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  1. You failed and your link didn't list any changes. Just one change.
  2. Name one change brought on by Sandy Hook. Just one. Hate me all you want but you can't name one change.
  3. If you want to eat, You take the piss test. you get photographed. you get your fingerprints taken.
  4. Sorry you feel that way, but I've had my pic taken for a drivers license. I've taken the piss test for jobs many times. I've been fingerprinted for jobs too. I can't smoke a joint because my employment depends on it. It's paperwork.
  5. That just strikes me as odd because my days in high school were also in the 80s and It was totally a gun free zone.
  6. but we have a long and well documented history of bad parents throughout the centuries.
  7. Dead children will always change the political landscape.
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