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  1. Trump is known for meltdowns. Pelosi is known for calm under pressure. Who to believe?
  2. Some things will be paid by taxes. You do realize that is how the world already works?
  3. AOC doesn’t say that you can have everything for free. If you want to counter her argument, you’ll need to understand it better.
  4. I worked hard and achieved most of my goals. Did it without becoming an angry old white man with a grudge against the world. What went wrong for you that you would post such bitterness?
  5. I actually agree with you on this one. AOC means well but she gets the science wrong. It’s unhelpful.
  6. Sorry my taunts hurt your feelings, snowflake. Never mind, drink some koolaid and have a good cry.
  7. Unfortunately, healthcare is something like 17.8% of the economy. Health insurance is an extremely complex system that will not be easily wound down. Increased taxes are a certainty. Some people will have to accept reduced service if costs are to be managed. People who pay for their own insurance are easy. Eliminate their premiums and raise their taxes by a lesser amount. Those enrolled in an employer system would need to pay the extra taxes out of pocket. Can you mandate raises for those people to cover their taxes? What about retirees with gold plated health insurance as part of their retirement package? Will taxpayers assume that burden? And there are self insured companies and small businesses etc. Single payer is probably the most logical long term solution but there needs to be a transition. The devil will be in the details. Warren needs to offer those details up for debate.
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