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  1. Just wanted to point out that Mods aren't paid. They volunteer and that can be a lot of work. I know when I volunteer and someone tells me I'm not doing enough, I get a bit irritated.
  2. I would have an easier time believing that if every freakin' one of the Republicans with a few outliers hadn't joined the Trump train without reservation.
  3. I hate the part of America that... ...Prevented interacial marriage. ...Prevented same sex marriage. ...Forced young men to fight and die in Vietnam. ...Ostracized children with AIDs. ...Declared AIDs was the wrath of God. ...Built an entire political movement on the false belief that welfare mothers were cheating the system. ...voted to invade Iraq twice despite not needing to.
  4. BAC is nutz. She's obsessive. I put her on ignore pretty early on.
  5. “Was there a ‘quid pro quo?’” Sondland — a close Trump ally and longtime GOP donor — said in his opening remarks to the House Intelligence Committee. “The answer is yes.”
  6. Good thing you're not under oath because you can't prove your claim.
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