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  1. MAY 9, 2020 This missive was formulated by Montu, the Nuwaubian from North Carolina staying in East Cleveland, Ohio. We will not go into much other than submitting it over to Montu. It begins... Montu gives the highest of honors and thanks to the Holy Souls who came down to earth for over 50 uears. Each being teaching something that earthlings wasn't aware of in their conscious minds. In 2020, many earthlings have been rightly educated and not one soul who departs from this earth can say that they didn't get the facts, or at least some facts. We are all responsible for our own action
  2. MAY 9, 2020 In the first wave of this writing Montu, the Nuwaubian from North Carolina, covered the sad conditions of black people in North Carolina. Then he exposed the conspiracy behind the COVID-19. He also exposed the different ruling of an extraterrestrial species who have targeted Africa and black people all around the wolrd. But the Black Devil is also subtle and clever. The Arab, who is Africa's terrifying enemy, is also part of the equation. So Montu will now update for those who couldn't understand previously. And so the journey begins within the workshop of the mind... The
  3. MAY 9, 2020 There have been alot of talk cirulating on Facebook and other websites about a company called "Metal Finishing Company" (336) 275-9657, located at: 719 West Gate City Blvd. in Greensboro, North Carolina. There have been talk of things from modern day slavery to sex slaves to manipulating blacks working there into not only embracing self hatred, but also a place used as an experiemntal front for implanting all sorts of destroy black only scenarios. Nearly all of the blackmen working at that location has a drug dependency problem. Many will go into the bathrooms and smoke coca
  4. MAY 6, 2020 We have been revealing all sorts of factual information concerning the Pleiadians (Job 9:9) and no matter how intense and accurate the information, the more enslaved humans have became to their masters and the illusions of this realm. Montu (Muhammad Eury), the Nuwaubian from North Carolina staying in East Cleveland on Hilyoke Avenue, is under very intense freemasonic strategies perpetratrated by devils in agenli garb, so to speak. We understand that there are beings in Cleveland who rides with nature, but previous or present drug use has clouded their judgements and have war
  5. MAY 3, 2020 Montu, the Nuwaubian from North Carolina staying in East Cleveland, Ohio, was breathed upon by the Holy Soul who teaches all things, and has this to share with you all. And so the journey begins with the workshop within your minds. Humans must learn to understand that evil is one half of a sphere. Therefore, evil is always learning and thriving. We have revealed in times past that religion was a tool for the weak and that it was only used to enslave humans. however, many humans became dependent on religion, just like a baby on a bottle, and theyll throw fits and tandrums ea
  6. APRIL 28, 2020 Those who are tied in with freemasonry under COVID-20, which is intentionally misleading for being termed, "COVID-19", are being allowed to destroy all undesirables. There have been alot of homes going up in smoke and not all fires can be blamed on Smart Meters. Alot of uneducated poor people don't seem to know that their landlords are responsible for alot of fires. When corrupt freemasons and others in secret societies get together and conduct so-called investigations of fires, those who are the victimized occupants is placed under very stringent analysis. Poor people must
  7. APRIL 25, 2020 Before we get started, Montu, the Nuwaubian from North Carolina, staying in East Cleveland, Ohio, on Holyoke avenue, was shown a dream and shares it with you all. Montu have been under the attack of many fakes who take lies and information to their superiors working for the children of the Pleiadians. Fabricated haracterizations and tales are implemented against him daily by those who will never be able to prove their lies and deception against him, And thus the journey begins....At this present space/time ontinuum, many humans have been fighting against the so-alled coron
  8. APRIL, 20, 2020 This missive is the second wave from the first thread or topic. In the first part of this thread Montu, the Nuwaubian from North Carolina, staying in East Cleveland, revealed mysteries of women, the science of freemasonry concerning the circle, the coronavirus, and more. Montu recently revealed that this 2nd wave to the first thread had to be shared because there is a powerful new voodoo movement taking place amongst females. Some of those females are not only taking vengeance against men that have wronged them but is also using the rites for material gain. The Moon Cycl
  9. APRIL 18, 2020 This missive is in honor to the Holy Breath which is the superior force behind Montu, the Nuwaubian from North Carolina's, advancing intellect. As we have stated on countless occassions, Montu is under the stringent surveillance of other Nuwaubians, no matter what their different school titles are, in East Cleveland, Ohio. Some beings are seriously attached to things of this world, and no matter who their spiritual teacher and guide is, these beings will only serve who evil extraterrestrials created. Montu says that time is running out and should the extraterrestrials succ
  10. APRIL 13, 2020 This missive is being formulated because something seriously wicked is unfolding itself in East Cleveland, Ohio. We have reported that Montu, the Nuwaubian from North Carolina, who lives in East Cleveland on Holyoke Avenue have been, and continues to be, a target for, letys just say Pennsywise the Clown. A clown wears makeup to mask his/her identity or being. The only way one can truly find out what sort of entity they are dealing with is by understanding the physical structure. It is a known fact that most blackmen with sloped heads have great amounts of reptilian blood w
  11. APRIL 11, 2020 In Part 2 of this missive we covered things from mind control, to forced vaccinations, to forced lockdowns or an imprisoned planet, et cetera. But the problem right now is that the children of the Pleiadians, mostly billionaires, have been instructed by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, the Queen of England and her bloodline who have been estimated to possess more than 72 trillion dollars, to imprison all humans on earth and not only force vaccinations but also de-weed those undesirables. Their greates power player right now on front lines is Bill Gates. https://www.di
  12. APRIL 7, 2020 This second thread was also assisted by Montu, the Nuwaubian from North Carolina, staying on Holyoke Avenue in East Cleveland, Ohio. Montu has a message and it is that people should stop being racist against the Asians. However, he says that the Asians now know what black people have been going through for over 470 years now, while here in America. Montu has been under attack and under conspiracies which involves police, Nuwaubian freemasons in Cleveland, and many of those who know and are tied in with both police and Nuwaubian freemasons. Montu is considered a major threat
  13. APRIL 6, 2020 This thread is being dedicated to humanity from Montu (Muhammad Eury), the Nuwaubian from North Carolina staying in East Cleveland, Ohio, on Holyoke avenue. We must all keep in mind that Montu was breathed on by a holy soul and is sharing what was revealed. And so the journey begins....Montu is being targeted by forces who are both black and caucasian. He is considered a major threat because of his determination to stop whats about to happen to the people world wide. Right now, because of this so-called coronavirus outbreak, many things are taking place. Some states have man
  14. APRIL 3, 2020 Many Americans seem to forget that the Rockefellers are frim Cleveland, Ohio. Their lands extend from the Cleveland Hreights areas to regions people didn't even known they owned. We know that the coronavirus is a flu-like malady. The sad thing about it is, according to many doctors off the record, there are doctors for the New World Order who are claiming that people have been infected with coronavirus even though they only have the flu. These same doctors who have exposed this New World Order plot also claims that there is harmful bacteria, viruses, and sometimes chips wit
  15. APRIL 2, 2020 We were informed by countless women that Nuwaubian freemasons and their superiors were conspiring with the government, along with other fakeballers, and was spreading fake news. The parties were claiming that Dr. Yorkm made revelations about the coronavirus and instructed Nuwaubians not to go out foors. certain people lost their jobs and some who had appointments or interviews for jobs couldn't make them thinking that Dr. York revealed a revealation. Its was later revealed that the entire charade was a hoax created by a few fake Nuwaubians who then spreaded the information.
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