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  1. The WHO is not researching abortions... they are actively showing people how to do them. Just give up
  2. Semantic argument that holds zero water in real life. They are called respirators in the hospital. I did no such thing. You just thought you had a chance to make one of your ridiculous and irrelevant semantic arguments that distracted form the fact that NYC received 4,400 of them
  3. I don't see any bickering I see the free exchange of information and ideas
  4. you did, I said they are interchangeable, and they are.
  5. I do. I know a lot of people in the medical field. I wonder why...
  6. When the discussion of quote switching came up, I said that when done in a humorous way, should be allowed. I am pretty sure I mentioned your name at that time.
  7. I didn’t fuck up. Your semantic arguments are just fluff anyway
  8. THAt article does not claim what you said. Read the whole thing.
  9. I know pulmonologists who call them respirators. I know a guy who had the US’s 4th largest supply company of the machines call them respirators.
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