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  1. You and the cartoonist are too stupid to understand the vast difference between listening and colluding.
  2. Wha...? This isn't about Hillary, you fuking moron! It's about you and your ilk throwing a hissy over Trump's willingness to at least hear what a foreign actor has to offer........as Hillary did. I'm more convinced than ever that your last job was as a taste tester at a lead paint factory.
  3. Listen to this obfuscating weasel try to flood the zone in order to exonerate Clinton, the DNC, and the Steele dossier. This is the kind of effluent you lefties actually believe: https://video.foxnews.com/v/6048098335001/#sp=show-clips
  4. Stay on point here, Persy! https://www.foxnews.com/politics/clinton-staffer-europe-trump-research
  5. You are not even living on this planet. You didn't read the article. That's OK. Barr is on the job and so is Michael Horowitz
  6. NYT OK with you? https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/24/us/politics/clinton-dnc-russia-dossier.html?module=inline
  7. Interesting take on Elizabeth Warren, McConnell, and the rest of the show in enlightening also: https://video.foxnews.com/v/6045207120001/?playlist_id=5528578293001#sp=show-clips
  8. One incident? Where the eff have you been? And WTF does this have to do with Iraq?
  9. Another example of the left's incivility because they cannot handle a differing opinion.
  10. I'm impressed with liberal intelligence. To wit: They're intelligence has them believing : Saying, "Men are not women." is hate speech and will get you physically attacked. Saying that the United States should have national borders is hate speech. While we consider the stoppage of a heartbeat death, liberals cannot understand that a gestating human with a heartbeat is alive. They cannot understand the difference between the death penalty and an abortion. They will call you a hypocrite if you believe in the death penalty for murderers but are pro-life when it comes to ripping babies from a womb. They believe the way to battle America's drug dependence problem is to give out needles and provide "safe" shooting galleries. They believe that welfare programs stimulate the economy. They believe we can absorb all the illegal immigrants without hurting our economy and that the spread of once well-controlled diseases is just fine. They believe that our open border and sanctuary city policies are wonderful and just don't care that these incentives invite people to risk their and their children's lives, subjecting their wives and daughters to rapes and other unspeakable abuses. I'm sure they would argue that they're just being compassionate. According to the NY Sun, these liberal geniuses come out of liberal elite universities with less knowledge of civics than when they went in as freshmen. https://www.nysun.com/new-york/students-know-less-after-4-college-years/62901/ They believe that fewer law-abiding citizens with guns will make them safer......not understanding the simple math that the ratio between good guys with guns and bad guys with guns will be altered in favor of the bad guys. I guess they expect criminals, who are in the habit of breaking laws, will just turn in their gins. See how smart liberals are? They believe that if we keep taking money from the rich, and giving it to the "underprivileged" all will be great. They just don't understand that doing so dis-incentivizes both the rich, who will no longer reap the benefits of his or her labor, and the "underprivileged" who will no longer wish to better themselves and drive for success. This destroys self esteem.....a most tragic state for a human being. I could go on......for days, but I'm just so tuckered out battling with this overwhelming liberal intelligentsia.
  11. He's scared crapless his lies will be exposed and his narrative will be destroyed.