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  1. Not going to let you use me to attack others. We're done here. Bye Bye Felica.
  2. There was a recent news story about a lady with stage 4 cancer. She was struck by drunk driver and died immediately. The ruling states she died from her cancer. The driver got a slap on his wrists.
  3. Sure. But not everyone is willing to make the distinction between peaceful protesters and rioters.
  4. So you cashed that check knowing it was coated in socialism.
  5. Not the way I see it. You want me to place a label in a headline to degrade liberals. Not going to do it;.
  6. What about the police joining the protests? https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/alaska/articles/2020-05-30/police-join-residents-at-peaceful-protest-rally-in-alaska
  7. Not going to be used to attack people. And I agreed to your ORIGNAL conditions of changing my handle.
  8. Man, I bet you returned that $1200 check in moral outrage.
  9. I was wrong. The CBC did post the entire video of the undercover taping of the Planned Parenthood meeting. I am agreeing to let the Admin change my name for as long as they want. I am NOT agreeing to be used to attack others.
  10. What about the reports of the police JOINING the protestors? https://www.mlive.com/news/flint/2020/05/flint-area-police-join-protesters-marching-to-seek-justice-for-george-floyd.html https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/northwest/police-join-residents-at-peaceful-protest-rally-in-alaska/ https://www.foxnews.com/world/police-join-protesters-abandon-their-posts-outside-bolivias-presidential-palace
  11. The rioters are exploiting a tragedy. Most of them come from out of town. They're overshadowing those who want to peacefully protest.
  12. First, He was detained and complained that he couldn't breath while a knee pinned his neck. Then he died. One heck of coincidence.
  13. Like i've stated before, I'll take the heat for my mistakes but I won't bring anyone else down with me.
  14. It's very misleading. There are a bunch of racists at this forum and they are proudly conservative. Would you want them to represent you?
  15. I only represent me. the headline would be a lie from my perspective. there are pro-life liberals. there are gun owning liberals. Free trade liberals.
  16. I take objection to representing myself as "The Left." I'm just speaking for me.
  17. I saw the videos and they were complete. That, I've already conceded to. Everything else is up for debate.
  18. The truth is complex and rarely fits into the boxes we try to shove it into.
  19. I really don't lie. I may be wrong in my assumptions but I don't lie. I'm too stupid to lie so I don't bother.
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