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  1. Check out Cart Narcs on YouTube. Some of that shit is hilarious! Whoop whoop lazy bones alert!
  2. But looters smash windows and break doors. Maybe they could be shot when they did that, but just not when they are leaving with the TV. I guess it's all in the timing huh?
  3. Birdman just said he would shoot me if he caught me trying to take HIS stuff. Funny how that works huh?
  4. Oh okay... so it's different when it's your stuff, but other peoples stuff is fair game.
  5. So you would shoot me or try to cause me harm? How dare you!
  6. Of the four cops present, three of them were "restraining" Floyd, while the little short Hawaiian guy was holding the crowd at the curb. I saw another clip from across the street that showed three cops holding him down, but the only cop you can see in the most viewed clip is the one with his knee on the guys neck. I'll see if I can find the clip.
  7. So if I kicked in your front door and snatched your flat screen off the wall, you would just offer me a soda?
  8. I'm going to birdman's house to get me some stuff!
  9. I stopped going to Baskin-Robbins after I found out that the bitch Carol Baskin was one of the founders great grand daughter.
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