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  1. You masturbating again.. Thought you were leaving dildo head?
  2. Ahh that's why I don't recognize your writing skills and personally/ ideology You are affraid to go anywhere else..
  3. Not like most places..i must have been banned from at least 400 chat rooms and forums since 1996.. .
  4. 30 days in jail is just a damn vacation, the only place I have been where you can get 4 guys together and play gin rumey at 7 am ...and I was in cook county jail Chicago ..
  5. Yeah the Vietnam war was the most stupiest Democrat wars of all , my friends go there to play golf and stuff now.
  6. Again your wife just told me you got deported to Mexico..she has nice lips sucking my big fat cock..
  7. You still alive illegal Mexican I thought you committed suicide up Hillary's snatch ?
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