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  1. Wrong. The Paris deal was bad because it was nothing but a wealth transfer and the real polluters were not restricted. The Iran deal sucked and was made so Europeans could do business with Iran. Obama was pro Iran and anti US Oh please. He was a TelePrompTer reading fraud. Take away his electronic reading device and he was and is a stammering mess. He was fighting the Cold War and he won. Benghazi was all about his cover up and lies to hide his weapons dealing and incompetence right before the 2012 election. He lied. Do you get it? He lied for weeks. With his Ben Rhodes fiction and they imprisoned some guy for some bs video as a scapegoat there was no protest in Benghazi. You support these lies... shame on you. All you do is bring up whataboutisms. What about it? It was all DEMOCRATS WHO DID IT AND YOU STILL TUN AWAY FROM THE CACULATED LIES REGARDING OBAMACARE
  2. The POTUS is allowed to call anyone he wants and he is allowed to discuss anything
  3. Duh, those deals were bad for America... of course the rest of the world wanted them! That’s the point. Obama again selling out American influence and wealth to others. Obama was the best ever for Iran and many other countries that were not America. You support this and continue to use foreigner support of Obama to defend your position, the guy was bad for America The Democrsts did the lynching, your fellow party members , don’t forget about putting people in prison camps during WW2 either My god... those people were punished you keep using these things as if it def3nds you. Obama went around th3 world bad mouthing America wh3n it was completely unnecessary. You can’t defend this historic bad president. Then you know Obama and Gruber calculated the year long lie to intentionally deceive the American people. 36 separate speeches where Obama looked the country in the eye and lied, with the intent to achieve his deception of putting this mess into action Obama is a craven liar. he lied about Benghazi to the world for weeks after the attack... what a pos.
  4. Uhhh, I see right through your total misrepresentation of my point. You spew gibberishtic talking points I never brought up.
  5. at least you are in custody of that. TGBS needs to depend on Trump
  6. I love how he made his log in name thing based on Trump was gonna be gone soon. Its been years
  7. that is weird, I never felt children dying was OK. For you to get there it was Sandy Hook.
  8. his world wide tour he made to multiple countries? please. His bad deal with Paris Climate and Iran? The proof is in the pudding
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