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  1. How can I get a job spreading complete bullsh!t like this? Does it pay well? I can write anything. I could advocate for these wackadoodle right-wing psycho positions way better than they do. Somebody hit me up so I can get on the troll payroll. Maybe I can make a few bucks instead of just watching the circle jerk of lies slowly rip everything apart.
  2. What is this, political chat or Jerry Springer? A rehash of the trashiest stories on CNN? What's with the obsession over this deranged actor? Is this really that interesting? Any news about Rat Boy lately?
  3. Hmm. I'd say other people might do similar things either to attract attention or to try to stir up anger or hate against the alleged perpetrators. Maybe the next person doesn't stage his own beating, maybe he just reports some sort of assault, or similar phony event that gets him some attention and gets people all riled up against the oppressors, whoever they are supposed to be. Deterrence has a place here. Dude cost the police and taxpayers a lot of time and money. Punishment is appropriate.
  4. Of course. He should face the law propelled by the ire of the whole justice system, which he sought to make a mockery of with his little stunt. Every cop and judge in the system ought to view his actions as an insult and an effort to undermine the credibility of the justice system, as well as people who legitimately face this sort of abuse over racial or homophobic or political intolerance. People who take legitimate, worthy causes like combating racism and sexism, and turn them into identity-based political grandstanding should also be ostracized and/or punished where appropriate. They really throw a wrench in our ability to have a productive dialogue in society.
  5. It will die because he never will run for governor, or do anything more noteworthy as long as he lives than speaking out about the perils of fame and playing with racism like it's a toy at high schools. "Don't do what I did, children!" That's all life has in store for him.
  6. Wait, I take it back, I saw something about this. Point taken: TV is where dumb people go to watch even dumber people say dumb things.
  7. Without actually reading any of this trollery, I'll bet the title is complete horsesh!t.
  8. He's a right-winger, he has guns and a plan to murder Liberals, therefore, right-wingers are all murderers. It's irrefutable. Unassailable logic.
  9. This is what happens when conservatives don't get what they want. A massive arms cache and a plot to murder people they disagree with. Typical right-winger. Utterly representative of their worldview, for sure.
  10. At least he didn't hoard weapons and start ingesting drugs as part of his master plan to mass murder Liberals, like conservatives do.
  11. But what about that guy with all the guns plotting to murder Liberals? I don't hear any of the trolls complaining about that.
  12. Don't be so hard on yourself, "Bill". We don't pass judgement too harshly on bots.