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  1. I cannot even see any point in looking at NHB at this point. The "leaderboard" is utterly covered with spam threads with overtly stupid troll content. They've really stepped up their numbers in the last month or two. I'd say it's a shame, but I don't need to hear from their ilk anyway. And honestly, if somebody wanted to make a rational, non-idiotic argument in support of something Trump did, or in defense of a more conservative approach to solving this problem or that problem, I haven't seen any evidence that they wouldn't be welcome in the LO room anyway. I myself have advocated for more market-based approaches to solving problems than some folks here, and I'm generally pretty conservative about economics. Of course, that means I'm a pinko commie Librul now, because ACTUAL conservatives, who espouse legitimate competition, abhor monopolies and cartels and crony capitalism, who decry banks and corporations using their wealth and power to corrupt government and private industry, and oppose never-ending destructive wars that destabilize whole regions for the economic benefit of war profiteers and bankers...this is no longer conservative. Used to be a conservative understood noblesse oblige. Even bankers, for a while there, knew that they had a social responsibility not to play it too fast and loose or they could ruin everything. But the gangsters have grabbed the party of conservatives, the GOP, by the throat, and transformed it into the party of gangsters. Buy any influence you can and then use it to stifle competition and de-regulate everything so that you can run every con in the book, until eventually the well runs dry and we see something that makes 2008 look like a walk in the park. That's not conservative. They're not conservatives. They drape themselves in flags and Christianity and fvcking whiteness, and pretend to be harking back to some great golden age of old when everything was better. But they leave out the part where corporations and banks were citizens, and existed for the benefit of society, not the other way around. They leave out the fact that tax rates were extremely progressive. That unions were much more prevalent and powerful than they are now. That even conservative politicians debated honestly the merits and pitfalls of things like universal healthcare. And of course, they leave out the bad stuff, too. Women were practically chattel. Black people were 3rd class citizens in much of the country. I'm a conservative. And I'm a Liberal. And I'm disgusted that a big chunk of America is literally much more about ignorance and bigoted, backward thinking than anything else. Poor people voting for the GOP or for corporate Democrats cuz abortion, or cuz guns, while these gangsters are going out the back door with everything including the kitchen sink... that is not conservative. It's just fvcking ignorant.
  2. At this point, I'm fine with her or Sanders. I need somebody who will pull us back from the right-wing cliff, and not just pay some BS lip service to it while continuing to service the corporations in the back room. I know some people just don't like Warren, and that's okay. I don't know if she's super likable. But I want that influence, and she's obviously very smart and open to exploring different solutions to difficult problems. Neither one of them can do anything really by themselves, and as long as Mitch McConnell has a stranglehold on the Senate we'll get nothing but obstruction to protect the Big Lobby interests. But either one is a fine start, as far as I'm concerned. I actually thought Warren would do better than Sanders because she doesn't have the Hillary baggage hanging around her neck like Bernie does. (Some Hillary supporters despise Bernie for speaking the truth in 2016...sucks but it's true.) But Sanders does have a consistently stronger presence, and I guess that's been winning people over. If Warren is really going to step up and be the "blood and teeth" Warren, then yes, maybe she can climb back into this. I'm happy sending them both money anyway. The primary is meaningless where I live, so donations are my only voice in the DNC primary.
  3. Nice thread title. Unabashed hateful propaganda. I guess this is how it is during an election year. The trolls have to ramp up their assault on all fronts. Say hi to Putin for us. And go fvck yourself.
  4. Colorado dramatically reduced abortions by educating people and providing contraception to people. None of the folks supposedly so motivated to reduce abortions likes to brag about that, for some reason. It's always just a moral finger pointing at some harlot. Judgement is theirs, sayeth they.
  5. Prayer breakfasts for Trump are more than just dumb. They're absurd. And offensive. If an avowed Christian wins the White House and his religious life occasionally shows up onscreen, so be it. It's not really a problem for me. But when a whore mongering, porn star fvcking, serial adulterer that brags about grabbing women by the pussy and makes his bones talking sh!t about anyone and everyone...pretends to be religious and stands there while those other huckster "lay their hands on" and they all pretend to believe that horsesh!t just to con the rubes... ...yeah, that fvcking sucks.
  6. Trump is the leader of the American movement to turn all politics into a WWE entertainment program. People behave as if there are no consequences other than one team winning or losing a sporting event. America's utter failure on the educational front over many decades is paying dividends.
  7. The GOP co-opted the Democratic Party's base by latching onto the abortion issue back in the 1970's. It turned out to be one of the longest levers in the history of politics. Just stand in front of people, say, "I think abortion should be illegal, and my opponent has a more nuanced opinion on the subject," and you'll rake in half the voters no matter what else you do.
  8. It's like Trump at these obscene "Prayer Breakfasts" where they all gather around and he pretends to pray with those phony religious charlatans.
  9. Sites like this are why so many Americans have fvcked up ideas of what's going on around us. Or at least part of why. People come here and push obviously false propaganda, or they repeat the false propaganda they pick up elsewhere, without doing any real studying of how things work and what happened. If I was uneducated about these things, these fools might convince me that the Great Bank Con of the 1990's and 2000's was actually a partisan affair, and I should be blaming one or the other political party, and not the people who actually built all of the systems, made all of the rules, corrupted all of the regulators, and walked away with all of the profits.
  10. Hiding the risk is really of the essence, and it is a consequence of the de-regulation of the 1990's amid the rise of options, credit swaps, and the formation of massive institutions that were freed to mix and match responsible banking with con-man operations reminiscent of something out of the 1920's. Once the bankers started telling their "regulators" how to "regulate" them, started handing them their risk models and saying, "This is how it is, you should just trust us, see?" something like the housing crisis was bound to happen. It wasn't just housing loans. It was debt in general, all the way up to debt taken on by states like Greece. They took their loans, quantified the risk of a default based on....whatever made sense for their bottom line, declared that their risk was entirely priced into the market, and sold it to counter-parties like AIG (or Greece), who insured their debt against default. Problem is, the banks making the loans were the ones telling everyone else how much risk their was. "Trust us. We've figured it all out for sure this time. All risk is already priced into the market. We're super smart. You can trust us." The regulators literally took the banks' own risk models and used them to "regulate" the banks. Put that into the machine and run the spin cycle a few thousand times, and the default risk has been passed around and around so many times nobody knows where it really lands. But the banks don't have any risk. They don't have to keep capital on-hand to cover their loans, because they've sold the risk of default to somebody else, and they pay each month on that insurance policy. So they only have to cover that insurance policy, and that's small potatoes, or can even be further accounted into oblivion. So now, they can lend that money out again. And again. And again. And again. And again.... And they can sell those loans, and they can off-load that default risk...infinitely? Sure! Why not! What could possibly go wrong? We're super smart, you know. Trust us. Wait...I mean, what I meant to say was, "Hey, these things happen. How were we supposed to know?" Gee. You didn't mind telling us all how much you knew when you were cashing checks, paid for with conjured money that ultimately the taxpayers had to make good on.
  11. Just another illustration that you can't judge a book by its cover. They profess their citizenship, their duty to god and country, they stand up and always say the pledge of allegiance sincerely and proudly, they help old people with groceries...obviously they're definitely the good guys. Oh, and also, they molest children. Nothing to see here... It seems obvious to me that the harder a given group tries to lock everything down, to wear their Goodness on their sleeve and be sure the rest of us know what great folks they are, the more pathological distortions are going on beneath the surface. Boy Scouts ,priests and ministers, politicians, activists, whatever. Think Rush Limbaugh pronouncing that white collar drug addicts should go to prison...as he's addicted to drugs.
  12. Be afraid of meth!!! Don't think! Don't focus on anything that matters!!! BE AFRAID!!! BE VERY AFRAID!!!
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