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  1. Dec 1, 2020 Associated Press https://apnews.com/article/election-2020-donald-trump-robert-mueller-statutes-elections-ae0275b4eb23981c1e6fbf9fc49c3239
  2. Yep, members of the cult will see on Jan 20th. We enlightened folk will still be laughing.
  3. If 60 court losses, numerous audits, recounts, certification and the EC vote didn’t convince the cult, a conservative expose won’t. They are running on emotion now.
  4. Authoritarianism can exist across the left/right spectrum. In my (admittedly lay) opinion, fascism is ia form of authoritarianism that elevates industry above individuals. Soviet style communism elevates government above individuals. Our battle with authoritarianism is independent of our economic views. ——— Good to see a robust discussion in LO here. Well done Bill.
  5. Hopefully. They need to accept that Trump lost first. The projections didn’t do it. 60 court losses didn’t do it. The electoral college didn’t do it. Will the EC vote count in Congress do it? Biden’s swearing in ceremony? I think we need to remain cautious. The cult has shown a remarkable tolerance for authoritarianism and alternative fact. Trump is a symptom of a far larger problem on the right.
  6. Bullshit. The scientific process removes the emotional aspect by insisting on objectivity. Common sense said that more massive (heavier) objects fell faster than less massive (lighter) objects. People believed it for thousands of years. Then Galileo dropped object from the tower of Pisa and determined the rate of descent was independent of mass. Show me a study or it’s your opinion. What’s suspicious? The study was published and the science is robust. I can’t, but why would my memorization of the names of the scientists studying this vaccine matter? It’s the study that matters, not the author. The scientific methods does not rely on authority. It relies on data. Too early to tell. Save the conspiracy theory about the recommendation until there is a recommendation. Do you have some sort of hitherto unknown permanent immunity to coronavirus or is this wishful thinking? Now you’re Debbie Downer? You’re right. Nobody is a God. What’s the relevance?
  7. Do you double dog dare me to read your lies and misinformation?
  8. I hope you’re right. There have been predictions of waning Trump influence over the base for years but they failed to materialize. Does the base follow the news or do they follow the fly-by-night right wing misinformation sites that drives the likes of dulledge and elnut?
  9. Common sense is a euphemism for “my opinion”. It carries no scientific weight. Studies ensure that only the objective evidence is considered. They are the be all, end all. Immunity means that the virus cannot establish itself in your body. An immune person does not host an actively reproducing colony of the virus so they will spread the disease far less than a person who hosts a reproducing colony. It’s not zero, but it’s substantially lower. The duration of immunity following coronavirus vaccination is still largely unknown due to the lack of time we’ve had to study it. Scientists are optimistic that it will be a year. See https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/how-long-will-immunity-last-after-getting-a-coronavirus-vaccine/ar-BB1c3gWl for a decent article. ———— Herd immunity that reduces R0 below 1 requires 60 to 70% of the population be immune. I’ll get vaccinated. I hope you will too. ———— As an aside, I was mistaken about Sweden. It did not promote natural herd immunity. The government promoted voluntary social distancing and imposed fewer restrictions than peer nations. It didn’t work. Sweden appears to be moving towards stricter restrictions/lockdowns.
  10. Trump still wields a great deal of influence over the base. I wonder if Scaramucci’s prediction of waning influence will come true.
  11. Nobody can fit more lies into a 280 character tweet than Trump. This one is a classic.
  12. Consult a dictionary to learn the meaning of the terms specious and disingenuous. Then make a post worth responding to. This one is specious and disingenuous. 🤣🤣
  13. Maybe she cheated, maybe she didn’t. It is not “very credible” to those of us outside the cult. Trump’s infidelity is widely known and heavily documented. No serious person can deny it, he doesn’t deny it. Meh, people have affairs. The thread is about credentials. I realize that your cult membership requires you to label every Democratic female a whore but let’s not waste time pretending that it is based on reality. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  14. Most world governments turned the administrative center into pandemic central? I don’t think so. Correlation does not automatically imply causation but when the theory correctly predicts the numbers it’s a good sign that the theory is correct. We don’t know that you cannot carry or transmit this virus if you are immune. Initial studies suggest that immunity significantly reduces the risk of transmission but there is more work to be done. We will still be encouraged to wear masks after immunization - at least for a while. You can’t read a lot into that beyond a lack of long term study. Scientists have done an excellent job but there are limits to how much research can be done in such a short time. I blame Trump for not speaking the truth about COVID-19 from the start. I blame him for wisecracks about masks and not setting an example. I also blame him for stupidly undermining the FDA by exerting political pressure on the approval process.
  15. Do you base the “cheating” allegation on what Dr. Biden’s ex-husband said? The only thing less credible than an ex-spouse is a Giuliani vote fraud witness. 🙄 Trump cheated WITH all his wives before he married them and ON all his wives after he married them. 🤣 You’re right about one thing though. That’s private business, just like Melania’s dalliances, if any, are hers. Melania’s nude photos aren’t private business. It was her job.
  16. New York was the first hotspot and the lockdown came after the pandemic had reached crisis levels. Mistakes were made because it was new. At least Cuomo didn’t underestimate the pandemic. We do know that superspreader events led to an excess of deaths. Sturgis was tracked and studied extensively. Every time Trump had a rally there was an uptick in the state 10-14 days later. The White a house became so contaminated that it should have been turned into a hospital ward. It is my understanding that there is uncertainty about long term immunity. Does it wear out over time? Can you be immune but still be a carrier? We need more study. I’m not pulling this out of my ass, It is exactly what the experts say. Trump knows it too, he told Bob Woodward.
  17. Wrong again, you obtuse liar. We have had half assed lockdowns which come too late, morons refusing to mask up and dimwit cultists attending super spreader events. Most of the world did so much better than us that they are laughing at us for being morons. 2. Herd immunity through infection leads to too many deaths. Again, basic stuff.
  18. It’s not my topic, snowflake. It triggered you though so the OP deserves extra credit for that.
  19. On Trump’s watch we have experienced what may be the most extensive Russian hack into the US government in history. Over 300,000 Americans have been lost to a virus and most of those deaths were preventable. The economy is a mess. People are losing their jobs and their homes. The country is more divided than ever. The right needs to talk about Swalwell’s’ possible relationship with a woman who is a suspected Chinese spy because it is desperate to deflect from the incompetence of the Trump administration.
  20. You can’t stop the deaths, you ignorant buffoon. You can reduce them through social distancing, good hygiene and masks. In some areas, mandated restrictions are called for, Herd immunity will likely be achieved through extensive vaccination. Scientists and HHS officials knew herd immunity would fail months ago. Trump insisted on it anyway. He’s a fucking idiot. This is basic stuff. How can it elude you?
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