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  1. Please. The whole "communist" thing is nothing but mindless Rush Limbaugh drivel. Only fools actually believe this nonsense. They use it to try to create arguments where 95% of Americans agree that it's not unreasonable to pay taxes so the government can perform some vital functions. Disagreeing what those functions are doesn't turn one group into "communists", as much as Rush Limbaugh cares to repeat that forever.
  2. Dude, I swear, it's the most delicious thing you'll ever taste. They call them heritage pigs or heritage pork, because they haven't had all the fat bred out of them. The meat is NOT white, it's more red or pink. And it's goddamn delicious.
  3. I'll bear that in mind when some know-it-all holy roller is screeching about abortion.
  4. I really think it comes down to short-sightedness. That's why the limits we had worked so well for a long time, and we didn't see any severe crashes for decades. Glass-Steagall set limits that were based on broad risks, possibilities of corruption, of bad decision making, of the slow crawl of greed gradually eroding real market efficiency and competitiveness. Once we started allowing people to go around those limits, because, hey....what could possibly go wrong?...the dominoes started to fall. People start to push the limits, seeking greater profits by tweaking the system a little bit here, a little bit there. It all makes perfect sense, nothing to see here...we've got it under control... But allowing financiers and bankers to police themselves without limits has always led to the sort of crashes we saw in 2008. Nobody can ever see specifically what weak spot is going to bring it all down, and they are blinded by the profits they are earning into thinking that there are no weak spots, and then it blows up in all of our faces. There are always weak spots. People will always push the limits of good sense, risking the stability and efficiency and honesty of the market just a wee little bit for profits today. And eventually the little liberties taken form a crack. It has been this way for centuries, ever since we have had markets of this type, going back to the tulips. There has never been a generation truly capable of dynamically fathoming all of the risks they are capable of creating, on the fly, in real time, so they eventually blow themselves up. Only actual conservative, systemic limitations on certain kinds of behaviors have succeeded for any length of time. And we blew them all up starting in the 80's and really continuing through to today.
  5. Any red meat? How about elk? Deer? That stuff is pretty darn good for you. I like ButcherBox stuff. Noticeably awesome meat. The ribs are ungodly tender. The pork alone is insane. One thing chicken has going for it is that it is far less destructive to the environment to raise chickens than beef. The amount of pollution, including methane, that beef production causes, is hard to believe. And chickens? In many suburban communities you can put your own chicken coop out back. Or rabbits. And a nice garden. Of course...all of this assumes you have time in your life to manage your own affairs like this. Most people are sweating college money for their kids so they are obliged to spend most of their time working at demanding jobs, and do not have time and energy left to raise chickens and rabbits and garden on their property, assuming they can even afford property.
  6. I don't think raising taxes was of the essence there. I think what really produced a surplus was rapid de-regulation of a lot of industries, including banking, which opened the door to rampant speculation, driving a massive stock market bubble, that made lots of people paper rich. It blew up in 2000, you'll recall. Only, we blew it back up with a real estate bubble, until that exploded. Then we blew it all back up again with just trillions of dollars of free-flowing capital from the gubmint, which to this day has sustained a general bubble in the marketplace. It is worth noting, though, that raising taxes during the Clinton years did NOT do what the moron trickle-downers are always screeching about. The economy ran wild and people invested a LOT of money and businesses threw themselves into the emerging Internet, despite the fact that they had to pay taxes. It didn't kill business. Just like it didn't kill business in 1950. Or 1960. Taxes are the cost of doing business. You pay so that the public can maintain a stable, reliable, honest marketplace and all of the infrastructure required, so that hard working people can earn a good living. Otherwise, you wind up with Kansas. I can't believe so many Americans are willing to turn America into a third world country so that the Koch brothers can write down a bigger number at the end of the year.
  7. Trick learned from a neighbor. You leave one fence post only semi-secured, so you can pull it out to accommodate the occasional larger load, like a tree trimming truck or topsoil dump or whatever. I haven't tried it yet but his fence is holding up just fine with one post not set in concrete.
  8. God made Eve out of Adam's rib, and then they had sex, and made babies, and then their babies had sex with each other, and with their parents, and made more babies, and then all those cousins and sisters had sex with each other, and they made the human species. In less than 6,000 years.
  9. Hi, I'm confused, and don't have much real information, so obviously, the Liberals are evil. The moon is made of cheese. My brains are dribbling out of my ears. I'm super stupid.
  10. Look how the trickle-down wealth-worshipping sycophants slink away from this one.
  11. Ivanka's clothing line won't be subject to any tariffs, thank god. Oh, thank goodness! Trump is such a good and religious man. I trust him.
  12. I don't think that if hairy Ralph decides to skip shaving, put on a sun dress and some low heels, and go down to apply for the "hostess" position at Chucky Cheese, that anyone should be surprised or object when he doesn't get the gig. But if Francine gets the job, conducts herself admirably, is never late, and then after a year you discover Francine used to be Frank...you can't fire her just because of that. That's evil. And until Francine can be confident that being open about her past won't count against her, she obviously has no choice but to "lie" about it by simply not mentioning it. Green-lighting firing people for no reason, just because of who they are, when they otherwise can absolutely do the job...for "religious" reasons??? First of all, Trump is an atheist piece of cynical sh!t who cow-tows to charlatan big time preacher millionaires because he has to. So let's not go getting all revved up over how religious and pious old Trump the depraved whore-fvcking wife-raping scumbag is.
  13. I'm guessing Grendys and the rest of that lot won't be sweating their yacht payments anytime soon. Seems to me if you accumulate a massive pile of wealth through illegal means, your wealth should be forfeit. Don't like it? Don't cheat. And if you find out that public servants abetted this behavior by looking the other way, by supporting law intended to facilitate these companies, then they lose, too. Dead broke, piss off, you and your kids can work at Walmart.
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