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  1. If they do revoke the diplomas, does that mean that Harvard with reimburse them their tuition too?
  2. Following last year’s efforts to ban Trump Administration officials from speaking on campus, Harvard University students are now circulating a petition that calls for revoking degrees from Trump supporters and aides who attended the elite Ivy League institution, FOX Business has learned. The reason cited, according to a copy of the petition reviewed by FOX Business, is that supporters of President Trump were involved in spreading the “disinformation and mistrust” that led to last week’s deadly riot at the United States Capitol Building. https://www.foxbusiness.com/polit
  3. We have to pass the bill, so we can see what's in the bill!
  4. Yep... and as soon as Jack becomes a liability to the cause, under the bus Jack will go!
  5. The leftists not only realize it, they support it. Now, who are the seditionists again?
  6. Yep... that foreign aid has still got to be sent so the kickbacks can continue... Nancy is getting low on $80 a pint ice cream.
  7. No, they started giving him his soy and organic applesauce. Civil rights ya know.
  8. Now I see why Jackie boy is backtracking! He told on himself! I thought this clown was supposed to be smart?
  9. Unless you're a leftist threatening Trump... then that's acceptable.
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  11. It just proves that if they want something, they can move quickly... but something that actually helps the Country, eh, not so much. I personally think legislation crawls through the Congress because it takes them a while to set up the mechanisms for getting their cut out of the bill without being caught. Money laundering is a delicate process ya know.
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  13. Remington really screwed the pooch by trying to get into the handgun market in the last couple of decades with an inferior product. They seemed dead set on releasing a crap product, while everyone else was stepping up their game, and it killed them. It's a shame too, because one of my best/favorite shotties I have is an 870 Express pump 12 guage from the early 80's. It's my home defense beast.
  14. I'm surprised you haven't been arrested for throwing them at his... while wearing nothing but your underwear and socks.
  15. He's still in jail facing Federal charges with no bond. Point is, making online threats is not a good idea. The Brownshirts will come drag you out of your house in the middle of the night.
  16. Exactly. BLM/Antifa was setting fire to Federal buildings and police stations this Summer, and the majority of the participants were never even arrested... and if they were, they were released the next day and most won't face any prosecution whatsoever. Can you explain the double standard?
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