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  1. after watching the dems over the last 3 years … I would politely debate who has a grasp regarding reality ...
  2. Again you are stating things that are true thru every President, in every decade … 40% of Americans have had a hard time for unexpected emergencies 100 years ago, 50 years ago, 10 years ago, and probably 10 years from now... that is what a unexpected emergency is... (your producing nice bullet points - but Bernie will not change any of that) I suspect you are doing better today ---dispite a Republican President ... If a person puts forth the effort, persistance, sacrafice, and the risk to better themselves ... why is that wrong. Why shouldn't they get a reward for their effort. I also would like to see the 99% of the wealth going to a few Billionaires data... Capitalism works ... and socialism fails, provides no inovation (unless poke by the Government to do so) Every health care system world wide (capitalistic or socialism) has major flaws it them ... For example National Health Care works great in larger cities in Canada, but in smaller cities or rural not so much and is actually worse ... Every Illegal alien in the US knows how to see a Doctor in the United States ... I am not sure why people in your area can't see a doctor...
  3. We have been electing Presidents the same way for over 200 years. The Electoral College. Some Dems might wish to read up on it.
  4. You are using labels for a power point presentation. The reality is more people are working today in the US than ever before (across all classes). People are happy right now, feeling good about themselves and the country. Your picture of doom and gloom is not a reality (it is a false debating point).
  5. This “free” stuff has to be paid for, and the math doesn’t work. The economy will stall and the socialist program would die. We are a capitalist Nation.
  6. Ahhh … I see when logic fails you, you still resort to foul mouth name calling …
  7. At present the lower wages are increasing faster than the upper levels. Besides that argument holds no water for you. Bernie’s plan doesn’t show any economic growth. Only more taxes and stagnation.
  8. Of course I have a say in the matter … I have the vote, I can go to court, and I can convince my congress people not to support it …. (it will not matter anyway, Bernie will not be elected in a capitalist society that has an economy at a all time high) ... kind of like pulling on Superman's cape lol ...
  9. lol - who are you kidding … dems will respond to anything You believed in Obstruction which was not proved. You believed in collusion, which was not proved. You believed in Cavanaugh sexual harassments, which was not proved. You that Impeachment was a great idea, which was not proved. Like it or not all I see in a democrat debate is rich white people.
  10. So why take away health care for millions who have earn it??? Does NOT make sense... This sounds like Obama Care all over again and I will not go down that road again ...
  11. What ever happened to effort, persistence, and sacrifice to get what you want. You know ... work for it.
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