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  1. apparently it was counselor, establishing a pattern of workplace sexual predation He was a pig, like other Democrats before and after. Reagan , Bush 1&2 and Trump had WAY more class
  2. so? In the sexual harassment lawsuit with Paula Jones, he lied about having sex with Monica
  3. There is a reason why the USA decided LONNNNG ago to go with Highways and Airlines instead of trains. Trains are the past, just like the old ideas of the left. Only morons obsess with long haul rail travel.
  4. Holy shit... nice try to deflect. This is not about Hunter, it is about his dad. The laptop proved Joe's Ukraine dealings were real and corrupt As far as the laptop, Hunter, the drug addict, never picked it up and it became the property of the shop. You think those images were faked?
  5. oh god... more of this Trump exposed Biden's grift, and the laptop proved it was all real. The corrupt establishment members of both parties went nuts for exposing this well used tactic to launder foreign aid back to the political elites and you unwittingly help them do it... like a useful idiot
  6. you need me to post evidence of historical facts about Bill Clinton ... look it up yourself
  7. wrong.. WTF do you know He was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice for suborning the perjury of others
  8. Clinton suborned others to commit perjury Didn't Bill Clinton tell people to lie? Not to Congress, but to a grand jury in a sexual harassment case involving Paula Jones? Yes, he did. That is what he was impeached for, not for getting Lewinskys in the Oval Office. He was suborning perjury. He was encouraging people to lie to the grand jury. And the same people who cannot wait to frog-march Donald Trump out of the White House into a prison were telling us what a miscarriage of justice it was with Bill Clinton. It was just sex and it was a bunch of Puritan, white privile
  9. "sheik yerbouti" came out in 1979, and there was tons of good music before it and after it
  10. @SheikhYerboutithough he was clever with what he thought was an obscure troll name, but he is just another narcissistic liberal moron, just call him Bobby Brown from here on
  11. Ummm... wrong Bobby Bobby Brown is a song on the Zappa album "Sheik Yerbouti" It is about a homo
  12. Did PvF follow the Constitution? i notched you avoided commenting on my statement that nearly all SC decisions should be unanimous , as you know this is true.
  13. This is what you say when you know you lost.
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