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  1. 6 minutes ago, Cannonpointer said:

    ou voted for trump, and he's sending everyone checks That's UBI, child.



    Everyone is not getting checks.   Only those who made under $100K, and it’s a forward on nexts years taxes.  


    Uninformed cannonturd

  2. 1 minute ago, Cannonpointer said:

    Universal Basic Income, proggie - the leftist twaddle the guy you voted for is pushing, in response to a fucking flu bug.



    I didn't vote for  UBI and  no one is giving  out  UBI



    2 minutes ago, Cannonpointer said:

    You voted for UBI, and you're questioning MY credibility?


    I already  know you don't  have credibility , and I didn't vote for UBI


  3. Just now, Cannonpointer said:

    Then stop defending it with appeals to emotion.


    I am not defending  shit or appealing to  emotion.     You  get  your debate argument from a  deck  of cue words


    1 minute ago, Cannonpointer said:

    You mean like UBI?







    OBL?    What the fuck  are you jammering about ?


    2 minutes ago, Cannonpointer said:

    That's trump, dumb ass.


    What is  Trump's ideology?

  4. 7 minutes ago, Cannonpointer said:

    Yet you are a worse american - you believe your precious nanny state has the right to put me on lock down over a seasonal flu bug.


    Wrong again  fool.    I do  not think they  have the  right to do this


    8 minutes ago, Cannonpointer said:

    Obama never shit himself over H1N1.


    He just  fucked up big time.  he was an  incompetent ideologue  driven  by agenda to enact your stupid  leftist policies

  5. 1 minute ago, SpyCar said:

    Obama didn't "take control" of GM.


    Bullshit.  You don't  know what you are talking  about.    He fired the   CEO and  installed  Mary Barra


    2 minutes ago, SpyCar said:

    He did prop up the auto industry so it didn't fail. Thank goodness.


    Wrong.  he propped up the  UAW GM pension fund with  $13 billion that was  never paid back


    that was it


    Ford took  no money


    Chrysler was picked up and funded by  FIAT


    Obama is a fascist and   you  don't  know what  happened

  6. Just now, SpyCar said:

    Trump is a fascist. I


    LOL...    you cant  name  a single thing  he has  done  as a fascist  except  invoke the   DPA to get GM to  make virus supplies


    1 minute ago, SpyCar said:

    I abhor fascism.



    then  why did you vote for  Obama, the biggest fascist since FDR???


    1 minute ago, SpyCar said:

    You are a very bad liar, moron.




    not lying,   deal with it

  7. Just now, Cannonpointer said:

    You believe the government has the ass-shat Constitutional authority to yell, "Terrorist!" and then start spying on us



    No I do not


    Just now, Cannonpointer said:

    or, "FLU BUG!" and put us on lock down like prisoners.


    I do  not think that either.  


    I do  know that this is very serious.   I live in a state  with a  fascist  Democrat governor who is fucking shit up here.   however,  I know  that people  do  need to stay away form each  other

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