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  1. She is/was a Dem... but it think she is getting ready to #walkaway, if she hasn't already. The leftists hate her because she won't toe the party line.
  2. With Brady at QB for Tampa, I could believe there was some cheatin' goin' on in that game. He learned from the best. Lol
  3. Actually I think it's more of a mutual agreement. Look closely at who's at the table.
  4. And the establishment pretty much controls the media... and are working on squashing any opposing voices as we type. Like I said, if the mouthpiece is only spouting what they want people to hear, is that really free speech?
  5. Free speech may survive, but if the mouthpiece of information only allows what they want the masses to hear, what good is it? People in China can speak as freely as they wish, but they stand to pay a heavy price if the authorities don't approve.
  6. Pandering in it's truest form... I wonder how much the changeover will cost? Hell, it doesn't matter... it's all just monopoly money anymore.
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