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  1. Libocrats view everything through the prism of race. That's what racists do.
  2. When the story broke, the lefties ran with it without question because it helped their agenda... like they always do. Same thing with Indian and the kid.
  3. The Jussie Smoilet case was yet another example of the left wing media pushing a false narrative to further the agenda, and the libocrat morons gobbling it up without question. It was the same with the lying Indian guy being "taunted" by the kid in the MAGA hat or the "Hands up don't shoot" bullshit. The media tells the lie, and you idiots eat it up like candy.
  4. Yeah... the Jussie Smollet debacle is fine example of "right wing" media manipulation huh?
  5. Being a "skilled" politician in today's DC is nothing to brag about. It just means that she is better at lying her ass off than most.
  6. I think he is waiting on his email updates so he will know what to post. They must be late in sending them out this morning.
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