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  1. Thanks, the sedative is wearing off. Apparently I will be impaired until tomorrow but It may not lessen my post quality. 😀 On 5 (emoluments) it is normal for a president to place his assets in a blind trust and to divest of assets that would create the appearance of profiting from the presidency. In Trump’s case, he did not. Mar a Lago is particularly interesting. I’m given to understand that he doubled the membership fee when he became president. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/01/25/mar-a-lago-membership-fee-doubles-to-200000.html The secret service pays exorbitant fees to stay there to guard the president during his frequent visits. On 7. There is evidence that pardons are being promised in exchange for silence. This one is interesting. If Trump pardons Manafort or Flynn, then it becomes evidence of abuse. Have hasn’t so the promise is debatable. If he loses in 2020 and pardons them before leaving office then we’ll have compelling evidence too late. 8. TBH I was not aware that this was a thing. If there was a code of conduct, one would expect that supporting American intelligence services over foreign dictators would be included. If there is no code then conduct unbecoming would be difficult to prove, even though we all feel that his conduct does not become the office.
  2. You would. “B b b but but but ... Obama/Clinton/dontlooknow/Kennedy/Wilson” makes daily appearances here.
  3. Yawn, Trump’s blanket contempt of Congress goes far beyond executive privilege use by prior presidents.
  4. Thank you for helping. Trump instructed White House staff to ignore congressional subpoenas. it established Contempt of Congress . Note: not at my best right now. I do want to continue the discussion but I need a nap.
  5. King. I am not at my best right now, now due to a fairly minor medical procedure. The best is can offer is quote the article.
  6. The phone call with Zelensky. The testimony. The tweets. There is more than one there for you to reject.
  7. The evidence is in about a dozen other threads. This one is about the articles. 🙂
  8. Trump committed crimes, Congress in investigating. Obstruction of Justice and Contempt of Congress are like to be two of the articles. What has you so confused?
  9. If he keeps committing crimes, then I suppose Congress will have no choice but to keep on impeaching him.
  10. The Eight Counts of Impeachment That Trump Deserves By David Leonhardt, Opinion Columnist https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/08/opinion/donald-trump-impeachment.html 1. Obstruction of justice. 2. Contempt of Congress. 3. Abuse of power. 4. Impairing the administration of justice. 5. Acceptance of emoluments. 6. Corruption of elections. 7. Abuse of pardons. 8. Conduct grossly incompatible with the presidency.
  11. Finally, this chart reports polls which ask if the president should be impeached AND removed. Prior to October, 2019 more Americans opposed impeachment and removal. After October, when the Ukraine scandal broke, more Americans support removal than oppose it. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/impeachment-polls/
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