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  1. Ha! Go ahead and put money on it! 😁 https://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/presidential-races/301082-respected-election-handicapper-calls-election-for-hillary "One of the most respected election handicappers in the country says the presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is now “over,” with victory assured for Clinton, the Democratic nominee. “Take a close look at the new Fox News poll,” tweeted Charlie Cook, publisher of the Cook Political Report. “This race is OVER.” Take a close look at the new Fox News poll released tonight. This
  2. As expected. The left always wants to be in other people's business.
  3. Here. This took two minutes: https://thehayride.com/2020/10/joe-biden-told-32-lies-in-96-minutes-last-night-here-they-are/ https://710wor.iheart.com/featured/mark-simone/content/2020-08-27-the-very-long-list-of-the-many-times-joe-bidens-been-caught-in-major-lies/ https://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/499065-lies-damned-lies-and-the-truth-about-joe-biden https://thefederalist.com/2020/09/15/the-worst-lying-bully-in-the-2020-presidential-race-is-joe-biden/ And there's plenty more where those came from. Now you can come back with some obf
  4. Sorry, Spy, but that won't fly. He made the claim decades after the incident
  5. Scroll down for a four minute video: https://blackcommunitynews.com/the-black-pastor-who-prayed-with-trump-responds-to-jimmy-kimmel/
  6. The point is that he already knew the truth. Do you think he wasn't aware of every fact surrounding the incident shortly after the investigation was complete? He did what he so often has been caught doing "embellishing" (lying) for political clout or for self-aggrandizement. His history of this is long and public.
  7. https://www.politifact.com/article/2020/oct/04/social-media-posts-are-making-claims-about-biden-f/ Investigators found that alcohol didn’t play a role in the crash, according to a 2008 News Journal story. Dunn, who died in 1999, was not charged. But, the paper reported, Biden has suggested that Dunn was intoxicated when the crash occurred. "In 2007, Biden, then the vice presidential nominee, said that a "guy who allegedly … drank his lunch" drove the truck that collided with Neilia Biden’s car. A clip from 2001 showed Biden describing the incident and saying the driver
  8. Where's your source for that assertion? Not challenging it, just interested.
  9. No, just Murphy's Law. 0.14 is just under 1/2 of 0.3. I say that's just about the ratio of a golf ball to the holes in a standard chain link fence. Now, try driving some golf balls through a chain link fence and you can roughly determine your risk of getting the virus. Now, if I factor in my luck coupled with Murphy's Law, I'd hit them all through if it's the virus, but none through if it was golf balls.
  10. I don't "do" facebook either. I got the link from a friend and just watched it. It's available
  11. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2398036073833334 WTF did Amy Coney Barret ever do to deserve this fukwad's wrath?
  12. Really? here, Calguy, chew on your side for a while: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2398036073833334
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