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  1. Trump was "rushed" to the hospital? Did the ambulance have a police escort? Just damn... Lol
  2. When I first found out that WillFranklin had been given the mod job I thought, man, they must be pretty hard up for moderators here! Lol
  3. And probably will do in spades the next time a dem is in the WH...
  4. I think DLK is gender confused. It's a common trait in the modern day progressive liberals.
  5. Whatever you need to keep telling yourself to keep from chewing on the working end of a .38 there ramar... LOL
  6. Take away all of your own replies, and there might be a couple of hundred... In six years LOL! Why did you feel the need to change from Shaman to Feenix? Curious minds want to know!!!
  7. I would dare to say it was probably the person you created it over.
  8. I pop in from time to time, usually when I'm reading personal emails and such after work. It's one of many that I frequent from time to time. At best guess I would say there are a dozen or maybe fifteen people that post here on a regular basis... it just seems like more because of all the soks, like you. So yeah, a political forum that generates no income, gets zero play on the world stage, and at best has about 15 regulars, is pretty damn insignificant. Just sayin'...
  9. Why would anyone want to play moderator on an insignificant political forum for no pay? Don't you people have lives?
  10. You libs wonder why normal people think of you as idiots. Look no further than this thread... Lol
  11. Nah... we should sieze all of the law abiding gun owners firearms since they are the real cause for this. That would make more sense.
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