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  1. Quite a few home made hand sanitizer recipes have been published since the pandemic but many of the recipes are ineffective because they do not meet the 60% minimum alcohol threshold. This video by a biomedical engineer provides a recipe that works. Note: It is increasingly difficult to find these ingredients and commercial hand sanitizer seems to be as rare as a Senate Republican who honors their oath of office.
  2. The public” moderator disagreements frequently involve Duck. Not always, but usually. Personally I don’t find Duck annoying but the lad puts real effort into goading Will. Duck has support from of a couple of long term posters with influence. One of those senior members made a photoshop of Will’s face with an anus on it. Next a vagina was substituted. When teacher balked, a bagel hole that looks like an anus was used. Duck uses it frequently. Perhaps the mild persecution complex is not without justification.
  3. @WillFranklin is a liberal on liberalforum who attempts to contribute while @Duck615 trolls him day in and day out. It’s Ducky’s MO. He tries to get under people’s skin until they lash out. Then he reports them and/or throws a tantrum. @Five By Five, @dontlooknow, @merrill, @Benson and @leftwinger have been singled out while @Duck615 receives only minor penalties. @kking and @kfools may one recognize how damaging that poster is to the forum. Aside to @Duck615, I don’t hate you, man, but you need to quit acting like a whiney bitch and make a contribution.
  4. His expected lifespan is not that long but the memory of his failed presidency will live on for centuries.
  5. Obama was not incompetent. Huge difference.
  6. Uh huh. Trump’s conduct during this pandemic has been a showcase of incompetence. Joe is fine. Poll Date Sample MoE Biden (D) Trump (R) Spread RCP Average 3/11 - 4/1 -- -- 49.6 43.7 Biden +5.9 IBD/TIPP 3/29 - 4/1 RV -- 47 41 Biden +6 YouGov 3/29 - 3/31 1194 RV 3.2 46 42 Biden +4 Selzer 3/27 - 3/30 777 LV 3.5 47 43 Biden +4 Harris 3/24 - 3/26 2410 RV 2.0 55 45 Biden +10 ABC/WP 3/22 - 3/25 845 RV 3.5 49 47 Biden +2 FOX News 3/21 - 3/24 1011 RV 3.0 49 40 Biden +9 Monmouth 3/18 - 3/22 754 RV 3.6 48 45 Biden +3 Emerson 3/18 - 3/19 1100 RV 2.9 53 47 Biden +6 NBC/WSJ 3/11 - 3/13 900 RV 3.3 52 43 Biden +9 Did you hear that Rasmussen pegs Trump’s approval at -9? Ouch. BLUE WAVE 2020
  7. Thought I was the only one that noticed. His poor comprehension of healthcare issues doesn’t sustain his ruse, either.
  8. There were Blue Waves in 2017, 2018 and 2019. There will certainly be another one in 2020 after Trump’s incompetent handling of this crisis. Trump will be swept from office and Moscow Mitch McConnell’s majority will evaporate. Better days are ahead.
  9. Trump is not responsible for the virus but he is responsible for his scatterbrained response to it. He’s the wrong president for this troubled time. We need rid of him so he’ll be kicked out of office in November. BLUE WAVE NOVEMBER 2020
  10. Congratulations @sole result on your tribute thread. Your ancestors would be proud.
  11. He told me he was old enough to remember Watergate details.
  12. He is rude to right wingers but he can be fine with liberals. He also has a pretty good sense of humor and makes me think about things in a new way. There is no shortage of right wingers who are rude to liberals. I can be an asshole too. we all can. We don’t really know anybody else’s story on this forum so we shouldn’t speculate. This place is not exactly conducive to sharing. I made the mistake of revealing a medical issue on here once. Some asshole pops out of nowhere to express the hope that it gets me soon. That sort of conduct is acceptable in NHB but it doesn’t build community. Anyway, I’ve said my piece to kfools. Don’t want to belabor the point. He’s doing a good job.
  13. Good frank post that is consistent with my observation. I don’t see intentional bias there is a perception of unintended bias. Also, please keep LO as is. It’s not busy right now, but it will be.
  14. I post mainly in NHB but I enjoy the civility of LO. Not sure what value this comment will add but I’d like to see a polite discussion room that is not limited to debate. Debate should be allowed, of course, but we can also explore points of agreement without the imperative to focus on our difference. I used to love pure debate and would seek out conservative rooms on yahoo to do battle. Nowadays, I am less inclined to do that. Age, I suppose. My two cents. As always, thanks for your hard work to improve the site.
  15. The lack of restraint among RW trolls acting the fool with impunity renders that argument unconvincing. No offense to @kfools but @leftwinger is an older individual. He is not going to see an angry banning by a man half his age as a lesson. He’ll view it as confirmation of his perception of bias.
  16. He broke no rule. He was rude. Businesses that kick out customers for rudeness fail. For fuck sake, he didn’t create a thread that says Liberal Forum Sucks. He complained that he didn’t like an interface change. That’s hardly trolling. There are too many RW trolls on the liberal forum feeding each other misinformation and conspiracy theories. Is that bad mouthing the product or an honest observation from a liberal perspective?
  17. It is kfools house but if he is an ungracious host, he won’t attract guests. If you designate a room in your house for brawling, don’t be surprised that people brawl.
  18. He was rude to @kfools. Is that a new rule or a rule that pops in and out of existence depending on mood?
  19. The way it is going, hell room will be better than NHB. The thoughtful posters will be there. NHB will be for you and fellow trolls to spew right wing lies. Enjoy your circle jerk, little man.
  20. Yeah, I saw it. You were helpful. LW was unreasonable and rude. Your annoyance is understandable. If it is any consolation, LW is rude to everyone, including me. Just asking that you reconsider the five days. Just tell him to Fuck Off and be done with it.
  21. Made up facts are not interesting. Antifa is an abbreviation for Anti-Fascist. They oppose fascism. Antifa is not officially linked to a political party. Neither is neo-Nazism but the Nazis seem to love Herr Trump. Please tell us when Republican National Socialists will adopt the swastika as their emblem.
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