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  1. The pollsters are worried that they are going to end up with egg on their faces like in 2016. https://bongino.com/pollster-my-profession-is-finished-if-trump-wins-re-election/
  2. I didn't drag you into it... the asshat over there did. It's all good. You know where to find me!
  3. It's twoo it's twoo! The asshat said that I had been "persistently cajoling" you to come over here and post... when in reality, you had already expressed that you wanted to come over and say "BOO!"... and all I did was say to just go do it! He also said that you were "monogamous" to his board... which tells me that he got pissed because he thought I was trying to "steal" you... and then accused me of doing so at teacher's orders. What kind of total horseshit it that? You had already been posting over here before your banning (unnecessary I must add) and sho
  4. Yes I did! Well, some of it anyway. I think I left a few bucks on the table over there last night, so I need to slip in and gift it to somebody before the Court Jester locks me down again for talking to his girl. 😁
  5. Now Cyndi... you know that your boyfriend over at the other site will get his feathers all ruffled if he finds out you are over here flirting with these .org boys. He said you were all his last night... and the reason he put my account in restricted status was because I was trying to steal you away from him. LOL
  6. I have a theory about the "attack" over at the clone site... It was a diversion carried out by admin to deflect from the meltdown that was in progress over admin being called out by some of his own team. A "false flag" if you will... for one, to detract from said meltdown... and two, to rally cohesion amongst the "team" against a common enemy (the hacker). It just seems like something that lying hack assed cannon guy would do. Lol
  7. You see, if I were like maineman I would insist that you be put against a wall and shot... but since I'm not, a good flogging with a thick shoot of bamboo will work.
  8. So Creepy Joe groping children is "irrelevant" so long as he gets the BAD ORANGE MAN out of office. Nice.
  9. "The customs of his people"? What "people" have a custom of fondling children? You must be on crack. If Joe does this in front of a camera for all to see, I could only imagine what he does when the cameras aren't around.
  10. There is no Constitutional protection against being offended. Do you think someone wearing a shirt with a pro 2nd Amendment slogan on it should be allowed in a polling place? A MAGA hat says nothing about Trump either... it just says the Make America Great. It may be associated with Trump, but if the hat has no mention of his name or the Republican Party on it, should it not be allowed?
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