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  1. That makes sense to rational people but are we dealing with rational people? Obama released his birth certificate but it didn’t kill birtherism. The Mueller and Senate reports detailed Russian meddling and the cult still call it a hoax. COVID-19 has killed 262.6K Americans and they think it’s the sniffles. The cult doesn’t care about evidence or truth. They believe what dear leader commands them to believe.
  2. Flynn pled guilty to lying and was convicted. How can you not know this?
  3. Careful, orderly. BAC can plead insanity. Can you?
  4. Flynn lied. He’ll slink away in disgrace. Vindman told truth to power. His future is bright.
  5. Notice folks that BeAChooser did not deny using this forum to convince members to shoot fellow Americans, thus proving the point I made about BeAChooser.
  6. Fuck off LIAR. What I think about Trump’s innocence or guilt carries no legal weight and no penalty. Why do simple concepts like this elude you?
  7. Are you saying that a bunch of Republicans rented a hotel room and sat around feeding each other bullshit? 🤔 Is so, you’re right.
  8. ^sez a wacko who encourages people on a forum to shoot fellow Americans. The media can’t convict. That’s up to the courts or Congress.
  9. That’s not how it works, pTurd. It’s up to Trump et al to prove fraud. It’s up to you to lurch obediently at every unsubstantiated allegation and gleefully claim it’s a game changer, as @kfools did. It’s up to us to kick back and enjoy your denial of Biden’s landslide victory. It’s up to us to call @BeAChooserout on his effort to promote insurrection. It’s not up to us to dissect wild speculation and unsubstantiated claims made by the losing candidate and his allies. This was not a hearing. It was a Republican meeting in a hotel. What were the rul
  10. I’m a retired system guy too. My understanding is that eligibility to vote/legality is determined before the ballot is cast. If a person cannot prove their eligibility, then they can cast a provisional ballot. The voter has to provide proof within a very short timeframe or their ballot is discarded. In many jurisdictions, people who requested mail-in ballots but later vote in person are checked against the database to verify that they did not vote by mail. Similarly, all mail-in votes are checked against the voter registration database to ensure the person did not vote i
  11. Double wide? Impressive. I figured he shared a single wide with three other guys and a donkey.
  12. Just googled that name. I’m sure TEXXY loves that the guy killed so many injuns but what does TEX think about his support for public schools? Damned commie.
  13. Trump has not established that there were illegal votes. In the absence of evidence to the contrary don’t we have to accept that certified votes are legal. What, beyond certification, would confirm them as legal to your satisfaction? Is there any unsubstantiated Trump allegation that can be dismissed? Are Trump and his allies permitted to level new allegations daily? Do they bear any burden to prove that their allegations have merit? if every vote was legal and counted, nobody is disenfranchised. That’s where we are right in a legal and moral sense.
  14. Congratulations TEX. You won the birth lottery. Born with a silver spoon in your ass, were ya? Come visit us in the hood some time. We’ll throw some ribs in the burning barrel and share a bottle of isopropyl. Wear blackface. Bring your own cutlery.
  15. We’ve had dozens of such allegations that were noteworthy on the surface but collapsed under scrutiny, BAC. For example, Rudy alleged that there were more votes than voters. The numbers he produced in court compared registered voters from districts in one state to ballots in districts in an entirely different state. Needless to say, he lost. I lack the time or skill to scrutinize every allegation coming from Trump’s lawyers and political allies. I have to leave that to opposing counsel and the court. If they can convince a judge of fraud then I’d certainly have to acce
  16. I’m done with him. Tossing legal votes disenfranchises voters. No court will do it. If one ever did, it would be quickly overturned by a higher court. The burden rests with the challenger to prove that votes were illegal. Rudy and the team have claimed millions of illegal votes but have failed to offer evidence to a court of their existence. Your wife has a right to have her vote counted.
  17. I’m surprised that you endorsed his bullshit post. Perhaps you’ve less character than I thought.
  18. Is voter dude responsible for election integrity, directly or indirectly? Was voter dude paid by a campaign or PAC? Did voter dude back up his allegation with documentation? Was voter dude cross examined? Will vote dude testify in court under penalty of perjury? Why didn’t voter dude speak up sooner? You’ll excuse me if I’m skeptical after 40 or so Trump cases have been laughed out of court.
  19. Having followed a few of these links only see the allegations later collapse under scrutiny, I’ve decided to stop wasting my time on them. If a court rules that the evidence is admissible, it will show up in the legitimate media.
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