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  1. Taylor and her boyfriend were muling dope for a guy that was in prison. Her name was on the warrant. I still think that "no knock" warrants should be outlawed. There was no reason the cops couldn't have sat outside and waited for them to come out... as they would have had to do eventually.
  2. The Secret Service is funded through Congress. You should take that up with Nancy.
  3. The left should be ashamed of pushing Biden into this. Just go with Kamala already.
  4. I would bet my house on the lake that there are more sealed indictments waiting on team Obama than there will ever be against Trump... and yes, Biden is on team Obama.
  5. ... yet these asshats are making an issue out of how much he gives to the "establishment" through taxes. Think about that for a minute.
  6. If I'm goin' for the effect, it's bourbon in a glass. I simply can't drink enough beer to get as hammered as I want to get... when I want to get hammered that is. Lol
  7. I haven't tied one on in almost two months... tonight may be the night for it.
  8. It's actually being promoted in far left circles now. There are far left parents out there that feel it's their "duty" to decide which gender their child should be at an early age. I can garauntee that the two boys in the bottom pictures didn't do their own hair, makeup, and fingernails... mommy did it (or had it done) for them, because mommy wanted a little girl and not a little boy. The left wants this to be the "new norm". It's sickening.
  9. All Odumbo has to do is speak... and his loyal sheep will nod along in agreement. Remember when he was first elected and people thought they weren't going to have to pay for housing or even gas for their cars? Yeah... it's like that.
  10. You actually think during an entire term as POTUS that there are people that haven't heard Trump speak publically? You need to come back down from orbit Xav. Lol
  11. Brought to you by the leftist Democrats...
  12. Anytime the left is shown it's hypocrisy on any issue, they merely glaze it over and move on to a different subject. It's not as much about the right not pointing it out as it is the left simply ignoring the truth. The left could care less about the truth... they just want to make the most noise.
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