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  1. The opposite of Liberal isn't conservative. The opposite of Liberalism is extremism.
  2. Called this, what...2 months ago? Not surprised. Time to buy beans, rice, and ammo.
  3. Anything NOT related tot he endless stream of stupid troll threads started posting the same bullsh!t lies and propaganda and hate-mongering crap over and over day after day after day....
  4. Hard not to agree. Twitter and facebook have the same thing going on. All of this online bullsh!t. It's just too easy for trolls to take over and influence absolutely everything. I'm going back to the real world.
  5. It seemed like a good idea to be able to go online and voice my opinion at one point. Now I see that it is drowned by complete bullsh!t pretty much immediately anyway. The LO was a place where discussions would linger so you could see real opinions, which was cool, even if it wasn't always a lot of action. It's been renamed a sarcastic bitter name-calling troll name and the people who used to post there blamed for it somehow. I'm assuming the likes of SpyCar the troll made a stink about being blocked from posting their repetitive, trolling, spamming horsesh!t in the room, and that was enough to start the ball rolling. But it's hard to say. In the end, it looks like the voice of reason has been overwhelmed and brushed aside yet again.
  6. Yeah I don't get it either. It's pretty hard to parse going back over it. Looks like a couple people lost patience and bailed, is about it.
  7. I didn't know we had "leadership". I just thought there used to be a room where Liberal-minded people who are not prone to absurd inflammatory trolling BS could post ideas if they wanted real conversation. Now there isn't. I really don't know what happened.
  8. It means he's taking his ball and going home, I think. It's not really very clear though. Something about the forum being "attacked" for a moment there, some oddly stupid ultimatums demanding people say one thing or another, then the LO room closed down for "maintenance" that was also going to eventually happen to the NHB room, which suspiciously may not require that forum to have the same down time, for some reason....
  9. Krugman is a corporate cvnt that regularly likes to take to print media or the airwaves and tell us emphatically that de-regulating Wall Street had NOTHING to do with the two massive crashes-- TWO CRASHES --in the 20 years since Glass-Steagall was repealed. I'll bet you don't think he's perennially wrong about that, do you, because you get your propaganda from the same place he does. They just flavor it with a different color tie and some alternative bullsh!t.
  10. BTW, I'd rather watch paint dry than a NASCAR race anyway, so, it makes no difference to me.
  11. I'll bet you all a billion dollars that this was a carefully considered decision based on as much big data and market research as they could possibly get their hands on, which we should assume would be considerable. After many highly paid analysts broke it all down, they figured they could make MORE money by coming down where they did, so that's what they did. They may be right, they may be wrong, but I'm guessing this was just another corporate bean counter move. The smart money is going to be on them being right, because they put a ton of effort into such things. But they can be wrong, it's true. It might turn out that there are more people who will be turned off by banning the America-hating Confederate flag than who are turned on by it, and their revenue will decline. I guess we'll see.
  12. Obviously this place is only called LiberalForum.org at this point because that's the domain name leftover from whenever. There was no problem with the LO room other than the people who refused to buy into the division narrative annoyed the trolls that want to wreck America by spreading dissent and anger. Can't have reasonable people coming together and reminding each other to think clearly, stay cool, eschew extremism and reactionary impulses...you know...Liberals. They seek to derail the propaganda that has turned America into a sh!t hole.
  13. I don't know much about it, but I got the impression there were businesses and public buildings there. And I generally have no patience for extremists. The area has a different approach though, and has for a while. I guess we'll see if it works for them.
  14. There are Jews on the board, but there are people of every culture and race around the world on the board. Fact is, if you look at the c-level structure of all of those banks, you'll find some Jewish folks, sure. But mostly what you'll find is old Whitey, just like it's always been. Old Whitey is really, really good at hiding his influence, though. Nobody knows who the Delano's are. Some few have heard of the Astors. Bush was hardly a household name before GHWB. And yet these are some of the longest standing biggest power players in the world. Same with that "Family" group that uses the whole Fundie thing to jerk the rubes around all over the world. Not to mention the whole Catholic Church thing. But yeah...it's "the Jews"...
  15. People are waiting in line in particularly Democratic areas for HOURS to try to cast ballots right now. Oh, sure...you can BANK online securely...but we can't figure out how to cast votes in less then 4 hours. This is obviously a ploy to try to disenfranchise people. If more poor people voted because it was more accessible, the entire political structure would be forced to shift left significantly. Republicans would have to go back to being actual conservatives instead of pushing the kleptocratic right-wing bullsh!t they've been peddling, and the so-called "Centrists" of the DNC would be washed out.
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