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  1. Did you make a statement that Trump destroys? I think you did, and I refuted that statement in my rebuttal. You may apologize at your leisure.
  2. Am I responsible for the sins and mistakes of the past? If a negro raped my grandmother 50yrs. ago.....then do his descendants owe my restitution? 🍺
  3. If you have to look at the color of a person's skin before you give him a job.....then you are a racist.
  4. Sean Hannity is talking about this on his radio show today. (XM Radio).
  5. And....Biden won't take a drug test, either. The hospital is right across the street. It takes 5 minutes. Who remembers that movie......'Weekend At Bernie's".? That what the handlers are doing to Joe.....just propping up a dead man. 🍺
  6. I suggest that we hang that bitch in Lafayette Square...... right across the street from the White House. 😎...🍺
  7. My point is simple. Affirmative Action is racism against white people. It takes us away from the road to a 'color-blind, non-racism' destination.
  8. Oh My Darling, Clementine, You have made a small mistake. Trump's 1st big jet, the Boeing 727, was scrapped in Montreal in 2017. It was replaced by the one he uses now.....the Boeing 757. He uses it(Trump Force One) and Air Force One, owned by the U.S. Gov. About 50% each. I think he has a smaller jet and 2 personal helicopters, also. Don't worry, I am not going to throw an egg at you. I make mistakes myself, now and then. 😎
  9. If the USA is 2/3 white, then should 2/3 of the NBA be white? Maybe we should force 3 out of 5 of those tall, lanky, negros sit down and let the inferior white boys play. We could call it.......'Affirmative Action'.......or 'representative parity'. 😎
  10. Biden is unable to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Biden is a D.C. Swamp Rat who accomplished absolutely nothing for 50yrs. in gov. except to put one million black guys in prison with the '94 Crime Bill.
  11. The IRS has the power to seize your house, your paycheck, and all your bank accounts if your get out of line. Here is my question. If Trump has been audited every yr. for the last 30yrs., and he is out out line, then why doesn't the IRS seize his 757 private jet ?
  12. DJ can afford a 757 personal jet....AND.......Melania. I don't think you could swing a cozy deal like that. 😎
  13. Why can't 40 million black people just start their own insurance company and show the stupid Gringos how to do it right?
  14. Wrongo-Bucko !! Dirty Harry = San Francisco Police Inspector(Senior Detective) Harry Callahan. Nice try, Bucko. And yes,.....yes, I would drink beer with you. Simply because your ego is as big as DJ Trump's......and you THINK..... you have some whack on the cue-ball. 😎...πŸ₯ƒ
  15. Loading that ballot box in Houston (Harris Co.).......is a 'hanging offence'. Do you want to mess with Texas ? Well.......do ya, punk ?? 🀠...πŸ₯ƒ
  16. Simple. Because you support the happiness and prosperity of the Black Tribe. Wouldn't you be a volunteer teacher on the Apache Reservation at San Carlos or Turkey Creek? I think you would. Same is true here. (why don't you do it now.....aren't you sick of retirement in Miami?) Voluntary separation might make everyone happy. Why would you deny the Tuskegee Airmen their own flying squad if that is what they wanted with all their hearts? Why would you deny the Confederate Air Force their place in the sun? I think.....'outside
  17. Has Biden been refused.........communion ? That is what I have heard. Is Biden just a goddamn stinking, shit-eating, sell-out, sewer-rat ?? It looks to me like he is. I hates his stinking guts .........and I will not break bread with him. πŸ₯ƒ
  18. Dems hate freedom of speech. Dems hate freedom of press. Dems hate freedom......period. Anyone who votes Dem.......is a bad American who hate freedom.
  19. I am backing ACB...........1000% !!! And I am not even Catholic..........but.........if I wanted to be, then I would not need your goddamned permission to join the Catholic Church. Where is Joe Biden?? What religion has Joe professed for the last 50yrs. in office? Which one was that ?? Is he going to stand-by and watch his Catholic sister get mauled by the shit-eating sewer-rat Dems ?? Is he ??? Now I am losing my temper !!! I think that I will have a shot of Jack tonight !! πŸ₯ƒ
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