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  1. Could be. That's why we generally have people who we pay specifically to manage these resources, so we know we have a plan that makes sense. It doesn't work if everyone in the region picks up a gun and starts shooting things if they don't like what those authorities are deciding. We really need to find a way to stop Americans from worshiping their impulses to destroy anything they don't immediately like or understand. It's getting out of control.
  2. Well I'm sure you'll be fine when the government stops working. The chaos of civil unrest usually only lands on the heads of people who deserve it. You're going to be fine. Bring on the revolution! Usually people grow out of this kind of retarded thinking by the time they're 20 or 25.
  3. Considering they have a choice, either go to college and emerge with tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and no reason to think Walmart will pay you any more for it, or just skip it and start working now...
  4. That's my point. It's not like they're wolves or something. Bears. Even wild pigs, which destroy everything. But horses? Smells like drunk and ignorant to me.
  5. In 50 years every single person currently above the age of 30 is going to be hauled before the Social Media Inquisition and be drawn and quartered for insensitive language. Mind you, this recording they're using should have been retired decades ago, because it's shyte. But that's beside the point.
  6. Okay, well that's cool. What I suspect is this. Since historically people move for economic reasons, I suspect that is what these people are doing, too, for the most part. So they either have a job that they have to move for, because the company is moving for any number of reasons (often tax incentives offered by the new locale), or they are taking a job with a new employer that has an operation somewhere besides CA, IL, IA and KS. And upstate NY, according to that map. If they are working they cannot just decide to move because they like the climate somewhere else, can they? They have to work. And they may not have a lot of choice in the matter.
  7. What's the rationale here? Are the wild horses killing their livestock? Threatening their children? Seems senseless.
  8. What is this based on? What group is this? Retirees? Are there large corporations setting up operations in some of these places? In general, any significant movement of people isn't about a percentage or two in their state taxes. It's about bigger economic forces than that.
  9. I'd lay the lion's share on economics. Historically that is why people move. They have to, to survive, so they do.
  10. Nothing about anything I've said can rationally be construed as a defense of Turkey or an attack on France. You are off your rocker. I'll see you later when you've got your sh!t together maybe.
  11. What's emptying out are RURAL areas. Small farmers are getting crushed out of existence. Jobs are drying up. As large segments of the economy grow more concentrated, population is driven to do the same. People are forced to leave rural Illinois and Iowa and Ohio to go to work for some corporation in a city instead.
  12. I say what I think. That's my game. But Armenia is personal to you for some reason, so people who don't see it with your white hot passion are equal to Holocaust Deniers, even if they agree that Turkey committed genocide, should admit it, and should work towards reconciliation. The mere fact that I could suggest that it's just about the most complicated place on the planet and that might interfere with things happening as they should means I want to roast Jews in ovens. That's your game. Honestly, it's a little crazy.
  13. President Trump is tweeting out praise for Ernie Els, who is working to help people with Autism. Ironic, considering Trump's charity work consists of stealing money that good folks donated to kids with cancer.