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  1. Should Harold Ramar be admitted into Heaven when he dies? I don't know if that would be the right or wrong choice. I don't have enough inside information. It is not my decision to make. It is above my paygrade. I don't want to see Ramar burn in Hell. So I will remain neutral on this one. 😇
  2. You know that Florida is going to vote GOP next year, don't you? Oh, yeah. FL is a red state now.
  3. The Dems do a lot of drugs. And I mean A LOT. It seriously affects their perception of reality.
  4. The Dems are pursuing Black Power. The GOP are pursuing color-blind, non racism. The Dems are haters of Jews, Christians, and Caucasians. This makes the Dems racists. Good people don't vote Dem. But bad people do. Any questions? 😎
  5. What is a racist? A racist is anyone who disagrees with democrat. Isn't this the way the Dems thinks?
  6. I don't know if that was the right or wrong choice. I don't have all the inside information. It is not my decision to make. It is above my paygrade. I don't want the Kurds to be attacked. Nor do I want to involved in endless foreign wars. We are not the World's policeman. So I will remain neutral on this one.
  7. Well………..now my feelings are hurt. So I going make a bowl of popcorn and drink a 6-pak of beer for dinner. Just to get away from the psychological pain.....that you have inflicted. Feel better, now? 😊
  8. OK, F/head. Maybe I didn't get entire low-down on this story. I stand corrected. Thank you for pointing that out. 😎
  9. Obama was an "affirmative action baby". His entrance to Harvard, and the passing of his tough classes was dependent on the color of his black skin. That is why his records are sealed. It is call reverse-racism. It is called Black Privilege. Democrats are against color-blind, non racism. They are straight up pro-black, and anti white. When Pocahontas heard about this she said, "Hmmmmm…….I think I can work that angle, too". And so.........she did. 😊
  10. That is a good start. I can get behind that group. Thank you.
  11. Are they part of the U.N.? Or U.S. charity organization?
  12. You are not clear on this TDS thing, are you?
  13. I wish every nation would come in. As a group. World Peace can be had. If we play our cards right.
  14. AOC says that I can have everything I want, for free. Including free marijuana(all I want), 10k/mo. living wage, a 2-story brick house, and a brand new Corvette. Me, and AOC don't care if the national debt is 23 Trillion or......623 Trillion. Who the F/ cares? It is somebody's else's money. I think AOC is.....( with stars in my eyes, my head tilted back, both hands on my heart, reverence in my voice)….is.....is.....is just wonderful. 🥰
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