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  1. You lied. You previously said he asked them to hack her sreever, then in this thread you said he asked them to spy on us. youre not even smart enough to remember what you posted.
  2. I saw him you fucking liar. he asked for the emails. You lied and said he asked them hack Hillary’s server. you were assplained that the server had been offline for years at that point, so how could they hack it? you are a liar...
  3. The forum is like America. They want the forum to fail like they want America to fail
  4. You are such a pathetic fucking liar. You have been schooled and linked to death on this. God damned fucktard is what you are. @personreal
  5. Yeah, the whole idea of telling someone they’re stupid while saying “your a idiot “ is awesome.
  6. Please go back and edit your post, I did not say that.
  7. It took me a while to find a Kroenen avatar that would fit... now we can change it? How big?
  8. This type of comment is very typical of layman libs. Assuming they know what goes on in the lives of professionals.
  9. can you get bigger fonts than this please?
  10. Ha! It’s a meme, and an old one. It’s double wrong. It should be you’re as well both of you should have known this Bro, it was a joke. “Your a idiot” is a classic meme from back in the older days of intarweb meme wars. I was just adding it to your thread.
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