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  1. Ok... I have now established you are also a moron.
  2. I support that all people have the same rights.
  3. Moron, Trump is the most Pro American President since George Washington
  4. No it wasn’t. It was very recent. You are a leftist.
  5. Everyone is not getting checks. Only those who made under $100K, and it’s a forward on nexts years taxes. Uninformed cannonturd
  6. I didn't vote for UBI and no one is giving out UBI I already know you don't have credibility , and I didn't vote for UBI
  7. no. but like z09, we both like facts and we both ask people like you to back up your statements I pressed you and you could not come up with the answers
  8. I am not defending shit or appealing to emotion. You get your debate argument from a deck of cue words UBI? huh? OBL? What the fuck are you jammering about ? What is Trump's ideology?
  9. Wrong again fool. I do not think they have the right to do this He just fucked up big time. he was an incompetent ideologue driven by agenda to enact your stupid leftist policies
  10. there is no doubt that the left is joyous over the virus, but only Trump can lead us out of this mess.
  11. Bullshit. You don't know what you are talking about. He fired the CEO and installed Mary Barra Wrong. he propped up the UAW GM pension fund with $13 billion that was never paid back that was it Ford took no money Chrysler was picked up and funded by FIAT Obama is a fascist and you don't know what happened
  12. I have asked this many times and the liberals always scamper away
  13. LOL... you cant name a single thing he has done as a fascist except invoke the DPA to get GM to make virus supplies then why did you vote for Obama, the biggest fascist since FDR??? not lying, deal with it
  14. Nothing "liberal" about Obama and his fascist mandates, taking control of GM and trying to enact the biggest gun ban in history
  15. actually there is no such thing a right wing anymore. There is left wing and libertarian Trump is a libertarian , while you support fascism
  16. No I do not I do not think that either. I do know that this is very serious. I live in a state with a fascist Democrat governor who is fucking shit up here. however, I know that people do need to stay away form each other
  17. damn right I am. Obama is an anti American
  18. I am not a big government person at all.
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