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  1. Yes I agree ... all libs and dems should not buy a gun... I do think it is a great idea they do not own guns...
  2. Diane feinstein was the lynch pin in draging Kavanaugh and his family thru the mud ... based upon no official complaint nor any evidence. Her husband and his stock transaction with her inside information are being looked at by the FBI. Her car driver was a China spy. Her whole career has be detrimental to the U.S. of A.
  3. so the over-whelming guaranteed of the predicted clintan landslide victory with coat-tails that would sweep dems into the House and Senate was just a fluke ... lol Perhaps the dem pick the on candidate in the entire world that Trump could beat. (which is probably more of what happened ... hilary tried to hid the fact her past was filled with deceit, lies, and corruptions - - while Trumps pas was a open book. The American people know who and what Trump was and made him President ... Biden ran in the primary rose to the top and faded, Pocahontas rose to the to
  4. I would suggest not if you are wanting to fine out who will get how many Electoral Votes and become President ...
  5. geeze I can't believe the dems are setting themselves up for another crying time... I mean did the 2016 polls and disappointment not teach you all anything about polls???? I do love it when the dems quote me poll numbers before an election ... that is when I know they will lose....
  6. Again another great inciteful post filled with facts data and bringing the reader to form a different opinion ... 1) the reasaon why you don't prove me wrong is because you can not. 2) Impeachment in the Senate is what ever the majority of the Senate decides it is. ..The Senate may over-rule a decision from the Chief Justice if the Senate deems it appropriate. The Senate can allow 1 hour for the Prosecution and 1 hour for the Defense followed by a vote... all in 1 day. AOC can not drag out anything ... hell if the past is any indicator once the House actually votes
  7. You really do not see the difference do you ... at first I thought you were pretending ... but you just don't get it. The entire Nation knew (and knows) what Trump was, what he did, and to whom ... and he still beat hilary and was elected President. Biden is hiding is mental imbalance, his pay-ola schemes regarding Hunter, his really bad deals with Russia and china, and his sexual harassments complaints ...
  8. a guy voting for a dementia presidential candidate who is a known creepy person around women ... complaining about mental and moral problems lol that is funny ... everyone has a bad day posting ... I would suggest this was yours for the day ... lol
  9. No it isn't. My obligation is what I decide my obligation is ... not what you decide. You have decided to just make up stuff as you go along i.e.)lie -- like the dem leadership ... I post the truth and can verify it if I chose to.
  10. Use any search engine. You have the world wide web at your finger tips ... how can you be so dumb. If a 80 nancy can break the law and go to a solon and get her hair done ... I think the American people can go to the polls and vote ...
  11. over 100,000 illegal votes are sent in and you think it is just a mistake non-eligible voters sent in a ballot provided by a Dem Governor. It was just a mistake that people who didn't show as having voted. It was jus a mistake that ballots were change at a lot of elderly patient in home care. It was a mistake that the signatures didn't match... It was a mistake that a cat can cast a vote. I would suggest it is a mistake to take anything you say as truthful.
  12. lol I really can't believe anyone even takes the dem leadership seriously any more ... So this Impeachment will be based upon very strong evidence that the President followed the Constitution??? If I was a dem, I am not sure I would admit that I voted dem ... with all of the stupid things they have done over the last 4 years.
  13. The dementia dem presidential candidate didn't decide that travel to and from China was a bad thing until April 4th. With decision making skills like that ... I think I'll vote for Trump... Your logic has so many holes in it .. that no one listens to you ... yesterday 41 States had less than 10 deaths due do the Wuhan Virus. The state of N.Y. had 7. Like it or not we are turning the corner ...
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