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  1. Sleepy has always talked down to the little people. Just watch some of his old clips during his time in the Senate. There is a video of him questioning Clarence Thomas during his confirmation to the SCOTUS, and you would have thought he was talking to the hired help. That's just Joe being Joe!
  2. What's even funnier is the leftists are the ones always saying that all cops are rotten and they need to be reeled in... until the cops are arresting people that the leftists want them to arrest... then it's a whole different story.
  3. His aides probably told him that shouting and getting angry was a bad look and not to do it anymore. So he wispered... which is a worse look. Could you imagine being responsible for that feeble old fucker every time he gets in front of the camera? No wonder Jan Is quitting already.
  4. You're gonna have to get this one hot all by yourself cal... I only do one charity case a day. 😎
  5. White people in black neighborhoods look suspicious to black people What is your point?
  6. I'm sure he has a headache! Do you think he learned anything?
  7. I see the video edit worked perfectly on you Scout! I'm not surprised in the least!
  8. Hey Scooby... have you ever heard of the YouTube channel called Schrodinger's Cat? Check it out if you haven't. Lol
  9. So if a cop is directing traffic in front of a church on Sunday morning, and gives you the signal to stop, you're just gonna run him over?
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