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  1. Trump is not just trailing in the polls, he is destined for an historic popular and EC vote loss. Election night 2020 can’t get here soon enough.
  2. Number of indictments stemming from ten years of Republican investigations into Hillary Clinton: ZERO
  3. Considering making gifts with your own two hands. The hat on the left can be made out of an old pillow case.
  4. BeAChooser can always be counted on to push junk science from the WattsUpWithThat blog. WattsUpWithThat specializes in collecting donations from fossil fuel interest groups to push anti-science conspiracy theories.
  5. You’ll probably have a tough time proving that Trump supporters rely on liberal forum posts for suicide guidance.
  6. Have they found Melania’s fingerprints on Epstein’s throat yet?
  7. Who cares how the KKK was formed? They are in bed with the GOP now. That’s all that matters.
  8. It's important to honor the best president of our lifetimes - President Barack Hussein Obama.
  9. If the economy continues to grow, Trump will probably lose in 2020. If the economy shrinks, Trump will certainly lose in 2020.
  10. The Trump trade war, the tax cut deficit and weakened regulation will bite us in the ass during the next downturn. If that downturn comes before Nov 2020, voters will see how much damage Trump and his Republican allies have done to the US economy.
  11. The inverted yield curve is often a sign of trouble to come but not always. Retail investors never know the real story of the economy until it is too late.
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