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  1. BIGTEX admires you for posting, even though you aren't well-versed with respect to the subjects you are posting. Here's one for you, pensioner: GUN RIGHTS were a MAJOR REASON the United States sought independence from England. But, don't merely take BIGTEX' word for it (although, if you were wise, you would). http://www.davekopel.org/2A/LawRev/american-revolution-against-british-gun-control.html
  2. 1776 is not "ancient history." You can take that from BIGTEX, whose resume' includes his stint as an adjunct professor of same. With respect to GUN OWNERSHIP RIGHTS, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a DICTATORSHIP. With respect to "solving problems by resistance to the resolution," that's EXACTLY what liberal idiots are attempting to do. The SECOND AMENDMENT is the RESOLUTION. Liberal idiots (and that would be ALL liberals) are RESISTING THE SOLUTION! Got it?
  3. And WHERE did BIGTEX state they were NOT PATRIOTS? BE SPECIFIC. BE VERY SPECIFIC. (Watch this, folks!)
  4. You will not see one. Armed vigilantes steer clear of places where you queers gather.
  5. FACT: There is no law - NONE, WHATSOEVER - which prohibits American citizens, ARMED OR OTHERWISE, from stopping an invasion of the United States of America.
  6. How long do you think liberal scum will last on earth once the PATRIOTS come for them?
  7. They are PATRIOTS. PATRIOTS will be coming after all who invade this nation, and the liberal scum who support the invaders. Have you any questions?
  8. Mexico exports four main things to the USA: Avocados, oil, ignorance and poverty.
  9. Right. What's right for queers and other perverted scum is CERTAINLY right for moral people.
  10. BIGTEX always stops to help those "broke" down on the side of the road. He ALWAYS gives them a small booklet he has compiled which explains that they would not be "broke" down by the side of the road if they were not Dumbocrats. BIGTEX does his part to save our nation from liberal scum.
  11. Note to liberal scum (and ALL liberals are scum): PATRIOTS ARE COMING AFTER YOU! https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/04/new-hampshire-man-from-project-veritas-sting-arrested-for-double-voting/
  12. Liberals cannot relate to Europeans because all liberals possess the low IQs of the primitive races.
  13. Columbus' voyages to the New World led to the RESCUE of the North American continent from primitive, stone-age savages who ate dogs and each other. Accordingly, Columbus is one of the top ten greatest people in the history of mankind. Facts are facts.
  14. The NRA exhibits NO "paranoia." NONE, WHATSOEVER!