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  1. No, I am one of THE BEST. I pick apart lib's arguments for fun. No doubt you're a victim
  2. I would not be surprised if he gave it to himself intentionally.
  3. No way. The worst things I have heard or read have come from libs. [Kathy Griffin holding head in effigy ]
  4. 1. Since when does country of origin symbolize race? 2. Where Muslims from the UK allowed in? 3. Where Christians and Jews from a banned country allowed in?
  5. What is wrong with you? Seriously? You just owned and you didn't even notice. LOL... he is in jail for things unrelated to Trump. Your desperation is hilarious
  6. The virus is helping Trump, no doubt and just look at assholes like Acosta to see how pissed off the libs are about that
  7. being consistently wrong here is something you excel at. You should be proud.
  8. Calling you a loser and a liar is not ad hominem. It’s calling you a loser for losing, and a liar for lying. You’re just a troll.
  9. Fuck off loser. You’re a liar with no credibility here.
  10. You did not answer the direct questions posed to you. Nothing ad hominem about that at all. You don’t even know how to use the term ad hominem correctly here.
  11. You think rural areas where people are spread out are gonna have major problems if we keep practicing social distancing?
  12. China lies. They lie, they steal, they commit human rights violations, they eat cats, dogs, pangolins and bats.
  13. Biden is an idiot. She was being polite about it. Biden was the most corrupt VP in American history as he enriched his family and friends, so he deserves a bashing way more nasty than she gave, . in fact I seriously question your intellect and judgement supporting Biden at this point. He can’t think his way out of a paper bag... he doesn’t know where he is. @CommieSlayinGirl
  14. Loser, and you are a loser, Cohen is in jail for tax fraud. Tax fraud... not “the incident” its not a crime to pay someone to keep quiet for something that isn’t a crime, it’s called a non disclosure agreement. Why do you lie? Why do you think you can lie to me and get away with it? Are you a moron?
  15. Wrong. The corruption of the WHO is getting exposed. Lagging behind the curve? What a pile of crap.
  16. You failed to answer my questions. You lost as usual. faggot
  17. Big time. Yet their deadly incompetence is protected by the press
  18. Did Democrat governors threaten docs who used this drug or not?
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