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  1. Why would ever get so upset over something so essentially worthless. No one knows your wife, no one will ever know your wife and I think you just look even more fake pretending you are outraged by it.
  2. Thank you. Can I post a pic of my gun I bought for the pandemic?
  3. Do you understand how COVID 19 kills some people and why it is used by rheumatologists to treat lupus and other autoimmune diseases?
  4. How many of these deaths will be in Democrat run places where they told people to go out and mingle, take the subway, go to Chinatown?
  5. Again, Trump did amazing things for this country. Your denial is the cult of leftism, Trump proved that your idea don't work. that is Trump's biggest thing... proving the left was wrong all along
  6. Its called confidence and people thinking things will improve and they will. Trump had built a record economy, and thank god it was singing when this thing hit. He will be entrusted to bring it back. He is a proven commodity now.
  7. You mean the guy who gives away his salary every year? That guy?
  8. Get the fuck out of here. Trump is going to be a hero with this It wasn't even a real impeachment. The Democrats will be the ones tattooed
  9. Trump is the oversight. Elections have consequences
  10. This is still America. There are no restrictions on interstate travel. You may have to tell them a reason why you are out.
  11. Just tell them if you are stopped you are going to pick up a supply of masks or other PPE
  12. and the leftist WHO was in on it. Do you support Trump is cutting our payment to this worthless organization ?
  13. yeah... how? let's hear your reasons
  14. @maineman explain the head of the WGO covering and lying for China
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