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  1. I asked why not use it and the simpletons said, "Because he's not a fascist." So I guess now he is a fascist. Oh, well.
  2. I'm suggesting that the President use his authority to direct production. People have been wondering when he would do it for a couple of weeks now, and he has not, that I am aware of. A coordinated effort would be appropriate.
  3. Sadly, journalism died a long time ago. Remember the embedded reporters in Iraq, shipping war porn back to us and calling it journalism? (EDIT: God, not to mention their complicity in pushing the propaganda in the runup to that invasion!) It was a long time ago, in the 80's, when de-regulation foamed the runway for runaway mergers. Now we hear these innocent-sounding bits tacked onto the end of radio station identifiers, "A Beasley Media Group station..." At this point, fewer than a handful of companies own almost all of the radio stations. It's the same in print media, TV news and their corresponding online "news". It is nothing but corporate propaganda across the board now. If you want real information you have to brave the badlands of more fringe sites looking for actual information, which hopefully you can corroborate somewhere else, place into a meaningful context, and derive some meaning from it all. You have to use numbers to try to weed out inconsistencies, or unnatural consistencies. You have to read not just critically, but actually pursue information like an investigative journalist on your own, relentlessly skeptical of absolutely everything you find until you can verify it a few times over. There are a couple of journalists who still do this. Matt Taibbi is one. His work on the housing market crash and subsequent bailout was excellent. And he has written a couple of articles (for Rolling Stone) that caution his fellow journalists against what you call TDS. The response from committed Trump hating Democrats is usually to call him names. This means that something even more important than journalism is now imperiled in America: Liberalism itself. He speaks for a commitment to classic Liberal values in journalism, and Democrats call him a right-winger. Then he writes about the con game going on on Wall Street and people call him a Lefty. Liberalism is the way people of different minds live together without killing each other. But Rush Limbaugh has taught generations of Americans that anyone left of him is basically a communist, and the left is now preaching that anything to their right is a Nazi. If you're a Liberal, then, you're both of those things, which is insane.
  4. Yeah, yeah, that's it: they cornered him. He didn't want to hand a trillions in bailouts over to banks. The GOP wanted to hand that money over without any supervisory authority from the government, zero accountability. Honestly, how crooked does this sh!t have to get before people recognize when a gangster has just walked into the room and offered to sell you "protection"?
  5. I think this will happen. I think there are millions of unidentified people out there walking around with this virus that just aren't getting sick. So why does Trump not move decisively to push tests out as rapidly as possible and clear this up? I think it serves a purpose, having this panic shut things down. If not, you tell me why he doesn't move more decisively.
  6. It's entirely plausible that in Italy, a country with a population of 60+ million, there are 10 million or more people who were exposed to the virus, thoroughly, and never got sick. It could even be much higher. It is entirely possible that this virus does pretty much nothing to vast swaths of the population. Approaching 4 weeks since they locked down on March 9. With up to a 2-week incubation period, if the lockdown is working the disease should have stopped spreading. But they still find hundreds of new cases per day. That's hard to explain. Everything is hard to explain without millions more tests. The people on that cruise ship should be embarrassed they refused the test. We might have gotten a really good look at what the virus can do in a relatively isolated population. At this point, it's probably too late, because they've been off the boat for a while and might have been infected from any number of other vectors AFTER the ship. Sucks. Thanks, douchebags. Bill Burr was right: let's just start sinking cruise ships.
  7. Do you think that's because it'll look much worse with more testing, or much less severe?
  8. It always was, but people hate Trump. And let's be real, he earns it. He's pretty much a loudmouthed braggart spoiled rich prick and he loves it, plays it like a WWE character for his fans to cheer. I just don't understand why, 3 years into this thing, people are still so easily baited by his stupid bullsh!t. He tweets out some half-baked comment that makes little or no sense constantly, and people rush off to write op-eds and pull all sorts of meaning out of his gibberish. He speaks in ink blot tests, though, never really saying anything coherent enough to be nailed down. I would have thought professional journalists, at least, would have learned a long time ago to ignore his informal, inconclusive, unverified comments. It's pointless to keep harping on his behavior, which has not changed since the 1980's. We should have more tests by now. Anyone who wants one should be able to have one, by the millions. We should have the masks and the cotton balls and all the rest of it, everything needed to do the testing, in huge piles so that we do not have to tell people NOT to get tested because we lack the resources. The executive has the authority to temporarily direct production accordingly. I have no idea why, with so much hanging in the balance, that has not been done. Get the tests out there, get the masks out there, get the supplies out there, and let's get the ball rolling already. Trump should do that. He should have done it a while ago. And as far as I know, he still has not done it, other than some blathering in a tweet about 3M this morning.... ...which, as we know, may or may not mean anything at all.
  9. I think it's amusing that the fool lists out stats where the case mortality is dramatically lower in places where a) they acted earlier to slow the spread, and b) they test more. The more asymptomatic or minor cases you uncover by testing broadly, the lower the case mortality rate. And then the fool says testing doesn't matter. Not a big surprise, I suppose. Clearly not firing on all cylinders.
  10. Is Trump going to come up with some emergency funding and/or directives for the production of test kits anytime soon? Or is there some reason that's not a priority right now?
  11. Whatever you say. This is your stupid game. I'm just trying to abide by the rules. You think everything Rush Limbaugh has ever said is brilliant and every mistake he's ever made is attributable to you. Did I do it right?
  12. And I thought you didn't accept that, and that the booming economy was entirely Trump's. You demanded that Trump be given credit. I told all you fools back when he was regularly bragging about the stock market that it was stupid and that he would have to eat it when the stock market dropped. Sadly, that's not how children think. They just move the goalposts so that their favorite team gets to claim the win. It's not interesting.
  13. We can't test people, but we can force them to shut down their businesses. It's an odd situation. Arrest people for encouraging and facilitating gatherings, but no, we can't mandate that people submit to testing. It's probably a non-issue, though. If we had the tests available, enough people would voluntarily take them that we could find out what's going on. The real world problem we have is not about whether or not mandatory testing is constitutional, but about why we can't seem to mass produce test kits that are not any sort of rocket science.
  14. "...as many as 30 people..." is a disturbingly vague. But they do assert that he took his concern outside the chain of command and did not safeguard his comments properly.
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