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  1. Blue helmets don't serve this Country... they serve the UN. Says a lot huh?
  2. Societal attitudes are typically formed on the frontline, and not by some CEO in a penthouse. What the MSM tells you isn't necessarily the truth, as if you can't tell. You need to get out in the street a little, and you'll see what I mean. Let me know if you're ever in NashVegas, and I'll give you a tour. This is a pretty cool ass town actually... I feel like it has the heartbeat of the Country.
  3. Damn man, get with the times. This was true for most of this Country's history, but the last two or three decades have seen a major shift in the mindset of our society, despite what the politicians are telling you. Understand that the elite need us at each others throats, it's how they maintain control. Racism is generational, and as time goes on, it becomes less and less of an issue in the grand scheme of things. Things like "White privilegs" and "Black Lives Matter" do absolutely nothing to lessen racism, but actually exacerbate it.
  4. Sure you are. You are judging all white people, based solely on the color of their skin, and that's textbook racism. Like I said, this is 2019... and you seem to be stuck somewhere in the early 70's. It's passed time to put that kind of thinking to bed.
  5. That's a cop out. You forgot to "dismiss" him too.
  6. This is 2019 maine... you need to let your racism go.
  7. rippy38

    Hey Libs!

    I thought about going there, but since you did, I wont. 😎 It is what it is. Civility typically gets civility from me... and ramar and I have agreed to give that a shot, so i'll respect that for as long as it last. Time will tell I reckon.
  8. Yeah... that's Demo. LOL
  9. No chance. "White privilege" was created by people like you, that were simply privileged, and are feeling guilty about it in their older years because they have started realizing that their accomplishments weren't actually as "earned" as they always imagined.
  10. Poor Coonasses are some of the proudest people I know... since they are primarily white, is that racist to you? Do you think they benefitted from "white privilege" like you did? You are assuming that every white person was born with a silver spoon in their mouth like you were, and lumping all white people into that category, which is bigoted and racist.
  11. Ooops! You just squashed another libocrat narrative! You might want to clean the bottom of your shoe.
  12. Providing you buy into the narrative of "White Privilege" in this day and age...which you obviously do. Which one are you maineman?
  13. rippy38

    Hey Libs!

    I would much rather grill in the Fall or even the Winter. I have found its actually easier to control your fire/temp when it's cold outside, and makes for a lower and slower cook. I'm out, enjoy your BBQ!
  14. rippy38

    Hey Libs!

    Bark is good. I have even seared the fat on the outside of the butt in a pan on the stove prior to putting it on the grill with pretty good results, especially on a larger cut of meat. Searing the outside helps seal all the juicy goodness inside. I really want to get a Traeger, but the one I want is almost a grand, which is more than I want to spend on a grill since I usually tend to burn them up in a season or two.