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  2. I think you should come down to hick town... and get over yourself. But that's just me.
  3. So, why would I doubt her word? Because you said so?
  4. Sounds like Zaro may have suffered... Sorry for that... Lol
  5. What blows my mind is that even discussing things with your family, or just close to you, is verboten. Where is BAC... He said this two years ago.
  6. This is amazing. @kfools https://twitchy.com/brettt-3136/2021/02/16/new-york-times-alerts-us-to-an-audio-chatroom-app-that-is-allowing-people-to-have-unfettered-conversations/
  7. A cuck starts a thread talking about being a cuck... that's what a cuck does/
  8. I've seen it... I think I will just avoid the interstate from now on
  9. The left's idea of unity is conformity. Their way, or the highway.
  10. Pelosi is an Enemy of the State. There are many more behind her too.
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