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  1. Update to the story in the OP... BLM to protest NYC restaurant where black women were denied service due to lack of vaccine proof Following the altercation, Hawk Newsome, co-founder of Black Lives Matter NY, said that the organization plans to hold a protest on Monday in response to the incident. https://thepostmillennial.com/blm-to-protest-nyc-restaurant-where-black-women-were-denied-service-due-to-lack-of-vaccine-proof?utm_campaign=64469
  2. Please tell me you didn't take crazyhole's topic post that seriously Xav. Please tell me that.
  3. The only reason the leftists are always clamoring about the Syrian Kurds is because that was Obama's war. If it wasn't for that, they wouldn't give two shit about the Kurds in Syria.
  4. Just wait until tomorrow... he'll say something completely different.
  5. Mis-quote Jinn... besides, I don't roll like that.
  6. Be careful king... we're on the verge of people being arrested for that kind of talk.
  7. Sounds like what we are seeing today was the plan all along huh? As for the creepy smile, I used to call Biden "Smiling Joe" before he got dementia and became "Sleepy Joe". That creepy smile has been his condescending trademark for decades. It's his way of saying "you're the child and I'm the adult, so pay attention to what I'm saying". He does that shit in all of the older clips of him... usually when he is attempting to talk down to somebody. He is a typical elitist that honestly believes people are hanging on his every word.
  8. The Federal Govt can crush anyone they view as an "enemy", and do so whenever they want. Hell, for that matter, State Governments can too.
  9. Once the establishment gets on your back, it's nearly impossible to shake them off. The Feds can destroy whoever they want to, at any time, and for any "reason" they choose. That's how tyranny works.
  10. If they could just transfer some of that spirit to the playing field, y'all may be onto something. 😎
  11. Exact opposite here... every TV in the neighborhood was on college football all day on Saturday, and the radios were usually on too. We used to turn the volume down on the TV and listen to the broadcast on the radio while watching. The commentary was always just better that way. I still enjoy listening to the games on the radio. What's ironic is, even though I am a Bama fan, we lived closer to Auburn than Tuscaloosa, so I've actually attended way more Auburn home games than Bama games over the years. Auburn tailgating is some of the best in the Nation!
  12. Where I grew up you were either an Auburn fan or an Alabama fan... and quite often this was chosen for you at birth, whether you liked it or not. Lol
  13. He never got the first round. It would have interfered with his dementia meds.
  14. Funny... the first time I had even heard about this "rally" was just a couple days ago, right here on the board. It seems the "undercover" FBI agents were all over it though... LOL
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