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  1. You're a moron if you think children started this.
  2. No. you got your ass kicked. you have Black Knight Syndrome
  3. you never learn isn't you butt still horrifically sore from Friday?
  4. the North American first person chap came up to the kid in the red hat. not the other way around
  5. They are going to get sued for harming this boy's reputation. You don't care that the whole thing has been turned on its head, you don't care that drvoke came to his senses. You don't want to know the truth. You hate white males with red hats, and think the worst of them. You have this imagined idea of these kids being fascists. the were the ones being harassed for wearing red hats and the Black Israelites apparently started the aggression https://cloverchronicle.com/2019/01/19/exclusive-new-video-emerges-showing-what-really-happened-during-the-so-called-confrontation-between-a-maga-hat-wearing-student-and-native-american-drummer/ as if children would be confronting adult activists... think about that for bit.
  6. here is a liberal apologizing for initially believing. This was posted by drvoke... who admitted he was fooled too. You are part of the rapidly shrinking group of deniers
  7. LOL.. what are you giving props too?
  8. Would you say it was Fake News?
  9. For your pennance you need to tell Olivaw what happened, he still doesn’t belive it.
  10. Ha... you’re still behind the times. It’s already been debunked. The school may even be sued for harming this child’s reputation the kids are innocent.
  11. It is funny. They can’t even get out of their groupthink.