biden won fair and square and he won bigly. I don’t care about the bet but I do enjoy typing President-elect Joseph R. Biden.
  17. Indeed you did pay Cyndi, very quickly and without being asked. Taipan too. @kfoolsthinks that the rest of us care about the spat between .net and .org. They seem to think that over at .net too. They banned teacher and restricted Spycar. There is no shortage of imagined espionage afoot 🤣
  18. Don’t mind @kfools. He has been cranky since Biden won the election in a massive landslide. 😇 He and I had a bet. Do you think I should remind him about it? 🤣
  19. Just you wait and see @Scout. They are coming for us, any day now. Just as soon as they blow the lid off our massive plot to deny Trump his ten gazillion electoral college votes. It will be the most epically epic takedown of the deep state since McCarthy.
  20. Is there any conspiracy theory that the sore losers didn’t fall for?
  21. The election was fine. Trump is a sore loser and his followers are in denial. ... 🥂
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