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  1. Wrong. Yes,.......he really is. The Biden Afghan Disaster......really did not have to happen. It was all unnecessary. Here, kid. I will prove it. "We will stay until all Americans are out". Joe Biden Interview. Aug. 18, 2021. "JOE LIED.......AND GOOD PEOPLE DIED". I rest my case. https://youtu.be/d_e21N86siA
  2. True. What are you & Joe going to do about the 1000 Americans trapped behind enemy Taliban lines. ? Or, did you & CNN seek to lead us......into forgetting about them? 🙄
  3. General George S. Patton. https://youtu.be/PS5yfhPGaWE
  4. "Neo-liberalism" ?? Really ?? Please don't use words.....or men......that you cannot handle. P.S. Yellowstone Ranch starts back up. 2wks. "Be there....or be square". 😊.... 🥃
  5. Good. That made the U.S. stronger. Mr. Trump faced Iran.......and the he faced them down. The Taliban in Afghanistan would not touch a Marine.......with War-Bastard Trump in charge. But when "pussy-boy Biden"....& his nigger whore won......Well,......why not attack ? Who will stop the Taliban? Pussy Dem-boy who bow to black-power ?? Nigger, please !! Get real. What would General George S. Patton do to the Taliban ?? Really. What would he do.? You know. 😎.....🥃(Jack & Pep., My 1st.)
  6. Sir, Everything Mr. Trump did......made this nation stronger & more prosperous. Do you have an example of where I am wrong ? 🍺
  7. Texas like you. Even after secession,......we will still want you to stay. 🤠...🍺 https://youtu.be/82dDnv9zeLs
  8. Simple. We are................the world trans. hub. We fly around the world doing business. Next question ? 😎
  9. Mam. Can you logically explain why you vote Dem ? Can you name 3 reasons ? You can? Good. Go right ahead. 🍺
  10. Taipan bows.................to The Cross of Jesus Christ. 😌
  11. Beyond politics..............is "Spiritual Strength, Health, & Joy". For you & all of your family. Is it true that Heaven is happy that you are on our Team ? You damn right !! Get over it. You, are..........with us. Thank God. You are not a liability. You are an asset. Peace, sister. (and yes, you can still drink beer if you wish)...........😇.....🍺 https://youtu.be/_23bqYo7O28
  12. 100 black colleges. 90% paid for by White tax-payer dollar. Have any of those colleges built.........a firearm ? Hell, the black chemistry depts. in those colleges have not yet learn how to make gunpowder !! Why can't those schools teach 'truck-driving school' ? Or , "RV-Technician'.....and build FEMA travel-trailers for all homeless black people.? Why can't black people support themselves.? 🙄
  13. Hey, Bud, Day 68. When are you and yo boy, Joe,.......going to get those 1000 American out of Taliban hands ?? Or, did you want us to just forget about them.......and let them die...... while CNN & MSNBC talk all day about Steve Bannon hygiene ?? Me & Sean Hannity......will not let the world forget. Get over it. 🍺
  14. The GOP Team = Christians........and/or......Christian-like. (Like Buddhists, Hindus, con-agnostics, & Mormons). "On Earth......as it is done in Heaven" The Dem Team = Communists, queers, trannies, abortionists, Muslims, atheists, Satanists, & Anti-White racism. Which Team do you wish to play for ? 🍺
  15. Trump energy policy.............."Drill, Baby, Drill". !!! I sure miss that Trump $2.00/gal. gasoline, don't you ? 🍺
  16. +100. Good post !! Well articulated. Thank you. 🍺
  17. No sir. You are mistaken. Covid Deaths under Trump in 2020 = 352,000. Covid Deaths under Biden to this date in 2021 (10 mo.) = 383,000. The Trump-Pence-CDC Team brought the Trump Vaccines in on record time. At "Warp Speed". This saved 10's of thousands of lives. Thank you, Mr. Trump !! 😎
  18. The Libertarian seeks; 1. Small gov. & low taxes. 2. Closed southern border. 3. Low crime w/ "well-funded cops". 4. Racial peace through "voluntary" separation. 5. Free-market, free-enterprise, Capitalism. The opposite of socialism. 6. No BLM, CRT, or black-power. 7. Low gas prices & no inflation. 8. No National Debt & no Deficit-Spending. Spend only what you make. 9. Rugged individualism where everyone pulls his own weight. 10.Pro-gun 2nd. Amendment. The Dem Team seems to want the opposite of these things. 🍺
  19. Gorda, CA = $7.60/gal. gasoline yesterday. Premium = $8.50/gal. NYC is over $5.00/gal. This will hurt seniors & middle class. Trump gasoline = $2.00/gal. Thank you, Mr. Trump !! 😎
  20. Trump had that Southern Border closed last year. Then Goofball Biden opened it up. Unnecessarily. I wish Mr. Trump was in charge of that border today, don't you ? 🍺
  21. Bad optics. In politics, one must play the "image game".......regardless of what the Truth is. And never give your enemies ammunition that they can fire at you. 🍺
  22. I remember that scene. I bow my head & whispered, "That ain't the way to play the game, boys". Cruz, humbled himself like a good Christian. That is a mark of "honor & character". He went on playing for the GOP Team.....regardless of who was the Coach. Cruz fights the "Good Fight"........for the GOP Cause. Mr. Cruz has my respect. And I voted for Cruz in the primary ahead of Trump. 🍺
  23. Eric Adams, opponent of Curt Sliwa, wants; 1. Voting for all non-citizens. And the Biden Open Border Disaster.?? 2. $2,000/mo. housing allowance for "Urban" families. That is code word for black. Paid for by White tax-payers. This will be known as "Reparations". 3. BLM & CRT. Are these your positions also ? 🍺
  24. Day 67. 1000 Americans. Trapped behind enemy Taliban lines. When are you going to get them out ? Or, did you want to talk about Steve Bannon's smelly underwear all weekend long ? Do you realize how stupid you look ?? .🍺.
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