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    Why do you wanna hang with dummies?

    Speaking of indoctrination. Trumpy Bear Is the Year’s Worst (Best?) Holiday Gift, and Fox News Is On It A supporter of President Donald Trump holds up a bear as the president speaks during a rally, at the IX Center, in Cleveland. Carolyn Kaster/AP/Shutterstock Americans tuning into Fox & Friends Monday morning may have borne witness to a commercial for a product called the “Trumpy Bear,” a stuffed bear with a white collar, white cuffs, red tie and Trump’s “trademark” coif. You can also pull an American flag out of the bear’s ass. “God bless America, and God bless Trumpy Bear,” declares an elderly woman holding the bear in front of an inflatable American flag. The setting is appropriate. Trumpy Bear was “born” on Flag Day. Trumpy Bear is loved by all. Michael Ruffino, a former Marine, is proud to carry Trumpy Bear on the handlebars of his motorcycle. Golfers save it a seat in their carts. “Even the toughest guys will love Trumpy Bear,” the comically baritone voice narrating the commercial assures skeptical viewers. Trumpy Bear even comes with a certificate of authenticity that “confirms you own an original Trumpy Bear” and not a cheap imitation. It can be had for only two payments of $19.95, plus shipping and handling. Groceries can wait, patriots. Trumpy Bear has been around since 2017, and the commercial that aired Monday morning on Fox News — which clarified in a statement that the ad was local and that the network does not do business with Trumpy Bear’s manufacturer nationally — is a shortened version of the original. In addition to veterans and golfers, the extended cut also features testimonials from law enforcement officers, firefighters, small business owners and others. “American industry once ruled the world, and now we’re back on track again,” says a construction worker. “Thanks, Trumpy Bear.” It’s difficult to tell whether the over-the-top Trumpy Bear commercials are intentionally ludicrous, sincere appeals to Trump’s base or both. Rolling Stone emailed the manufacturer in search of sales numbers, but has yet to hear back. The 22-inch-tall bear has been spotted at at least one of the president’s rallies, though, which means someone has to be buying it. This shouldn’t be surprising. No president has enjoyed such a devoted fanbase as Trump, and, as a result, his presidency has been commodified to no end, often by companies like Trumpy Bear producer Exceptional Products, and often by the president himself. When Vice President Mike Pence outlined the administration’s plans for a Space Force in August, the Trump campaign released potential logo designs hours later. One was the NASA logo, but different colors. Another promised that “Mars Awaits,” even though the Space Force would play no role in a potential mission to the Red Planet. The campaign’s online gift shop is currently selling Space Force T-shirts for $30, alongside Trump football jerseys, novelty coffee mugs, dog leashes, megaphones and more. The front page of the campaign gift shop asks visitors if they’re looking for a gift, and it’s indeed the impending holiday season that has brought Trumpy Bear back into Fox News’ commercial rotation. But to the #MAGA contingent, the holiday season is not just the holiday season; it’s yet another frontier of the War on Christmas, and the president’s supporters need to show on which side their allegiance lies. What better way let friends and relatives know than a tree ornament bearing the president’s orange face. No occasion too sacred to be enhanced by the president’s likeness. Consider this ornament Rolling Stone Politics Editor John Hendrickson spotted at a gift shop in Washington, D.C.’s Union Station last month:
  2. Just because Trump is truly terrible at his current job doesn't mean Obama is above all criticism.
  3. TrumpBGoneSoon

    A Serious Discussion about Gun Violence.

    We already have one of the most incarcerated populations in the world.
  4. Trump doesn't follow that rule. Hell, His supporters love it.
  5. I have links to prove my point. You don't like them. Sorry to cause you such pain.
  6. I was raised a Christian and I was NEVER taught to judge or hate Gay folks. To say that its part of the Christian faith is at least a cop out.
  7. Obama could have taken a personal stand but hid behind the bible.
  8. Very little liberal about the modern Democratic party. Obama sat on the sidelines while the Supreme court legalized gay marriage.
  9. I have Duck on ignore. He's the worst kind of angry and stupid. You can't reason with him or learn from him.
  10. Thanks to The Democratic and Republican conventions, It pretty much is. During the last election. I hated voting for Hiliary but I couldn't vote for Trump. I would've voted for Rand Paul or Mario Rubio if they were in the primaries. But I chose the lesser of the two evils.
  11. There are also studies that show that Conservatives are more fearful than liberals. Unconscious Reactions Separate Liberals and Conservatives Fear and Anxiety Drive Conservatives' Political Attitudes Conservatives Big on Fear, Brain Study Finds
  12. And yet, He's not mentioned that in his latest speeches. I'm not crazy about a totally socialist economy but I'm respect Bernie's intentions.
  13. I'm trying to make a point. None of us were the same person we were 40 years ago.
  14. What were you doing in the 70s? I was playing with my Lincoln logs and erector set in shag carpet.