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  1. You are a dishonest fool. You aren’t getting your BS pat me. You are just lying.
  2. The values are that the government should be afraid of the people
  3. Yeah, in the beginning he used religion to manipulate. Where did he end up? Dude he was a left wing authoritarian. Deal with it.
  4. Youre wrong. Hitler was not religious beyond worshipping the state he was a left wing statist, and no conservative Constitutionalists would agree with him
  5. I just want to pin you down that you are basically acting like a police state
  6. Wrong. The Prohibition Party is the prohibition party The left is trying to prohibit guns. Bull... all the place that do that first are Democrat run
  7. So you support all the things Trump does. What freedoms has Trump impinged on?
  8. I said I was raised Catholic, walked away early on. The Catholic Church is quite liberal
  9. you could then make a "list" right? Start knocking on some doors?
  10. ammo is generic and common You gonna "round up" everyone with a 9mm in the area Could the shooter have come from outside?