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  1. Nobody should agree to "debate" Trump in the upcoming election. He'll stalk the stage photo-bombing the Democratic candidate, making weird faces and interrupting their responses with non-sequiturs, random insults, name calling, etc. The Democratic nominee should run their campaign, making their appearances, granting their interviews, etc. Just pretend Trump does not exist. There is no need to pretend that a TV network-organized "debate" is about anything other than selling advertisements. It is not essential or even useful for determining where candidates stand. As long as Trump is running, it can serve no purpose.
  2. Especially given how effectively the biggest and most powerful squirm out from under even those taxes, shipping profits overseas, and then openly acting as if Americans should thank them for bringing profits earned here, in our economy, back into our economy and paying a fraction of the taxes they should have paid on them years before. And right-wingers tell us they don't like welfare...
  3. Trump is so stupid that he tests the limits of partisan Republican sheeple to support him. But they do it.
  4. The Catholic Church pushes anti-abortion at the same time it pushes anti-contraception. Their whole position is calculated to produce more babies among the faithful, so they can keep ringing the cash register. They do all of this while systematically, worldwide, orchestrating child rape and molestation rackets that destroy the lives of children. There can be no defense for their activities relating to the rape and molestation of children. The institution itself belongs on trial as a criminal organization running a child sex ring. Their status as known harborers of kid touching monsters across nations and across decades renders them utterly without any authority or credibility to dispense morality. The status of the Catholic Church's tax-exempt status would be irrelevant and a moot point in a sane world.
  5. We did it in 2003. We are poised to see it happen again. Congress must act to block the executive from unilaterally starting wars. Immediately.
  6. You support killing hundreds of thousands of babies after birth, over and over again, in the name of profits for your demagogues, who promise you a seat at the cool table, which you will never have, because you are a moron. Keep signing up for more killing. Aborting children after they're born is no problem for you. Maybe one day they'll show you some respect. No, they won't. You are no Christian. Your position is the position of idiots. Brainless lemmings who cannot think.
  7. Looks like our press is still firmly in the pocket of the war mongers. Fifteen years is apparently long ago enough for Americans to forget the lies and propaganda that got us into Iraq. Are we really this stupid?
  8. The press has no business reporting that there is any proof of Iran attacking anyone. There is nothing but the war mongers' word that the images show what they say it shows. I thought Fake News Trump Supporters were all suspicious of fake news, super smart, tricky thinkers? It's only Fake News when Trump doesn't like it, I guess.
  9. Obama was born in Kenya. Mexico will pay for it. Trickle down economics. Oberlin and its idiot students are not "Liberals" or "Liberalism". This is classic moronery. Divide and conquer. Corporate division trollery.
  10. We will find out where we really stand as the field starts to thin out. Democrats left of Biden are spread across the other 20+ candidates right now. As they drop out, their supporters will coalesce around fewer candidates. There are only two real candidates: Biden/Centrists vs. Everyone Else. Warren 2020
  11. America is a great place to do business. We have awesome roads and rail, river systems, bridges. We have expensive law enforcement and fire protection/fighting systems. We have a ton of resources and talent and a large middle class. If you want to do business in places like that, you pay the taxes. If you want to get rid of corporate taxes, then you become utterly dependent on corporations to just own everything and drive everything. Tyranny by anybody is not something I'm interested in. Liberty is a balancing act.
  12. The more we cover contraceptives and education, the fewer unwanted pregnancies and abortions and welfare cases we have. It's an absolute slam dunk no-brainer win-win-win. Women control their own lives, there are fewer abortions and unwanted pregnancies, and we save a huge pile of money. I'm pretty sure it's that first point that sticks in the craw of the right-wing religious types. Forcing other people to live the way they say is at least as high a priority as stopping abortions.
  13. splunch

    Universal Fire Cover Up

    Must be a slow news day.
  14. Yeah, and some things are fvcking stupid. Pretending every Liberal who doesn't reflexively agree with everything you hear on Fox News is a communist who wants to force you to worship homosexuals is idiotic. Fantasy land. Live there if you want. In the end it will be you that suffers for your delusions. It's no skin off my nose. I have tried to be reasonable with you but you prefer screeching back and forth at people with pre-programmed, mindless, robotic responses to each other. Boring.