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  1. Which is precisely why we are finally learning of this corruption. Connect the dots. Had Hillary been elected, this all would have been swept further under the rug. The panic is within the Democrat ranks because their candidate, a deeply flawed one at that, failed. They were not prepared for that and their bones were not buried deep enough.
  2. I'm new here also, and came for the same reason. In addition to your formula, I have discovered the poster's IQ is inversely proportional to the size and number of colors of their font.
  3. Here, math whiz: Handing out thousands to ten of thousands adds up to tens of millions. That money is better spent from your and my pocket than the governments. Don't even try to lecture anyone on debt after eight years of Obama when I expect you remained silent on the subject. Do you really want to resort to name-calling?
  4. So you're now going to blame a president who has been in office for a year for the debt trajectory? History has proven that, as JFK said, "it is a paradoxical truth that tax rates are too high today and tax revenues are too low -- and the soundest way to raise revenues in the long run is to cut rates now.'' Economic growth increases tax revenues. Confiscatory tax rates stifle economic growth.
  5. So, why are Hillary and Huma still free? Why did Strzok not put them under oath. Don't just react with a tizzy, but seriously consider those facts. I know you will say something like, "How do you know Hillary lied to the FBI?" The answer is, "The same way you know it."
  6. And so did you, assuming you pay taxes. Now, do you have the grace to thank them?
  7. If President Trump talks to Mueller, he should insist on the same conditions that Hillary and Huma got from Peter Strzok. He should not be under oath. You lefties must see fair as fair, right?
  8. Why, thank you, Max. BTW, I no longer use BF, Egypt. As a well-travelled vet, I've decided "Bumf*ckistan" is more current.
  9. Your language is that of a bigot. Surely, though, that just can't be. You lefties are a tolerant people........or so I've heard.
  10. The obvious question begged by your post is, why would you take anything from the Daily KOS?
  11. You cannot obstruct justice if there has been no underlying crime. Even if there had been collusion to influence the election, it would not be a crime. If there had been collusion to tamper with ballots or something similar, that would be a crime........but that didn't happen. Additionally, the president can fire Mueller Constitutionally. The president is the chief of the executive branch, Rosenstein hired Mueller and Rosenstein works for the president. Period. Please stop all the hyperventilating and get on with your rapidly improving lives.
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