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  1. Why no liberals? These are the numbers this is all based on. @Olivaw @maineman @IcebergSlim @Pengwin @splunch
  2. He just drone striked them. Trump did not order anyone gassed. Those people had no right to be there after they were told to disperse for the President to arrive.
  3. nope... never ready enough!!! They are very simple but they work really well. Nothing fancy, but might come in handy for the upcoming race war.
  4. Except you think that giving away American wealth and power is the way to do it. Living peacefully is easy. Leave people alone BTW, Obama was way more the war monger than Trump.
  5. calling me a nazi is disgusting and low brow. You are the one who has supported the fascists here, not me
  6. OK get a Kel Tec Sub 2000 with the Glock Mag option... so you can use the 33 round Glock 9mm mags
  7. The numbers don't lie, that is what the liberals are for 10 unarmed blacks killed last year by the police, listen to the story of each one in this video
  8. Get a Scorpion 35 round mags of 9mm folding stock, easy to handle
  9. A series of events that was the perfect storm
  10. anyone who is not a nationalist is a fool. You don't love your own country? Only idiots think like that.
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