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  1. Hey, Deepfux, WTF are you talking about? You’ve been dipping into the patient’s prescription meds again, haven’t you, nitwit?
  2. Not plagiarized but it sure is a nonsensical bit of claptrap. The author imagines that the press, the courts, the FBI, Democrats and Hollywood are part of deep state conspiracy opposed only by a ragtag group of wealthy Republican politicians and their ultra-rich backers.
  3. Pelosi has been talking about her impeachment strategy for months. She said that she will call for the vote to impeach Cheatin’ Don when it will be politically risky for Senate Republicans to ignore. Two conditions need to be satisfied: 1)compelling evidence and 2) widespread support for impeachment. Both conditions have been satisfied but there is more evidence to be collected and the polls will swing even further towards impeachment. For that reason, she has little reason to rush to impeachment. When you are likely to be in a stronger position next week than you are this week, you wait a week. Cheatin’ Donald Trump can do little more than vent on twitter while Pelosi strengthens her position. Tick tock.
  4. No, I think of you as inhabiting a fantasy world where transgendered goblins are coming for your sisters and mothers, cowboy.
  5. While I have no true confidence in my prediction/guess, I do consider Romney to be a formidable campaigner and a worthy opponent. He didn’t defeat Barack Obama but neither did John McCain. That is because, IMO, Barack Obama was a once-in-a-generation political candidate. I don’t think there was a Republican alive who could have defeated him. Kasich, who seems the obvious choice to Democrats, doesn’t appear to inspire rank and file Republicans. They prefer tough guy personas to Kasich’s thoughtful pragmatism. I think you’re right. Republicans will distance themselves from Trumpism when he is defeated. Where we differ is in where they will end up. My view is that they will embrace a personality wheras your view is that they will embrace the traditional conservative principles. I hope that I am wrong and you are right.
  6. The cult was outraged — outraged I tell you — over minor technical irregularities in the Obama campaign. Now that Trump has been caught demanding illegal foreign donation/donations-in-kind, they argue that he should be allowed to do whatever he wants. Are right wing trolls even capable of embarrassment?
  7. I’m willing to kick back and watch you pathetic hillbillies die trying to fight a civil war against an imaginary enemy, little man.
  8. Cheatin’ Don’s confidence game has collapsed like a house of cards. Friday was a particularly awful day for him. If an empty threat to sue members of Congress is all that he has left in his arsenal then he is a defeated man.
  9. It’s not that we don’t understand your posts, it’s that we don’t understand why a grown man would consider them to be more than childish self delusion.
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