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  1. Professor Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School, Emeritus. Net worth = 98 million dollars. I will bet a Confederate Dollar that Alan is smarter than you are. 👨‍🎓
  2. I heard 22,000 in attendance. 0 violence. 0 friction. 0 hate. 0 problems. One reporter said, "Why are these damn white people so nice? We can't get a good story to report unless some trouble kicks off" !!
  3. Maybe the public is sick and tire of all these chickenshi't Dem games while the problems of this nation are left unattended. ☠️
  4. 20yrs. ago Obama thought queers were sexual perverts. So I did. I still do. But, when Obama learned that 3-4 millions votes could be had...….he suddenly.... "evolved". He did but I didn't. How convenient for him. Lindsey "evolved" his position on Trump. Did Alan "evolve" his position? I don't know. I do know that I cannot trust CNN to present a clean and undistorted picture of the Truth. I will seek more info on this subject.
  5. I don't know that one. But I will check it out. Hombre is favorite. With Paul Newman. Lonesome Dove is in my Top 10. It is about the early Texas Rangers who lived down in your neck of the woods. I am a 'cowboy at heart'. 🤠
  6. OK. That is a fair point. Good rebuttal...………..(f/head)……...😇.
  7. Psychic Atmosphere?? Woooooook, buddy. Woooooook. I will ponder that one this afternoon. 😊
  8. I ran across some info today that you might be interested in. BlueDevil has a video in one of his threads about a little sweetheart pistol. It might be worth checking out. It is the Smith & Wesson MP9 Shield EZ. 🙂
  9. LOL.....LOL...... You come up w/ great stuff, Blue. I'll give an A+ for this class.
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