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  1. I am moving to Hungary. I like the 16% flat tax. And I am going to drive a Yugo. And become a Gypsy. Can rednecks learn how to speak Hungarian? 😉
  2. Ok, Benson, Let's pretend you right. What is the problem with a little rise of the water level? Let's say, that within 50yrs., the streets of Miami will be 10ft. underwater. Look at Venice. They are doing OK, aren't they? Hell, I could take my capitalist heart down to Miami and start a Gondola Company. So what's the problem?...……. (heheheheheeeeeeee……….) 😊
  3. New York has said that are willing to pay for all abortions of all women who will come to New York. This includes trans. and hotel room. So now, the black, teenage girls of Birmingham, who can't figure out what birth control pills are used for, can go to New York. They can get an abortion, sight-see for a week, turn a few tricks, smoke a little crack, and then get on a bus headed back to Birmingham. All paid for by New York. I guess they just don't need P/Parenthood, do they? 😎
  4. You 100% correct, sir. You don't pay in to federal coffers. Wash. taxes take care of Wash. people...….only. No one else. I read Popular Science Magazine. The human mind can invent anything. All the wrinkles could be iron out. Washington Independence, in this area, or any other area, is a very "honorable" position to take. 🙂
  5. I am from Hong Kong. I my name is Dirk "Taipan" Struan. I am the founder and owner of Noble House, a shipping company full of Windjammer Clipper Ships. The Flag-Ship of our fleet is called "Morning Cloud". My mistress is called, "The China Lady". My story was written down by James Clavell. Clavell is the writer of "Shogun" and "King Rat". All have been made into movies. Ask Squatchman. He has read it. 😎
  6. You poor, dumb, bastrd. If you had any brains, you would be dangerous. But since you don't.....you aren't. 😎
  7. If it was up to me...….I would fire a warning shot, "across their bow"...… by sinking the entire Iran Navy.....next Monday morning. 😊
  8. LOL....LOL.... I get it, F/head. Here is my question. Why don't we section off Wash. St. as a test case for Medicare for All? Let's just see if it will work. Seattle has a mountain of homeless and wetbacks. Can Wash. give free healthcare to all? With no help from the federal coffers? Let's find out is if socialism can work in Wash. Somebody has got to lead this parade. Why not Wash.? Now, does that sound fair? 🙂
  9. LOL...LOL... Don't get your delicate feelings hurt...….when DJ wins re-election. I don't want to see you have a nervous breakdown.
  10. Sane-boy, You don't know "Jack-Shiite",...…..about Mid-East politics. 😊
  11. Olivaw, If you are now paying 33% of your pay to a dozen various taxes, then how much of an increase would you be willing to accept? Would you accept double? 66%. Will you work all day and give 2/3 of your pay to the government?
  12. Hannity says there is proof. Solid proof. A paper-trail. I can trust Hannity, Tucker, and Ingraham. They seem like honest people. I think Hillary & her cohorts are in a lot trouble on this one. 😎
  13. Just 5.5 more years...…..and then we will talk about a new face in the white house. Heheheheheeeeeeeeee………..😊
  14. Hillary, the Witch, and her criminal cohorts belong in Federal Prison for the rest of their lives. 😎
  15. Hillary, Comey, and McCabe started the whole 2.5yr. Russian-Collusion thing. They did it with lies. They did it for one reason. Non-violent coup against a duly-elected President. This is not just cheating. This is in the "high-crimes" area. This is treason against the U.S. This is sedition. Hillary and her cohorts belong in Federal Prison for the rest of their lives.....as a warning to others potential traitors. 😎