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  1. President Donald Trump fathered a child with his employee. National Enquirer buried the story. https://www.rawstory.com/2018/04/trump-fathered-child-employee-according-ex-doorman-paid-off-national-enquirer-report/
  2. President Trump criticizes Amazon for not collecting sales taxes, but Amazon does so in 45 states, while Trump's own online store Trumpstore.com collects sales taxes in just two states. http://www.businessinsider.com/trump-organization-amazon-sales-tax-2018-4
  3. Department of Homeland Security is keeping a database of news media, social media and bloggers but they say it's just routine and nothing to be concerned about. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/homeland-security-searchable-database_us_5ac7f41de4b07a3485e4bb1d
  4. Neil Bradley of the US Chamber of Commerce thinks it is. Bradley calls it "inappropriate" for politicians to attack an American company Amazon because it will undermine job creation and growth. Ever since Trump's attack on the company has lost $50 billion in market value and its stock has plummeted 7 percent. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/381571-chamber-of-commerce-after-trump-amazon-attacks-inappropriate
  5. An independent autopsy has revealed that Stephon Clark was shot eight times from behind. This contradicts the police officers account that Stephon Clark was advancing towards them when they opened fire. http://www.businessinsider.com/stephon-clark-autopsy-shows-sacramento-police-shot-him-from-behind-2018-3
  6. The Constitution is not set in stone; it can and should be amended to fit with the changing times. It blocks debate when gun rights advocates say, "You can't pass gun control legislation because it's in the second amendment of the US Constitution." Well, a child's right to go to school without getting killed trumps your right to own an AK-47 Assault rifle. The 18th Amendment was proven to be an abject failure; even prohibition advocates finally conceded this point and it was finally repealed. It's time for NRA Advocates to do the same exact thing and finally admit the second amend
  7. United Mine Workers union has endorsed Joe Manchin. http://www.timeswv.com/news/umw-endorses-sen-joe-manchin/article_fa03bb9a-2f3d-11e8-9981-9330ea68f8e3.html He has fought to protect coal workers pensions from Wall Street privatization.
  8. You do understand Bernie policies have absolutely nothing to do with V.I. Lenin, do you? Obama was an ardent devout defender of the free market system. None of them have ever come on board to nationalize everything. You keep posting Lenin over and over again but have you ever actually read anything about socialism in your entire life?
  9. So these employees are full of it? Did you even bother to read the article, or are you just in denial that businesses conduct redlining practices? One lawsuit mentioned that Wells Fargo steered borrowers with Hispanic last names into more higher interest rate loans than its white customers. And it's your words, "You're making CRAP up," not mine.
  10. I wouldn't be engaging in conspiracy or "making crap up. You're fully aware there's retaliation against whistleblowers in the corporate world. They get demoted or, worse yet, fired from their jobs when they speak up against unethical behavior in their companies. If you delude yourself into believing redlining doesn't happen, then you are the one who's truly full of crap.
  11. So, those former and current Wells Fargo employees speaking out about the bank's lending practices--this isn't enough of a smoking gun for you?
  12. Um, many of those African American and Hispanic borrowers did, in fact, have good credit scores but Wells Fargo steered them into riskier loans than their white customers.
  13. The reason why blacks and Hispanics have a higher rate of running up credit and then defaulting is because of racist lending practices from institutions like Wells Fargo. If Wells Fargo didn't engage in discriminatory practices then the truth may be they wouldn't be sued. Don't engage in racist business practices then you won't get sued--that's the moral of the story.
  14. Lawsuits normally have merit. No city is going to sue a lending institution for no reason. Lawsuits costs the city money in lawyers fees and it takes a lot of evidence to build-up the case. Many of these allegations come from former Wells Fargo employees who have blown the whistle on the company. The article states it's not just one city which is suing Wells Fargo for its racist lending practices. Philadelphia has sued the bank, too, with Miami and Baltimore making similar accusations against the bank. I would think twice about applying for a home loan from Wells Fargo if my last n
  15. Wells Fargo pushed Latino and African American homebuyers into high risk, high cost loans compared to white customers who received the more favorable loans, according to a Sacramento lawsuit. Former employees confirm Well Fargo "intentionally" steered minority borrowers into riskier loans because of their race. African American customers with good credit still received riskier loans than white customers. http://ktla.com/2018/02/27/wells-fargo-preyed-on-latino-and-black-homebuyers-in-sacramento-lawsuit-alleges/ The article continues, "Wells Fargo loan officers were like
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