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  1. Getting jobs and lives back is another good reason to vote for Biden.
  2. There is zero evidence of corruption or abuse of office for financial gain by Joe Biden - zero!!!! But you’ll keep repeating that false accusation. When your candidate is as bad as Trump you become understandably desperate. 🤓
  3. You’ve got nothing. The case Rudy put together is so weak that not even Fox News took it seriously. You boys will drool over it until Election Day and then forget it as you what state after state called for Biden.
  4. The tote bag won’t win the election for Joe. What it represents will. Joe Biden is a good and decent man.
  5. People outside the right wing disinformation bubble aren’t falling for those lame lies about Biden.
  6. it’s a contest between decent Joe Biden and crooked Donald Trump. I’m betting that the decent guy will win.
  7. Putting an ex president behind bars is an uncomfortable precedent. Normally I’d argue against it but this man is so crooked that it is a very real possibility. I wonder if he has a pardon for himself and his offspring ready to sign before he leaves office.
  8. I sent $1.58 to teacher to cover my stake. Want to do the same bet at .NET? I might be able to borrow $1.58 from a friend and they need the dough to get their site back up and running.
  9. I’m not going to defend his honesty. I have my own opinion and I’m happy to post it to him. I think he meant that he has no access to PMs unless he resets passwords and logs in as the user. I’m unfamiliar with the open source software he uses so I can’t confirm it but GW said the same thing.
  10. I dunno. I’ve not seen evidence of his intelligence but he hides behind a weird persona. Those who know him say that he’s a smart enough guy.
  11. Sure. I think he could use the $800.
  12. if you believe that then you are as paranoid as kfools and cannon.
  13. I got another $1.58 sez Biden will win if you have an extra $800 lying around. 🤓
  14. You imagined it, man. There was no intrigue. it was useful, however, to read the reactions here.
  15. Yeah, that’s the guy. I had forgotten is handle. Cannon is an odd man but he doesn’t appear to in the same league as Crimea. The Russian is about young girls and heavy breathing. Cannon prefers black penises and sex reassignment surgery. Not sure how influential a forum can be any more. They are old tech used mainly by older folks. Millennials seem to be on Reddit.
  16. I got an email saying I had zero points and an indefinite suspension from loosehamhocks so I associate him with it. Did @1AC ban me using lucie’s ID?
  17. I remember it well. My stake was remitted. 🙂
  18. Get to work manufacturing another laptop drive image then. I’m sure there’s a blind computer repairman who will help you out.
  19. You mentioned that in another thread. As if the allegation that you’re teach’s agent weren’t bizarre enough. 🙄 That site is probably busier than this site but it’s still a low value target for a distributed denial of service attack (which involves multiple computers). It doesn’t add up. My best guess for a culprit (if there is one) is that Putin loving guy who used to post the underaged girly pics here. He posted as KFSW at that site but was banned for being a sicko towards the women. Not sure that he is a guy you’d want to have a beer with though - you don’t strike me as th
  20. kid, We got the measure of you celebrated the moronic ban-a-thons by kfools and lyinghamfist.. We suspected you were a cowardly punk and you proved it. Now run along and suck fishndick. You’re as uninteresting as him.
  21. Who are you and why are you so unimaginative? You can fuck off to the iggie bin shithead. Run along and circle jerk with your pathetic pal @EltonJohnson. The boy can’t find anyone else who’ll bother with him. Buh bye now.
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