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  1. lol next you will be telling me Hilary doesn't lie … Look ... it is not the Republicans fault the Dems pick the one candidate in the U.S. that Trump could beat in 2016 … The Dems picked a old white woman with a track record of lies and deceit … and then you wonder why you lose ... lol --- If the Dems would have ran anyone else - Trump would have lost and a Dem. would be President. Now Nancy is pretending to impeach without actually doing so … and the Dems are believing she is doing something when she isn't … and the Dems are so gullible they believe it (after 3 failed attempts they still believe)
  2. show me the votes … until then you are just making stuff up …. Me saying the majority does not want Impeachment is just as valid as your point of view …. until a actual vote ... all of your polling means nothing …
  3. Yes I can read … I read the pros and the cons of a subject (which is more that I can say for some of the libs on this board). oh speaking of reading --- you might wish to look up the procedures regarding Johnson, Nixon, and Clinton sometime If Nancy had the votes she would have passed the official Impeachment Inquiry resolution. But doing so would lose about 40 seats in the up and coming Election or those 40 will not vote for it … which means she doesn't have the votes... The majority of the House does not want a Impeachment Inquiry... it really isn't that hard to figure out...
  4. how do you know … they haven't actually voted … until they vote you are just making stuff up …. you know like the Hillary landslide win in 2016 all the polls predicted … lol
  5. the majority of the House of Representative do not want a impeachment inquiry... it is the immaculate impeachment inquiry … lol
  6. yes and schift has the proof .. he keeps saying that he does … but he never does ... How may times will you fall for this stuff …. as I said it remind me of … the boy who cried wolf …
  7. if you do not compromise with the Senate … it is the same as not doing anything … do you really thing the people do not know this??? that is why you lose ...
  8. I KEEP HEARING THAT … it never happens …
  9. I was reading a article today about Law Professors opinion on the Impeachment inquiry with out a House majority vote. The all stated that the Dems probably will not let it get to a judge as they doubt the Dems would actually prevail in court lol …. one Professor called it the Immaculate impeachment Inquiry ...lol
  10. If Nancy had the votes it would have been voted on already … it doesn't take much intel to figure out that she doesn't have the votes...
  11. you never cared about till about 2-4 weeks ago … you never ever gave it even the slightest of thought... It's only use for you and cnn is a debate point … but even then -- most people really just do not care. -- it remains a hear-say phone call where the 2 people on the call say nothing happened...
  12. no one but cnn and some Dems care about a hear say phone call regarding a country that nobody knows about. Heck a couple of years back Biden admitted to doing a Quid-Pro-Quo with Ukraine and no one cared back then. Guess what … no-one still doesn't care today (except for debating points)
  13. ?? Is that Lib speak for we will not do anything right now … i.e.) that this is a nothing burger - like Russia, obstruction, Kavanaugh things???? So the master play for the Dems is to do nothing … so the people can vote for someone who accomplished nothing for 2 years … good luck with that .. I hope you find what you are looking for. … with all of your PC crap .. it is hard to understand what you Libs are saying any more … T
  14. what would give you any idea that the majority of the House wants to have an inquiry of Impeachment???
  15. By doing what a minority of members of the House of Representative want to do … did you take that logic course over at a$m???
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