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  1. b b b b but but but ..... Obama. No Emergency!
  2. ... with your knowledge and participation, no? No subsequent action has been taken with that information. No mountain, just a molehill.
  3. Hacking, information theft, disinformation campaigns etc etc ... it's all there. Will Roger Stone be behind bars before the day is done?
  4. Read all the indictments. There is a lot more than perjury in there. A lot.
  5. Gee, a Trump supporter suing the Washington Post for an outrageous sum of money. Could this be any more predictable?
  6. I'm optimistic that we can have a robust debate about significant issues like universal coverage/single payer, free community college and progressive taxation. TBH, I think there is an appetite out there among reasonable voters for single payer or something similar.
  7. According to the indictment, a top Trump campaign official was directed by an unidentified person to dispatch Mr. Stone to get information from WikiLeaks about the thousands of hacked Democratic emails.
  8. Good for Bernie. It will be interesting to see if he can recapture his 2016 momentum. His age might be a problem. My heart is still with Biden but my head is with a younger candidate. Roughly 20 very good candidates but no truly exciting young candidate has emerged.
  9. What threat? A ban would be useless because the forum does not moderate first posts.
  10. You may shove your boring little posts up your plump arse troll. Click.
  11. Teach gave himself the last word in the other thread by locking it. Moderators always have access to sign in email addresses and IP addresses. It's no big deal. Middl3 will be sorely missed as moderator. I hope she continues to post and reconsiders her duties. I don't agree with her about everything but she is more right than wrong about most things. Her concerns with the treatment of 5 and the favoritism towards pet Chooser are valid.
  12. Bonehead move by Roger Stone. Expect many more before this is over.