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  1. We don't want dictatorship, we just want Republicans to take a short vacation from power.
  2. We should investigate both. But first we need to win the Executive and the Senate through the 2020 democratic process. It's clean, simple and dignified.
  3. If the executive branch disagrees with a lower court decision, it should appeal to a higher court.
  4. The chart was created in 2016 when Trump was considered an amusing distraction. Fact checkers would have no reason to focus on him. I doubt they check every utterance by any politicians but expressing what they did check as a percentage ensures equal treatment.
  5. Trump takes dishonesty to an unprecedented level. We are far beyond the point where his transgressions can be dismissed with the claim that somebody else once did something dishonest.
  6. Whataboutism has not grown any less lame with time.
  7. In 2020, we'll prove to you that your cult does not speak for America.
  8. With any other president, this would be a major story. With Trump .... it's Thursday. The man is the swamp.
  9. It's the finding of every organization that studies the truth that Trump is a liar.
  10. Here is some: https://www.politifact.com/personalities/donald-trump/statements/byruling/false/
  11. Trump can't catch a break lately. He attacked Biden for leaving PA at the age of ten and it turns out that Biden's family had to move to find work. That's the type of real life story that Americans can relate to.
  12. And you all said that Romney was going to win!!!!!!!!!!!! Your point?
  13. Step 1 - you and Trump need to grow up and quit pretending that a few thousand migrants are a threat. Step 2 - let the adults explore responsible solutions instead of wasting billions on cosmetic changes to a fence.
  14. Unsure about impeachment but Trump and the cult can forget reelection.
  15. Maybe he needs to work with the House instead of storming out of meetings like a petulant teen.
  16. Trump’s 2020 re-election platform - nothing to see in my tax returns - ignore the evidence of collusion - ignore the evidence of obstruction - Biden be crazy
  17. Conservatives don't have a lot of ammunition so they resort to their "liberals suck" tropes. Liberals have health care, education, infrastructure, the environment, wealth inequality and foreign policy to talk about.
  18. This mid year broke records. That does not bode well for Trump and his arrogant cult.
  19. Too many Democrats were defending Senate seats and too few Republicans. That situation will be reversed in 2020 giving the Democrats a decent shot at taking back the Senate. They'll be shooting for 60 Senate seats. Tick tock.
  20. It was the largest popular vote House victory in history. Practically every district in the country moved to the left. Republican strongholds fell. It was a blue wave. Of that there is no doubt.
  21. Cling to that, just like you clung to it in 2018 as the blue wave came crashing down on you.