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  1. Amazing. John Taylor on bass. Tony Thompson on drums. Robert Palmer on vocals hotterer wins... non answer by liberal as well
  2. That guy was a male feminist who was hoping to get laid that night. lol
  3. , of course it’s odd. YES but surely life existed before you joined. Did you have a party on election night 2016?
  4. Hillary was a sure thing. They went there happily expecting a landslide victory. The boys went there expecting to lose and we treated to biggest election upset in world history. its a lot more than you make it out to be. You are still upset over Trump, in spite of his massive policy success
  5. So you are denying you had a party on election night 2016? @Golfboy
  6. They went thru all the evidence presented by the Democrats in the House.
  7. Earth is going to get cooler or warmer. Which is better?
  8. I feel the same way.... after years of Obama cult members gloating and ignoring his abuses... this was PAYBACK
  9. interesting, I posted the same thing and never saw your post. He votes third party . comes here to say how unimportant this all is.
  10. Says the guy who refuses to vote for anything that matters
  11. That is nonsense. Poor areas are much more expensive for government. Your words have no basis in truth
  12. they have nothing to do with Trump... get ready for butthurt
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