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  1. again what is your end game??? Senate will not remove Trump … what is your end game??? Dems are losing the next election day-by-day, drip-by-dip … for what??? If you are not going to gain anything and you may actually lose ground ??? what do you think you can accomplish??? What is it you want??? what will make you happy??? Because when all this is over and the smoke clears Trump will still be President. stupid is as ...
  2. They keep quoting me poll ... the same polls that have stated Hilary is the President today. You do not have to like the guy. Economy is great, peace is breaking out, people are going back to work. Like it or not —- people will vote him back in.
  3. I usually just check once a week. But I can twice this week for you libs. Let’s see ... ... ... yes Trump is still the President after 3 years. No change.
  4. I am reminded of Rosie O’Donnell at all. They were going to leave the country. Why aren’t they gone. Just another example of the liberals telling the truth. Lol.
  5. LOL yes I was wondering the same thing … I guess when you make things up as you go along .. it really just doesn't matter LOL
  6. A very thoughtful and logical come back... and yet people just do not seem to pay you any attention... seems odd … doesn't it.
  7. Again what is your end game. ??? To split the nation apart???
  8. Again … you Dems never think of the end game … you are so wrapped up in your hate - you can't see you are destroying your own party … and for what??? For example what if: 1) The House doesn't get the votes for Impeachment … so what is your end game??? 2) The Senate will never remove Trump .. so what is your end game??? 3) Should the Senate remove Trump you get VP Pence, who is further right than Trump. Trump wins the Election and the people over-rule your impeachment and Trump is back in the White House … again … so what is your end game??? What will make you happy … what is your end game??? At some point in time you have to stop and think for a minute … because right now you have no direction, no plan (other than throwing stuff on the wall and seeing what sticks) ----- Oh and you really need to pick a topic THE PEOPLE care about... NO ONE CARES ABOUT UKRAINE … you are holding a hearing and no one is listening ...
  9. I would politely suggest otherwise … I would suggest she has the ability to always make the wrong decision or chooses to say the wrong thing --- at a critical times ...
  10. I believe she is certifiably insane. Along with the Libs who back her.
  11. Yes I do … it is you who doesn't accept Trump … you really need to seek help and face reality ... I am merely pointing out you haven't got one thing right in about 20 years ...
  12. Trump is still the President... Oh and no one in the entire world cares about Trump and Ukraine (except a few Dems who still can't accept a Republican President) ...
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