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  1. I'm a Libertarian Todd. Center right. Been that way way whole life. It's a curse.
  2. Damn you. Okay... i got this.... tomorrow... okay?
  3. I do like where this is going... it has great potential
  4. Yes , the draftees have a choice,' I am forming a draftees Union as we type. LOL
  5. How did your seven coworkers die? I knew four people that died in a plane crash, but I still get on a plane. Life happens, death happens. Move on
  6. Go for more a traditional debate forum. Give time, argue your point, give time and do it again. It needs to be less of a shouting match, and more of a discussion/debate. I feel so old to ask, but did anyone ever belong to a chess club or a debate club, or write for the school newspaper? I did all three! Lol
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