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  1. Dumbocrats are for abortion - up to the point of birth. If the baby had been aborted, the baby would not have been squealing. You don't understand liberals if you do not realize that Sanders was WISHING THE BABY HAD BEEN ABORTED!
  2. Must disagree. Kenyan IQs are the lowest of the low. Obama is only one generation away from naked bucks whose greatest accomplishment was a mud hut.
  3. The only "badge of honor" you've ever worn is the one that was awarded to you for being the queer-of-the-year in California.
  4. Because negroes, on average, have the lowest IQ (BY FAR) of any race of mankind?
  5. You CAN'T make this stuff up, folks! https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/09/bernie-sanders-snaps-at-crying-baby-can-we-keep-that-down-a-bit-video/
  6. This discussion has nothing to do with Hillary's ass. Bill Clinton is not the subject of this thread.
  7. BIGTEX hates traitors. How does it feel to be hated by BIGTEX?
  8. Let BIGTEX give you some advice, babycakes. You are not intelligent enough to expound on the subject of unions. Your posts indicate that you have been indoctrinated (read: not "educated") with respect to the subject matter. Unions are evil. Unions are extortion rackets. Unions are nothing more than an attempt at mob rule. Unions only appeal to the weak and the ignorant. How does it feel to be weak and ignorant?
  9. You IDIOT. You are so IGNORANT that you think that mestizos can be EDUCATED to the point they don't routinely fall off ladders and roofs. You're REALLY not intelligent.
  10. Your ignorance is exceeded only by your . . . well . . . wait a minute. Correction. Your ignorance is exceeded by NOTHING. Only a weak, ignorant person would join a union.
  11. So will conservatives give up all 36 of these union fought rights? Will they stand by their rhetoric that unions are thugs and refuse to take benefits from these "thugs" or will they hypocritically carry on the diatribe that unions are ruining this country while enjoying their weekends and paid vacations? Or... Maybe they could just admit that while not perfect, like anything else, unions have done great things for working people that they use and benefit from everyday of their lives? Maybe a conservative union-hating family got to have some of the best moments of their lives while on vacation from work, and they still got to come to a job still there waiting for them, because of unions? Maybe a conservative can't wait for their lunch break at work so they can turn on the radio and listen to Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Back talk about how horrible unions are? If you don't want to give up all your union fought rights and benefits at work, I understand. I don't want to either, that's why I'm pro-union and vote Democrat. But maybe you could just admit that unions are not demons spawned from hell, and admit the FACT that they have improved your life in more ways than one? Or am I asking too much? Yeah, I thought I was asking too much of you right-wing fun-lovers. PURE UNION PROPGANDA! The only GOOD union is a DEAD UNION! BIGTEX has had a very rewarding career KILLING UNIONS.
  12. You HAVE committed MULTIPLE ACTS which WILL result in the revocation of your pension, provided you supply the necessary information. Your failure to supply the information is IPSO FACTO recognition of that.
  13. Most union members are so IGNORANT that they think they ACTUALLY WORK for the union.
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