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  1. Because he is a cancer on this site. He is just here to lie and clog the debate. You know I gave him a list of things that happened after Sandy Hook.
  2. Fuck you. I gave you a list you liar. You are a worthless loser.
  3. He is the sites dumbest asshole . I gave him a list of things , he ignored the and keeps asking it . At this point all we do is pray he dies
  4. What do you propose be done and explain how it will work with the desired result.
  5. So gorgeous... That is a semi-auto hunting rifle. .308 caliber. Ask a liberal to explain the difference between that and this
  6. Peeninx #1 by a mile!!! Benson is just a troll and a coward with mental problems
  7. hundreds... this is a Browning BAR 3 DBM... it can easily have wood furniture
  8. I think the current crop of outing of self righteous liberals being outed as racists wearing blackface is hilarious
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