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  1. Don't you care about the innocent lives being lost in crime riddled Shitcago Xav? What kind of human being are you?
  2. Read the OP... Baltimore is spending 18K per student in a district where the average GPA is 1.0
  3. Forcing people to submit to an experimental medical treatment or be ostracized by society and lose their ability to make a living are not innocent "measures" nor are they being "suggested". Biden, YOUR President has basically said fuck your freedoms and do what I say... or else. Now, who are the Nazis again?
  4. Incorrect. Libertarians do not believe that anyone should be forced to contribute to society for the betterment of their fellow man. That in no way shape or form means that a Libertarian wouldn't chose to do so. It just means that they reserve the right not to, should they decide not to.
  5. Have you been any attention at all to what the left has been doing lately? Any at all?
  6. How so? You are making the claim, so explain yourself.
  7. The left is self destructing before our very eyes. It can't happen quick enough for me.
  8. Twitter is becoming less and less relevant in the grand scheme of things. None of the younger generation that I know uses it regularly. It's considered "old tech", just like Facebook. Nothing lasts forever.
  9. Snopes was once the all knowing all factual source of the leftist cause.... now, not so much. They seem to get more wrong theses days than they get right.
  10. Another op-ed... this time from salon. I mean come on slider.
  11. How does Russia bitch slapping our feeble demented installed puppet of a President equate to golfboy hating his Country?
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