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  1. The historical record shows Trump to be the least authoritarian, most pro growth and most liberal Republican President in history can you refute this?
  2. I don’t see you refuting my post. You know it’s true.
  3. Maineman supports the ONLY antiAmerican president in history , as do you, with supporting the globalist Obama. He also supported giving Iran our money, in secret and illegally, to honor some globalist ruling form Eurotrash as do you I would say you have quite a bit of anti American behavior too
  4. Is your name maineman? _______ yes _______ no if yes, then you are antiAmerican
  5. My Pillows are made right in the USA, he says so right in the commercial
  6. Bullshit. Of course the mayor of NYC had all the facts for this. Nothing would have withheld. They screwed up. It was their show.
  7. I think it shows the level of dumbness you exist at, where you attack a source rather than address the actual fact that Trump did exactly what the article says
  8. He put American citizens in concentration camps based on their race. There was no excuse. The Democrat bullcrap in the bill is abhorrent, plus it delayed it. They should all be tarred and feathered
  9. He also forced you to have health insurance, forced you share a bathroom with a trannie and used the executive branch to punish his political enemies He was the second biggest fascist since FDR
  10. https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/coronavirus/coronavirus-and-covid-19-younger-adults-are-at-risk-too
  11. Well it guarantees payment to the company. So its a good thing Yes. Just pointing out that Trump is the LEAST fascist president in like forever. This is the first thing he did that was fascist
  12. anyone who knows about FDR. he was a massive fascist, the most fascist president in our history
  13. Bloomburp? That little authoritarian never had a chance. He also lied about paying his staff thru the election
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