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  1. No but you instantly replying signifies a lot of things I would not be interested in working with you. Some people pay for their data so simply inquiries are best in nature. You are not any special guy. This is a public forum so if you are not interested you don't need too say anything
  2. I need volunteers who are interested in making a political impact; what we are working on is not associated with any political party. We are working on a project that can create a serious political impact. We are creating the project for the voters and the people who desire too be elected and are not responsible by what happens after the project. The world wide web was created in 1993 so this project is new and never before seen. I need volunteers too split the work so we can work at a faster rate. I do not care about profit. I believe the project will be a great success. The project is confidential. So please send me your resume and please have some sort of verification like a Facebook page so I can see your personality. If you want too change the world then this is for you. If you are an aspiring politician this is for you. If you just genuinely care about helping people this is for you.
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