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  1. No, because the so-called "morning after pills" are birth control measures that may be used after the fact to prevent pregnancy. But I damn well expect her to report the rape as a service to other vulnerable women.
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/gop-rep-shouts-down-hearing-witness-for-claiming-nobody-has-died-due-to-gun-restrictions
  3. Ohhh, that's right. You fuking derelicts don't believe in consequences for your actions and personal responsibility. Pregnancy is not barbarism you fuking idiot!!
  4. The independent rights of women end when they are carrying another life, for which they are now responsible. Your description of gestating human is barbaric.
  5. You're showing your ignorance. Texas has far more non-English speaking legal and illegal immigrants. A language barrier is also a barrier to education. Texas: a large (open) border state with 25.154 million people. Mass: Bordered on three sides by America, and on the fourth, by water. What's to compare?
  6. I was born in California you fuking ignorant moron. Your bigotry is flowing and your HUGE RED FONTS MAKE YOU NEITHER RELEVANT NOR RIGHT.
  7. You are a flat out liar spewing nothing but effluent.
  8. Phony, contrived, adolescent meme's is all you have. Why don't you try something that has at least some semblance of fact.
  9. You took your brain out and started playing marbles with it again, didn't you?
  10. If the economy is as bad as Democrats keep insisting it is, why is Obama claiming credit for it?
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