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  1. Your implication is that Democrats don't use divisive campaign messaging. That's laughable. And if you believe it, you're a moron.
  2. Which can be funny........depending on who's wallowing in it. Or, who's wearing it on their face. Bernie "millionaire" Sanders. You know him. The guy who made $500k and gave 3.4% to charity and is proud of it.
  3. I have no heroes but one, Bob Hoover. Tiger has been through things that would body-slam a good strong man. Yes, unequivocally, yes, he put himself through some of it with his philandering. But all are worthy of redemption if their frailties are acknowledged and confronted. Then there were the injuries, and surgeries. Where they because of the swinging of a 9-iron....or being swung at by one? I don't know. But this man came back from all of that, having faced his public shaming, not undeserved, to, once again win the Masters. That's no small achievement and I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed it. He deserved it. N-thionking ot because he had it coming, in some liberal way, but because he frigging well earned it. BTW, we all know we live in a pitifully racist country.....as we are reminded by the pig-stream media and Democrats daily, but it was refreshing to see all the white nationalist racists going nuts over the triumph of a black man. Don't you think?
  4. You still don't understand. I know, it's difficult. I used to believe as you do. One fact you and many seem to discard is that the life in question, that which is the result of the conception, is innocent. How can you deny that life the chance of.....well.....life? Regardless of how that life was conceived, it has a right to survive. Only a callous simpleton can believe that the innocent must die to preserve the "dignity" of the living. I cannot imagine the horror and the violation of a woman who suffers the act of rape. But the life resulting from that violation still is innocent and deserves to.....live.
  5. How hard can it be to understand that if it has a heartbeat, it's alive...........regardless of what you call it? Seriously, this is in arguable. A hammer is a hammer.......a nail is a nail. A rose by any other name is still a rose. Now STFU and get on board. Hey, moron, is the moon really just the sun, but at night.....so it's dark?
  6. Libswatter

    socialism makes me happy

    Why would you cheer for the demise of the only country in the world which people from all over want to come to because it's better than where they are? I suspect your health issues are not the result of America being America. I'm sympathetic for whatever you are having to bear, but I don't believe it's the fault of the citizens of, or the Constitution of this country. I'm open to correction if you have the argument to show me I'm wrong.
  7. Great. All members of congress need to open up their returns before they demand Trump's returns. Will you agree with that?