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  1. 1 minute ago, kfools said:

    Like I said I believe you were on this list if you contributed this cycle. 


    Just pm your initials like everybody else and ill confirm it. Not that I need to. You are honest. You either did you didn't. 

    I contributed before there was anything in it for me. I did not contribute this cycle and will not bow to extortion.

    The inability to ignore Duck615 without further action on my part is a deal breaker. Good luck with your forum. 


  2. 21 minutes ago, kfools said:

    You mean about the checkmark you claim I'm extorting you for? Of course not. 


    Did you contribute this cycle?



    1 hour ago, kfools said:

    No you didn't I sent a list to lucifershammer and you were on it to my knowledge.  I had a sound off thread if we missed anybody.  Did you comment there?


    Which was the truth?


  3. 50 minutes ago, kfools said:

    No you didn't I sent a list to lucifershammer and you were on it to my knowledge.  I had a sound off thread if we missed anybody.  Did you comment there?

    Nope, didn’t see it. Still no check box.



    Those with a stake get some perks. I dont really care what anybody thinks of that either.

    Then we have nothing further to discuss. 

  4. 7 minutes ago, EdithMcCroch said:

    Mehhh.  Useless words.  Biden is a Bushy neocon...his cabinet makes this clear.


    Murica will crumble under Biden

    meh. Some right wing talking points are recycled again and again. 

    Illegal votes,  illegal votes. OMG OMG OMG

    A Democrat was elected. Woe is us. OMG OMG OMG 

  5. 28 minutes ago, Skans said:

    Liberals like to punish others by "placing them on ignore". It's a power thing with them.  @XavierOnassis is another one who likes to do this.  Now, Kfools is making them pay for this power.  They don't like it.  The whole thing is petty and trivial.  If @kfools can make money doing this, then bless him for it.  @Olivaw - WOW a 9-point dissertation guaranteed to get anyone a PH.D. in Journalistic Ethics from SNHU.  Impressive!

    Meh, people can ignore me to their hearts content. You’d need to be very petty to worry about people ignoring you on a political forum. 


     Does a post on a forum qualify as a dissertation? Do I get a Ph.D from Trump University? 

  6. Why did @kfoolsmention me in the OP?  It’s not like his counterpoint to my little comment made any fucking sense.

    1.  I donated before the bullshit changes and didn’t get credit. I’m a lib so I got screwed over instead. 
    2.  @maineman tried to donate and got screwed over too. 
    3. for a lousy $20, a @Duck615can purchase a lifetime right to call women cunts and whores and they cannot ignore him. Too fucking cheap. 
    4. Why pay for the privilege of ignoring Duck615 when the competition offers it for free? 🤣
    5. The  difference between new and senior members is trivial. The new difference is greater. See 3. 
    6. The new bullshit paradigm is less a perk for donating than a punishment for not. 
    7. Of course libs will complain more. The abusive trolls are cons. We all know who they are. 
    8. It has been weaponized and will continue to be weaponized. 
    9. it’s only forum. If @kfoolsfucks it up again, i’ll go elsewhere. Meh. 
  7. 49 minutes ago, Blue Devil said:


    Fraud and Coup.


    Your obfuscation of this fact is useless.


    America already knows you Communists rigged this election... after spending Four Years investigating and impeaching a Duly Elected President.



    You are stripped Naked on this one.



    You got a pass on imam barbie obammunist because of the color of his skin.


    America is Done with your ANTIFA/BLM/Sedition/Communist shit.



    The only fraud is the failed attempt by your cult to impose it’s will on the majority.
    Your emperor is nekkid, son. 
    He failed again and again and again.  60 times in court, numerous times in state legislatures. 
    he will continue to fail again and again and again. 
    Trump is done. 

    Send $$$. Your cult leader commands it. 

  8. Just now, Blue Devil said:


    You aren't payin' attention.


    Probably too much cable TV news.





    With the Electoral College poised to elect Joe Biden on Monday, a sizable 62% majority of the nation's voters feel the election is "over and settled" and it's "time to move on." Large majorities feel their own votes were counted correctly, and a majority acknowledge Mr. Biden as the "legitimate winner."



  9. 2 hours ago, teacher said:





    Censoring is sumpin one does to other folks. This one is looking to hide from stuff she don't want to see. "Self-censoring" if you will. There should be a word for this. 


    I submit "closet" and it's various forms.  "Please to use said term and it's variances in the form of a sentence, teacher."


    My pleasure. 


    Scout demands that she be able to closet herself.


    One that ignores the posts of those said one finds unpalatable could be said to be closeting oneself.


    When one ignores unpalatable posts one could be said to be closeted. 




    Ah, fun with The Queen's English. 




    "All words are made up." - Thor

    I believe she said she doesn’t wish to be harassed with filth and threats. It’s not closeting, it’s an unwillingness to accept verbal abuse. 

    ETA: looks like you figured that out later. 

  10. 11 hours ago, Scout said:

    I have been receiving a number of very insulting, nasty vulgar posts from rightwingers.

    I don't want to censor/ban anybody, so decided to block/ignore the rightwingers.


    When I can't make my 'ignore' function, I am told:   "Free riders got no room to complain. If you want to ignore donate."   

    In other words, if you won't send us money, we will send you especially disgusting posts over and over.


    I contribute to a number of websites and would give to this one for the same reasons if solicited politely.

    But extortion - nah, I won't do that.  

    So I will move on and I will miss a lot of you, even some rightwingers.  


    I hope all stay clear of the virus, whether thru vaccine or luck.  

    Here is hoping we all acquire wisdom and love in the new year.  Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays! & Seasons Greetings!  -- Scout 




    The new anti-ignore rule is bullshit.  Two member tiers is a poor idea, IMO. 


    I donated in the past but it did not qualify me as a donor under the new paradigm.  I’d have to donate again but it feels like extortion to me too. Takes the pleasure out of it.

    This site is for entertainment. If trolls ruin it then it’s time to move on. Apparently you’ve reached that point.  Sorry to see you go. 


    @kfools should reconsider a rule that forces members to suffer animals and fools. Not sure that will happen. I wonder how it will work out. 

    Merry Christmas Scout. 

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