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  1. Trolling by Russian Spies

    Thanks for proving me right over and over again LMFAO
  2. Trolling by Russian Spies

    LMFAO roll on little fella
  3. Trolling by Russian Spies

    LMFAO did you earn $5.00 for that one?
  4. Trolling by Russian Spies

    Thata boy keep racking up those dollars
  5. Ah that one may have made you two dollars demo... LMFAO keep going little fella, I am keeping track how many times you say it today!!!
  6. thata boy, you are stacking up those lies
  7. Thank you for your two worthless cents of an opinion. benson's opinion also, unless he has a LINK!!!!!
  8. Poor benson, doesn't know how to provide a link. Guess he is just giving us his opinion or.... just spreading bullBad word like a typical liberal retard!!!! Poor little fella. His parents failed miserably.
  9. Your opinion, if not provide a link... 4th lie
  10. Benson13

    LMFAO not a diversions, just pointing out the fact you can't back up anything you say!!!! Go get an education kid!!!
  11. Poor benson can never provide links!!!!
  12. Benson13

    3rd lie, I may win this bet
  13. Benson13

    Now benson is going to go back and edit all those posts LMFAO Poor little fella was caught red handed hahahahahaha
  14. Benson13

    LMFAO no you have not... prove you posted those links!!! 2nd lie now hahahahahahahahaha