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  1. Trying to say these perps are Republican is fucking weak... You think these women voted for Trump and then attacked a hostess? you're an ass
  2. I don't even care. I know you are delusional. not true you exist in world of lies the whole thing was a maelstrom of lies just like now, how they are keeping this brain dead tyrant hidden from view, with a complicit press. you are slipping away ...
  3. That was predictive programming.. a form of psychological op beyond your pay grade
  4. These "minor" rule violations were legion and were designed to steal the election. They were illegal votes that should never have been counted.
  5. This story is a great example of both standard left wing lies and @Toldya lies. They intentionally imply these people are white right wing males when just a casual look shows they are the exact opposite
  6. this is multi generational power and wealth I think... that breeds stuff like this.
  7. Chain of custody violations all over https://georgiastarnews.com/4300-absentee-ballot-votes-counted-in-dekalb-county-2020-election-violated-chain-of-custody-rule.html Stacy Abrams is a criminal who used her tactics in the 3 other states
  8. What is wrong with you people... why do I always have to correct everything Mark Knopfler, Keith Richards, David Gilmore, Eric Clapton, Glenn Campbell, Jeff Beck and of course....Prince
  9. show me the data Wrong, it's the total truth. let's get this straight, I understand it all. You either lie to yourself or you deny reality pick one
  10. It is in the pudding It is proof of a huge gigantic conspiracy that goes all the way to the globalists @Whitemajikman @Str8tEdge
  11. election official fraud ATL, PIT, PHL, MIL, DET No transparency No.. you can steal a state with just a city..
  12. the data and anomalies are proof. the lack of transparency and the fight to not be transparent the corruption of the courts are all proof the murder of Harrison Deal is proof the murder of the detective investigating Harrison Deal, James O'Sullivan, is proof @Str8tEdge
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