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  1. Bare shelves. Chain-Supply Log Jams. The Biden Hi-gas, Hi-inflation, Disaster. "The Dem Ship is sinking.............and there is no one in the Wheelhouse". 😎
  2. Is Benson homo for DJ ?? He seems to obsessed with Trump !! Mayor Pete Butthead says, "there is nothing wrong w/ that". 🍹
  3. Growing up, my favorite TV show was "Kung-Fu". Kwai Chang Cain. "Grasshopper". Shaolin(Buddhist) Priest. Poverty-ridden drifter. Beyond money & material possessions. A "Master".......at playing the game called.......LIFE. 😇
  4. The Dem Team is bigoted against the Latinos, Gringos, Indians, & Asians. I can prove it. Turn on your TV. Every program has blacks.......but rarely Latinos or Asians. Every other corp. advertising commercial has blacks in it.......but rarely Latinos or Asians. Who is responsible for this bigotry ? The Dems produce our TV shows & commercials in Cali & NYC. They are "woke" & supporting the bigotry of the BLM, CRT, black-power movement. Latinos are our # 1 minority at 18%. Blacks at 13%. Asians at about 4%. With the Biden Open Border Disaster that Latino # will double. But the Dems are freezing out the Latinos, Indians, & Asians in Dem society, movies & TV. They are full-blown black-power advocates. That is bigotry.......& that is racism practiced by the Dem Team. 🍹
  5. Last year, Goofball Biden carried VA by 10-points. This morning, Democrat Terry McAuliffe is in a dead heat with GOP rival, Glenn Youngkin for Governor. The Independents are favoring Youngkin.........56-39. That is great news !! The election is in 12 days. Nov. 2. My point is simple. The Dem ship is listing. It is taking on water. And there is no one in the Wheelhouse. This is an omen for the '22 mid-term elections next year. "Carpe Diem". Latin. "Seize the Day". It is time to seize the battlefield.........& bulldoze our enemies off of it. We can win the day. Let's vote these scum-sucking Dem sewer-rats out of business. Here is my simple proposal for VA; Let's all say a prayer for Glenn Youngkin.......to win the Governorship of VA. And then let the chips fall where they may. 😇
  6. No. You are mistaken. Trump National Debt = 3 Trillion Dollars. And that is 3 trillion too much. That was a big mistake. The Grim Reaper, Mr. Covid = 4 Trillion Dollars. Existential Disaster. Unavoidable. Just like war, earthquakes & hurricanes.
  7. When I was a kid, my father taught me a valuable lesson about school-yard bullies. "Tomorrow, get out there & fight your damn guts out. Don't come home w/o a black eye, a busted nose, & a bloody lip". "OK, Pop. You got it". The very next day, w/o a word spoken, I tore into my enemy "like a hurricane into a windmill".!! Solved that little problem. "Never settle with words......what you can accomplish with a flame-thrower". 🍹(breakfast, Grey Goose Bloody Mary). 😎
  8. Your boy, Obama, gave about 10 Trillion to the big commercial investment banking firms. He said, "They are too big to fail". Not one cent has been paid back. This morning we are 29 trillion in Nation Debt. No end in sight.......& no one in the Wheelhouse. The Dem Team is bankrupting the U.S. The Dem Team is hurting America.
  9. Southern Border solution; Let's hire Mr. Trump as a mercenary to be in charge of the entire Southern Border. Trump had that border closed last year. And let's continue w/ the Trump Wall. We could call him....."The Border Czar". And Kamala ?? Simple. She can make coffee for The Trump Team. ☺️
  10. Fiston Ngoy, the Philly Subway Rapist, raped a White woman. White men do not rape black women & there has not been a lynching within the last 50yrs. But negro men love to rape our women. Do you think this creates "pure, raw, racial, hatred" in the heart of White Men ?? YOU GODDAMN RIGHT IT DOES !!! Who is the evil, racist now ?? When Texas secedes, we will fly the Confederate Flag from every house. We will ask all Democrat negros, and all Muslims,.........to move on down the road........"you are not welcome here". You can understand our position, can't you ?
  11. The Dem Team wants to have no I.D. Voting & no 'in person' Voting. This is wrong. This leads to cheating & fraudulent elections that destroys our democracy. The only Mail-in Ballot that can can be acceptable is one that is accompanied with a photocopy of the picture & the number of the person's passport. "No passport--No mail in Ballot". God-Bless Texas & 21 other states who have passed "Voter Integrity Laws". 🥃
  12. My home Church is Cornerstone Church, San Antonio. Our senior pastor is John Hagee, the Fat Man. We are very proud of him. He might just disagree w/ you about that. I just like a good "Hell-Fire & Brimstone" preacher, don't you ? 😇....🍺 @Zaro.
  13. Sir, I am not his judge or his jury. I don't have all the facts. But I hear that D.C. is full of hot-shot lawyers who can twist the re-bar of Truth..........into a pretzel. 🍺
  14. We will just see how the cards play out. The D.C. Swamp is full of D.C. Swamp-Rats........and D.C. Swamp surprises. 😎
  15. An "alleged" Bannon crime ?? Really ?? I have seen no evidence to support that. Sir, It will take more than your suspicious, drug-induced, paranoia to put a man behind bars. 😎....🍺 🍺
  16. I have a better idea. Let's you, me, & Kamala start a "Go Fund Me" page and raise bail-money the black BLM "lawbreakers" of the 324 riots in the summer of '20. Pot calling the kettle black ?? Who is assisting who in their criminal behavior ?? 🙄.....🍺
  17. How about a Harris/Abrams Ticket in '24 ? Their slogan could be; "Vote for us........or we will call you a racist". 😊....🍺
  18. The Dems seek to disarm good White Folk, but they give "No jail-No bail" to armed criminal negros who pillage, rape, & plunder. Why it that ? 🍺
  19. Do you wanna bet ? I say the GOP Team will take the House in Nov., '22. 😎
  20. Can "Lone Star" beer in San Antonio be classified as a micro-brewery ? They are very large, but not national.
  21. "Shiner Bock". A++ micro-brewery. Shiner, TX. On I-10 between Houston & San Antonio. 😎....🍺.
  22. Why do you hate your own tribe ? Why are you working for the enemies who seek to take-down your country..........& your race ? 🙄
  23. Joe & The Dem Team have betrayed the U.S. with the Biden Open Border Disaster. Kamala is the Border Czar ??? She doesn't know where the Southern Border is located. She has never seen the Rio Grande River. The Dems want an open border for one reason; "To destroy White Christian America".
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