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  1. About as good as any foreigner parent would be to see their daughter as the First Lady of the United States of America. She is also the most beautiful first lady in American history
  2. I remember this, they wanted Clinton gone. They knew he was trash and worse and this was a chance to get rid of him.
  3. They should have shown a video of all the Democrats how have been trying to impeach since he was elected.
  4. yes, and after that person leaves office , Trump proved it was possible to fix the damage Obama did.
  5. IRS Targeting wasn't corrupt? SpyGate was not corrupt? Hillary's non-investigation was not corrupt? Fast and Furious was not corrupt? Now we are finding out how they were corrupt in UKraine
  6. Oh my god. It was horrifying. He was driving home one night and his window cracked. He thought nothing of it, a couple of months later he heard that was a person on the loose who had shot at some cars. He decided at that moment, that was what happened. He had been shot at and miraculously survived. @Imgreatagain @TrumpBGoneSoon
  7. You are such an idiot. ObamaCo was the most corrupt administration in history . Trump has proved that liberalism doesn't work. You are also a fucking liar. and a coward who can't back up anything with facts.
  8. this statement has no basis in any proven fact. Wrong, they help everyone.
  9. Trump is THAT good. He has been amazing. How anyone can not see it, shows how blind these morons are. Trump is the most liberal Republican POTUS in history, has taken away nothing form the people and has given peace and prosperity across America I challenge anyone to say what I just said is not true.
  10. LOL Trump may be the greatest President in US history , maybe second to George Washington. None of you can name policies of his that have not worked and not helped America. None. Both of you are retarded.
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