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  1. Comment deleted. Bill answered directly.
  2. This speaks to a tendency to overgeneralize that can be harmful to the effort. The winning strategy at this moment in time is to reach out to progressives, including a Bernie supporters, and consolidate the left behind the nominee. Some will tell us to fuck off. Some will warily agree to vote for Joe. Some will commit their time, talent and treasure to the campaign. That last group is going to help us win this thing.
  3. Bullshit. The owner fucked up. It backfired. He’s trying to walk it back without it looking like he’s walking it back. he found a liberal to cover for him. It’s amusing but also a little pathetic. Your error in judgement stems from overestimating the value of participation in a forum filled with racists and low information cult members.. Banning or room blockage is low impact. Won’t be changing my behavior in any war. Did I cross your little line yet? 🙄 Don’t know the details of that incident. The new owner temporarily demoted BD for not capitulating to his
  4. Of course you don’t blame me. I supported Hillary.I still admire her but she’s old news. It’s about a Joe now. The pool of potential voters is far larger on the left than it is on the right. If Joe can convince progressives that he will be better for them than the orange conman then he will be unstoppable. He can try to convince self-styled swing voters to support him but I am not convinced that the pool is large enough. Most independents are not independents at all. Most undecided voters are blowing smoke.
  5. The owner of this forum is a Trump loving racist. He opposes every shared value that we have and you are comfortable with him. You save your animosity for progressive liberals. Why is that? You’ll have your LO room back shortly. Kfools is busy walking back his fuck up and bludog is providing cover. Enjoy. 🙄
  6. Why would she be obliged to explain herself to you based on a @SpyCar accusation?
  7. You heard it from Bill. He blames everyone who supported Bernie in 2016 for Trump’s win. Cecelia hates Trump.
  8. Don’t be coy. It’s a perk for you. Now get back to covering the owners step down.
  9. It’s only a tax if there is value to what you take. You fucked up, little racist. Now you need @bludog to cover for ya. Best give him something real nice - like a moderatorship and a promise not to fuck up again. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  10. Me and fuckface go way back. Leave the busybody bullshit to igrateonmen.
  11. Who does @kfools think he is kidding. He knows he fucked up. Now he’s looking to back down and safe face. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  12. Nothing of importance and nothing that can’t be easily replaced. Why do you ask?
  13. You ran a comedy club and did stand up? Why did you stop? Fart jokes didn’t sell the way you had hoped?
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