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  1. You always favor anything that will in any way limit the power of unions. Always. Your objections to unions assume a society where the power and influence of concentrated wealth do not corrupt our governments and our economics. They do. The unions must act to counter-balance that effect. Unions are just like concentrated wealth and large corporations: they are a necessary imperfect reality. You only rail against the unions, and when the need for them is explained in terms of them balancing the forces of concentrated wealth, you simply assert that concentrated wealth should just not be allowed to corrupt the marketplace or the government. You say that should not be allowed, but you spend no energy arguing for ways we might counteract that corrupting influence. If Amazon pays no federal taxes, or Citigroup tells a legislator what to slip into a bill on their behalf, you argue against pointing that out and say somebody must be screaming about the big bad corporations and banks. Well, yeah...remember, they shouldn't be allowed to trample our markets and our government...REMEMBER??? Oh, no, you only remember to be strict about limiting the influence of concentrated power when that power is in the hands of a union. Then they should be blocked. Stamped out. Unions should be illegal. Unions are unethical and immoral and must be eradicated. "But they counteract powerful corrupting forces in our economy and government." Yeah, well, those forces shouldn't be corrupting things. That's a real problem. Now back to destroying all unions... You're a one-trick pony.
  2. They seek to use their leverage to negotiate more favorable terms for themselves. Your opinion that they already have enough and should shut up and be happy with their lot is not authoritative and carries almost no water given the one-sidedness of your positions. When goaded, your abject hatred for all things unions is abundantly clear to all. Your objections are Utopian and pointless. Unions are necessary, despite their imperfections and your intellectual arguments against their fairness or righteousness. The right-wing-style gangsters know how to abuse the public sector just like any other group. They call it "privatization" and it's nothing more or less than funneling public dollars out of public institutions into their friends' hands, watching under-funded public institutions crumble, and then declaring, "Look, see!? Gubmint doesn't work!" See: Kansas or any other right-wing gangster playground where the public coffers were plundered and everyone except the thieves themselves were blamed. Thankfully, Kansans woke up and sent the gangsters packing, and have started to claw their way back to sanity and solvency.
  3. I'm not seeing how it's that big of a problem. Relative to the alternative, which is people just keep rolling over and taking it in the ass, being good soldiers and doing their duty, while their wages and benefits are eroded by people who have their hands on the levers, who are NOT doing their duty and are making decisions behind closed doors for the benefit of themselves and their friends, I'd say that periodically pausing in the relentless pursuit of profit and power to remember that the people who actually do the work need to survive, too, isn't such a big deal. Just another instance of self-dealing gangsters using right-wing propaganda to try to pull rent out of a system on the backs of people who actually do the work. Good. People have to live, have to show up every day and do the jobs you depend on. When people forget that and start to try to sneak out on paying part of the bill that those workers need to live, they have to be reminded. I have never heard of a better, less destructive mechanism for getting that point across than labor unions bargaining collectively or going on strike. Unchecked, the power of management to corrupt the labor market, play individuals against each other in a brutal race to the bottom, leads to child labor and people getting paid in company scrip for the company store. People getting screwed can either riot, revolt, or organize and try to act politically, economically, peacefully, to get their point across.
  4. You're saying those are my two choices? Either it was an accident or it was an evil plot to crash the system? The corruption of our systems is not a coordinated conspiracy with a single end goal. It's also not "inadvertent". It's each player motivated by short-sighted greed making moves to tweak the rules so that they can make more profits. When Citigroup writes legislation and hands it over to its bought-and-paid-for members of Congress, and that text finds its way word for word into legislation at their request, that's not "inadvertent", and it's also not Dr. Evil planning to destroy the economy. The fortunes that these companies spend "lobbying", aka BRIBING people so that they can grab and run off with another chunk of cash are not "inadvertent". They KNOW that they are rigging the game so they can skim more off for themselves. Anyone smart enough to play these games know that the market and the government cannot be corrupted indefinitely without consequences. They aren't looking for those consequences, they just don't care, because I'm getting mine. Is that a coordinated Dr. Evil conspiracy? No. It's also not, "Whoa! Darn it! We were acting like the good stewards of the economy that we constantly tell people we are, and what a shocker...we've bet 30x our assets on deals we referred to as 'dogsh!t' in our internal emails! Whoa! What happened! I guess we inadvertently corrupted the market!! How did that happen? Why, just the other day, I was emailing my friend asking him to tweak LIBOR for me so I could make a huge profit at the expense of everyone not on the inside, and I thought what a great job we're doing in our role!" The fines and felonies are piling up. These are not inadvertent missteps. This is greed, pure and simple, corrupting people and making them do stupid things because they think they can get rich right now, and be the last one out the door before margin call. It's not like we've never seen this before. That's why we had the Glass-Steagall Act. That's why we had limits on what these institutions could do before. That's why the leaders of those institutions were conservative, and took their fiduciary responsibility as bankers and investors seriously. Until they didn't. When they decided to start playing fast and loose, did they do it because they wanted to destroy the economy? No. But they also didn't too much mind if they sold "dogsh!t" to their clients while telling them what a great investment it was. Inadvertent? Well, I suppose. In a manner of speaking. Corrupt, self-serving, short-sighted, greedy motherfvckers that broke everything and then put us into debt to bail them out? Most definitely.
  5. True, but she could stop putting that huckster on stage. In her early days it was the same crap as the rest of those shows...my midget mailman is screwing my wife, etc, etc... Oprah obviously knows how to build a brand and generate wealth but I'm not particularly impressed by anything else. She isn't floating brilliant ideas to solve complex problems, building awesome bridges, or even cooking the world's best cheeseburger. She's just a massive brand that knows how to pander to a certain group of people. So is Trump. I generally like her fans more than Trump's, but they're still annoying. Kripes, have you ever tried to watch that drivel!? I have to wonder about anyone who can do so regularly.
  6. Trump has been a pathetic failed human being since long before he became President. This is not new. He was a scumbag in 1990 and he's a scumbag now. At least back then he was a harmless personality that we could all laugh at. Then we handed him the keys to the kingdom. It took decades of the race to the bottom for people to get that pissed off, but they eventually voted down a host of GOP challengers and then Hillary Clinton to elect this fvcking CLOWN to the White House. Bear that in mind as you consider who to nominate for the DNC next year. You CAN do worse than Trump. So sayeth The People. So they have already said. And they'll say it again if you nominate Joe Biden, which, mercifully, is starting to seem less and less likely at this point. Cue Bloomberg to ride in and try to carry the corporate shill flag forward!
  7. People who make a fortune because they work really hard and take big risks... ...don't deserve their fortunes if they DON'T TAKE RISKS. If we're going to bail you out when you fail, then you don't get the big bucks for riding the wave when things are going well. Just get in there and do your best and if you crash and burn our economy, no harm done. Welfare for Wall Street and brutal free market individualism for everyone else. Fvcking freeloading deadbeat con men.
  8. Trump should nominate Kid Rock to be Secretary of State. And Snoop Dogg can be Secretary of the Interior. Howard Stern can be his Press Secretary.
  9. HAHAHAHA!!! Yeah, that's the ticket! It was an "accident" that the entire political structure is stacked with cronies from Goldman Sachs and Citigroup who whitewash everything their pals were doing until it all blew up in our faces...and then THEY all stayed rich and wrote themselves big bonus checks using the bailout money we gave them. It was all "inadvertent". That's why Goldman employees were calling the securities they were selling to their clients "dogsh!t" in internal emails as the firm went net short (bigly) against the very securities they were foisting off on unsuspecting customers. It was "inadvertent". And when it all blew up, none of them had any inkling that they could blackmail the world's governments (not just ours) to pay their debts...or else. It all just sort of...happened, and they all just sort of....accidentally got even richer than before....and their institutions just sort of....accidentally became larger, more inter-connected, and more powerful than ever..."inadvertently". Whoooops! We're sorry! How were we supposed to know? Yes, yes, we've been telling you for 20 years that we're much smarter than you and we've got it all covered...but....but...HOW WERE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW??? Now write us a check and cover our losses or we will literally destroy the entire world's economy. DddeeeerrrRRRR!!1 Hi!!! I'ms stuooopied and I think this Was AlL just un acCCsident from the Poor conFuzed bankers!!! DdddDDeeEEERRRrrRRR!!! Literally not one thing has ever gone against these motherfvckers, ever threatened their absolute control over our markets and our money, ever reduced in the slightest their grip on the seat of power here and abroad, not ever an inkling of splitting apart the behemoths into something that could actually be legitimately regulated or even grasped from outside...and that's all just a big COINCIDENCE!! WHOOOPS!!!! I've got a bridge on the moon I'd like to sell you.
  10. I couldn't possibly care less. I assume his restaurant wasn't bringing in the $$$ so he's bailing. According to everyone, this has nothing to do with Oprah or him being a redneck in general. I give this a resounding meh.
  11. Okay, yes, you're right, of course. They will impeach him, almost certainly. But they won't remove him. Reagan and crew stole billions and told us it was for our own good, oh, and also that they "don't recall" much of anything if memory serves. That was worse than this, and literally nothing happened. I'll check back after they've voted for the impeachment, and that will be a milestone. And then the Senate will acquit him, and that will be a milestone. And all of this bullsh!t in between will be nothing I need concern myself with.
  12. If they couldn't impeach and remove "the Gipper" for Iran-Contra, I'm guessing they can't impeach Trump for this. I know Trump is a fool, but Iran-Contra was inarguably a far more egregious offense than Trump's behavior. They embezzled billions of dollars and routed it around the globe into the hands of people they were explicitly prohibited from helping. Seriously bad people. Then they pardoned everyone involved and told us all it wasn't a problem, because, hey, the executive is supposed to have nearly unlimited power to do whatever they think is necessary... I hope they impeach Trump, and remove him from office. And I hope they impeach anyone who does anything like this going forward. History is watching? We must be careful, the GOP tells us? Damn right. I don't care about one President or member of Congress who may be impeached. The precedent I don't want to set is that it's basically impossible to impeach anyone. THAT is what we should be afraid of, and that's where we are right now.
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