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  1. It will spread fast in the homeless community. The homeless aren't well known for traveling great distances or mingling too much with the non-homeless. Most regular folks try to avoid the homeless.
  2. From a guy that says Fox is "fake news" and we can't believe anything they say. Lol!
  3. I'm still trying to figure out which nut job this "gal" annLee is a sok puppet of. It's hard to tell because to be honest, the wackos are all starting to sound the same! Lol
  4. The libocrats better hunker down, because the pubs are about to get real next week. The news media will have to pull out all the stops to downplay the bloodbath that's about to happen. MAGA! TRUMP 2020!
  5. Liberals are dishonest by nature, and willie is about as liberal as they come. Creating sok accounts is all about deception and dishonesty. Nothing new here.
  6. The housing bubble bust was indeed seen coming, by anyone with half a brain anyway. You can't write people working part time at McDonald's a $300K mortgage in the name of "fairness" and expect it to work.
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