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  1. Yesterday the cult enemy du-jour was Republican and long term Trump ally Doug Duncey, governor of Arizona. His “sin” was signing the certifying the free and fair election in Arizona. Today the cult enemy du-jour is Bill Barr. His “sin” was telling the truth about the paucity of evidence of widespread vote fraud. How quickly the losers turn on their own.
  2. ^proof positive of MM’s complete lack of rudimentary scientific knowledge, A scientific theory is an explanation of an aspect of the natural world that can be repeatedly tested and verified in accordance with the scientific method. How embarrassing it would be if some clown came along and confused a scientific theory with an unsubstantiated and speculative guess. Ladies and gentleman, the clown has arrived. His name is MidnightMax.
  3. First black president, prevented the Great Recession, got Biden Laden, ACA .. for a start. Trump’s legacy will be the death toll from COVID-19.
  4. Maybe he lost because he was a bad president. 🤷‍♂️
  5. we’ve been through this before. The Mueller and Senate reports contain a mountain of evidence that Russia interfered on behalf of Trump. They hacked the DNC and stole emails. My post didn’t mention the 2016 election so I am unclear why you brought it up. Neue. It’s fashionable to say that there is no such thing as absolute truth but there is such a thing. 2+2=4. Pi, planks constant, the speed of light in a vacuum - these are matter of fact, not opinion. Biden got more votes than Trump. This too is known. The opinion of the losing side does not change the objective trut
  6. Trump is shrill. The man seems smaller each day, his tweets more unhinged. President-elect Biden has usurped him as the primary driver of the news.
  7. Nothing incorrect about the process discussed but the relevance and conclusion are questionable. It’s customary to call the projected winner of the election president-elect as soon as there is sufficient data to indicate a clear winner. One can, I suppose, try to convince people to say “presumptive president-elect” but it is unlikely to catch on with the majority.
  8. He conducts himself with the calm confidence of a president-elect while his losing opponent becomes increasingly shrill and desperate. One-term Trump needs $$$.
  9. As stated, the rest of the world considers him president-elect. Hair split to your hearts content. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/President-elect_of_the_United_States
  10. COOK 2013 was correct. Over 97% of published papers that state an opinion endorses the theory of AGW. Less than 3% do not and those are generally written by lower credibility scientists. booboo can try to pretend that the existence of a few anti-AGW papers disproves the theory but booboo is unaware that <3% is a small, but non-zero number. booboo still hasn’t explained why so many prestigious scientific bodies explicitly endorse the theory and ZERO prestigious bodies refute it.
  11. Biden is president-elect to everybody who is not on the losing team in this election. The right can split hairs over it, I suppose. but there is no denying that he was elected by the majority on Nov 3rd. It’s all over but the red tape and the loser’s denials.
  12. Parler is an antisemitic cesspool. Do you have anything credible? Never mind. I’ve watched your fraud posts collapse one after the other for weeks. No point chasing that evidence free fantasy any more.
  13. The only thing that is apparent is that you not are a credible adjudicator of who is credible. One source for Holocaust information (which, from your posting history, I assume has the bee in your bonnet) is my wife who visited Auschwitz.
  14. Biden conducts himself with the calm confidence of a winner. Trump is whining like a loser. Have you ever seen an individual lose in court so often in such a short time?
  15. Your argument is that we cannot directly observe the entire universe so we often rely on second hand information. Where your argument collapses is your apparent jump to the conclusion that all sources of information are equally credible. It’s nonsense. A doctor is far more likely to offer medical advice based on objective fact than a bus driver.
  16. As stated earlier. Cook found that less than 3% of the peer reviewed climate papers disagreed with the theory of AGW. 3% is non zero. Ergo, the existence of a paper in the 3% does not contradict Cook 2013 in any way. What part of this confuses booboo?
  17. I beg to differ. Biden is President-elect. He will be sworn is as POTUS on January 20th at noon.
  18. You exposed the total lack of logic in your own argument. it’s mildly amusing that you don’t realize it.
  19. ^still doesn’t get that less than 3% of peer reviewed papers refute all or part of the scientific theory of anthropogenic global warming. 97%+ support it. Link one peer reviewed paper that refutes Cook et al. 2013. (A couple do exist but they failed under scrutiny.)
  20. Pretending that your erroneous opinion is something that needs to be gotten is a bizarre line of argument. Good luck with that.
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