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  1. The Access Hollywood tape was a sideshow. It had no impact on the election. This won’t either.
  2. Republicans sat on this allegation until now because they knew that releasing it earlier would have left enough time to debunk it before Election Day. It’s an old political trick.
  3. Thanks for this Blue Devil. Now I know not to vote for Barack Obama this year. 🤨
  4. This is an excellent video.
  5. I was a young adult when YMCA hit the charts. We all knew it was a gay anthem. We all knew what Cindi Lauper meant when she sang She Bop too. 😇
  6. I share your belief in fiscal responsibility but do not feel it makes me (or you) less liberal. Social programs need to be sustainable and the only way to do that is to fund them from revenue. We agree on the immediate problem. Joe needs to win the presidency and Democrats have to retake the senate.
  7. WTF? By blocked, do you mean that CP has pulled another paranoid stunt and put you under the same moderation that he put Rippy? On the transfer of power; Joe’s margin of victory will never be so great as to convince the cult that he won fairly. All we can hope is that his margin of victory is sufficiently large to convince reasonable Americans. I’m cautiously optimistic but less optimistic than I was before Moscow Mitch McConnell stole another Supreme Court seat and awarded it to an unqualified pawn. Scary days indeed. We need to win the Senate and the Administration.
  8. Congratulations @SpyCar. Be careful, man. Hope it’s real.
  9. If you mean .NET board bucks then YES. It adds to the election night fun. 🙂 I have bets also with Cyndi, Tai, 123 and the long-lost Chuck.
  10. I still say that I’m as sexy as I was when I was 20. Sometimes it’s easier to tell yourself a lie than accept the truth. 🙂
  11. ^ Now there’s the nasty little shit that we know and laugh at.🙄
  12. Races often appear to tighten in the final days. But we haven’t seen a lot of evidence of it this year. There don’t appear to be many winnable undecided votes for Trump to snow.
  13. Do you prefer this one? https://youtu.be/_MwvdsM3zrM
  14. You appear to have accepted that Joe Biden will win in November. Good for you. Some of your ilk are still in denial about it.
  15. Masks limit the spread of the virus. The quicker we limit the spread, the quicker things will return to something close to normal. Lockdowns and restrictions are localized to areas suffering an outbreak. Biden also wants to assist with plexiglass and other personal protections for staff and customers, Trump’s plan is to continue to pretend that COVID-19 Is a nothingburger. He’s doubling down on failure.
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