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  1. It's easy to hate on Tesla because of the fact that until the model 3, they have made fairly expensive cars, but I wouldn't underestimate the magnitude of their achievement. There is no other auto company that actively supports alternative energy, that has actually released their patents on their technology which Tesla did in 2013, not automakers have used those patents because of the costs that they have already put into the internal combustion engine. Tesla solar products alone have already generated more than 4 times what every one of their cars has spent to date. I just returned from an SXSW event sponsored by Tesla this evening on climate change, check it out on netflix.... "Chasing Ice" and another movie on coral and climate change. It's no small thing... yes I'm a big time Tesla fan ever since I got one of their cars, but it's really remarkable what they are doing.
  2. I really do appreciate the criticism and it wasn't too harsh. I brought my video to DU and liberal forum because I couldn't get serious feedback from the Tesla forums. I didn't realize I craved this sort of feedback until I wasn't getting it. The video took a long time to make after several iterations and shots over 6 weeks in my spare time. I have no experience and had to learn Final Cut Pro which has a very steep learning curve for someone who hasn't done that before. I'm not saying all of this to lower the bar.... I'm pretty sure it would get a good grade in an undergrad level intro to final cut pro class in high school or college.... but I'm saying this because your Dali example is right on. I have a completely different respect for filmmaking in particular.... script writing and entertainment. It's incredibly difficult to figure out. I'm starting to realize why recording artists keep making tracks even when they don't know which ones will resonate. This project reminds me of a time when I took up architecture for 3 months and decided to build an intricate model..... it turns out that architecture is really really hard. So is everything else. So I will digress... if I were to share my insight from this film project, it would be more interesting, but also more disturbing. Listening to so many speeches and clips of Trump, it felt very much like studying why Mussolini rose to power. The hatred I feel for Trump and what he really is now laced with a respect for how talented and charming he can be at times. If you allow yourself to view him in the best possible light, it becomes really chilling. Really Bad worded up and really chilling. It's not a pleasant subject at all, but I find it more interesting to be honest. Reminds me of the Milgram experiments.
  3. A much appreciated opinion. It's the first that has encouraged me to be more intellectual in a video. The video, was originally created for friends on a Tesla forum, fellow car geeks who love autopilot and electric cars.... so in that sense, the film was fairly received by the more liberal viewers, it was funny for capturing simultaneously the experience of auto piloting the car while making jokes about the president..... for conservative viewers, they hated it. And for intellectual viewers.... well, I'm sure. maybe candy at best. My hope was an andy samberg-esque laser cats experience combined with office space..... but office space is underestimated in what it achieved. Andy Samberg cracks people up with d in a box shock humor..... Office space is funny in a kafkaesque sort of way.... did I even spell that right:? Anyway, I appreciate the feedback. As a grown man with plastic puppet hands in the trunk of his car, please tell me what you mean by embroidering on the theme with remakes before I pick up the go-pro again. My dignity will appreciate it.
  4. It's bad policy... like depending on churches to provide help to people that need it.... it's pragmatic but ugh
  5. It's true, ... and I think ultimately you are right. It's an example of a good idea gone wrong at times. I think it can be done well at times, but usually only in restrospect and it's so easy to punch holes in each example. I think doing nothing is potentially more damaging. I think if things can be transparent, it helps, I've admired how the UK handles these things. Texas is a right to work state, which is really really awful for employees, on the other hand, running and starting a business is hard and it is helpful if you are moving here and opening a business to hire employees... the issue it seems comes later, when greed enters the equation. I'd definitely be ok for helping upstarts and offering incentives to people that hire vulnerable populations who are looking for a second chance. There are some creative ways to help people do good things. I'm not so sure when it comes to the heavyweight businesses. Amazon shopping themselves pisses me off, but at least it's not the same as when a company fully relocates.... like Boeing leaving Washington. Still sucks. I feel dirty just writing this crap.
  6. It's very hard to see the benefit. There is a libertarian side to the side that says let the market deal with corporations. But when local economies and states try to help get vulnerable industries to succeed, it may help.... for instance, anything that can help clean up the environment might be nice. So easy for these things to be corrupted sooner or later.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. It was unpleasant to make the video.... listening through so many quotes and speeches. I developed an appreciation for how people can delude themselves into following him. Total demagoguery.
  8. So good.... so good. I love how Jesus has such a diverse audience.
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