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  1. Interesting article but we should be sceptical of advice from disaffected Republicans. They are a relatively insignificant group and they have their own agenda.
  2. I didn’t say that your guess was unreasonable, just that it was a guess. It would be an equally reasonable guess to say that Joe Biden’s lead will increase as voters gel around the candidate that they perceive has the best odds chance to defeat Trump.
  3. That may indeed happen but It is conjecture at this point.
  4. This video is from a few weeks ago. Biden slipped after the debate but his numbers have recovered somewhat. He remains in the lead.
  5. #verbalbackflips. #wantstobelievethatapamphletbeatsapassport #crackpot #cultboy #paintshimselfintoacorner #oops
  6. Yawn. Passports and birth certificates are legal documents. A pamphlet is a meaningless scrap of paper. You're grasping at a long discredited conspiracy theory. Go tell it to BAC.
  7. The top 20 US presidents according to Historians (Trump did not make the list) https://www.businessinsider.com/the-top-20-presidents-in-us-history-according-to-historians-2017-2 20. George H. W. Bush 19. John Adams 18. Andrew Jackson 17. James Madison 16. William McKinley Jr. 15. Bill Clinton 14. James K. Polk 13. James Monroe 12. Barack Obama 11. Woodrow Wilson 10. Lyndon B. Johnson 9. Ronald Reagan 8. John F. Kennedy 7. Thomas Jefferson 6. Harry S. Truman 5. Dwight D. Eisenhower 4. Theodore Roosevelt 3. Franklin D. Roosevelt 2. George Washington 1. Abraham Lincoln (Living presidents highlighted)
  8. Dream on little con. Obama will be remembered as a great president. He will appear in many top ten lists, if not top five . Trump will be remembered as a petty president. he will appear in many bottom ten lists, if not bottom five.
  9. Trump's sycophants and the cult have been ordered to repeat the lie that Trump is not a racist. They will, because they are obedient but deep down they don't believe it. Trump says the things that they want to say but are afraid to and they love it. Many of them want to be able to tell brown and Asian people to go back to their own countries.
  10. Passports don't change a place of birth from one issue to the next. You're still grasping. Try taking a pamphlet to the DMV as evidence one day. See how far it gets you. Birtherism was racist, pure and simple. No reasonable person thinks otherwise.
  11. As real-estate developers in the nineteen-seventies, Trump and his father did what they could to keep people of color out of their buildings in Brooklyn and Queens. Kip Brown, a driver who worked at one of Trump’s casinos in Atlantic City, told Nick Paumgarten in The New Yorker, “When Donald and Ivana came to the casino, the bosses would order all the black people off the floor."” The foundational cause of Trump’s fledgling political career was not tax policy or the nuclear deal with Iran; it was the promotion of “birtherism,” Trump invited to the White House leading members of the far-right social-media crowd, including one “Carpe Donktum,”, James O’Keefe III; and Ali Alexander. Trump’s own son, recently shared a tweet that called into question Kamala Harris’s racial background. Trump expressed the full knowledge that cyber-fuelled hatred and racism had helped him win the election. Over the weekend, Trump put out a beauty, telling his sixty million Twitter followers that four members of Congress—Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib—four Democrats on the left, four women of color, should “go back” to the countries “from which they came” if they were going to keep on criticizing him. https://www.newyorker.com/news/daily-comment/a-racist-in-the-white-house-donald-trump-tweets-ocasio-cortez-tlaib-omar-pressley
  12. This is evidence, son. Not some unimportant pamphlet prepared by somebody else. You're grasping.
  13. The Kremlin enjoyed a measure of success with the hacking, the Wikileaks ploy and the disinformation campaign in 2016 - I'll give you that. Combined with Comey's ill times announcements, it may have been just enough to push Trump over the hump to a statistical E.C. victory. The boys in the Kremlin will try again in 2020 but they will face additional challenges - not the least of which is the American public's awareness of their efforts to elect Putin's puppet.
  14. Obama listed his place of birth as Hawaii USA on every document that mattered. Somebody made a mistake on an unimportant literary promotional booklet. That's not evidence, circumstantial or otherwise.
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