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  1. Dono


    All fine examples, but djt comes up with nicknames that “stick:” Lyin’ Ted, Crooked H, Little M, etc. What I’m trying to start is something that is short, sweet and memorable. If you say Corrup Trump as one word, you only need one “t” and it kinda rhymes. And it’s true!!! Fantastic sonnet, and great freakin’ nicknames, by the way.
  2. Dono


    Since the “president” has derisive pet names for most of his opponents, don’t you think it’s about time someone returned the favor? I think I may have come up with one that may even stick to Teflon. If you pronounce it as written, you only need the one “t.” CorrupTrump. Try it, it kinda rolls off the tongue and it fits him to a “t.” Please pass this along. Thank you.