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  1. Interesting political strategy - run a corrupt idiot like Trump and pretend that all challengers are equally corrupt.
  2. Your boy is in big trouble. People are tired of having a dishonorable president.
  3. Not if we offer an alternative with honesty and integrity. People are tired of having a dishonorable president. Impeachment proceedings would be risky. An acquittal by Senate Republicans might work against the Democrats.
  4. The nominee does not need to be the anti-Trump. He or she just needs to be honest and competent. Most voters would rather have an honorable president than a weasel like Trump. We can hash out individual policies during the primaries. Universal/single payer healthcare and a small special tax on high income earners will probably have majority support. Other issues may need a little more debate.
  5. We can't predict the future, but if the rule of law means anything then Trump deserve a perp walk.
  6. Trump is panicked. November 3, 2020 looms large. That' is the day that America tells him that he is no longer welcome in the White House. January 20, 2021 looms even larger. That is the day that he becomes eligible for arrest and prosecution.
  7. Trump needs to be ejected but McConnell will do everything in his power to protect Trump. The solution lies in the democratic process. Defeat Trump and the Republicans in 2020. The judicial branch will punish the Trump crime family thereafter.
  8. Trump can be easily beaten in 2020. The objective is not just to defeat Trump. We need to obliterate him in 2020. Send the message that America has no place for Trump's corruption, lies and racism.
  9. Membership in Cult 45 remains strong but moderates and independents have no use for the man. Trump will lose in 2020.
  10. No bombshells, just confirmation of what most of us already knew. The majority believed that Trump was guilty before the report was released and are more sure of it now. There is a lot more to it than a single meeting at the Trump tower. Roughly 400 pages more, in fact.
  11. Most reasonably informed people have concluded that the report is damning of Trump. Those who don't see it tend to be the rabidly emotional Trump supporters. Facts are not important to Trump supporters. The rest of your post was grade 5 level nonsense. No wonder people think you a troll.
  12. Sober up. The alcohol is making you obnoxious again.
  13. Your participation in the cult has reduced you to blathering . Most Americans recognize that the Trump campaign tried to coordinate with the Russian and Trump obstructed the investigation. Mueller may have punted on prosecution but Americans won't be so forgiving in 2020.
  14. Thanks for the informative summary. It is far more useful than what Barr gave us.