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  1. A Trump defeat and strong majorities in both houses will do more than strong words from a friend it sounds like.
  2. Very true, in California if you get a "BUI" boating under influence they also impound the tow vehicle. Using barbed hooks where not allowed can cause everything taken also boat, truck, gear, etc.
  3. Biden just needs to make a smart VP selection and hold the wheel steady, Trump will implode if the polls are so bad that it will take a miracle compared to 2016.
  4. That whole recall push started almost immediately after Newsom was sworn in. It's one thing if they tried to do what Grey Davis did but this is just pure partisanship. I saw thier little table at the mall trying to get signatures but most people just turned away once they saw what it was about.
  5. In NHB there is a special type of "ugliness" going on. It's definitely labeled correctly.
  6. He shouldn't be I told him he can't and he told me to FO. Anyways I sent @bludog a message so maybe he can tell that troll to get out.
  7. Until something like this happens to them or a friend or family member, its the epitome of hypocrisy with these people "This only happens to people who deserve it or should know better" all that can be done from this day on is the cops responsible are convicted for murdering a handcuffed man and vote Trump out on November 3rd these knuckleheads are never going to open their eyes to reality they are lost so better to leave them amongst themselves.
  8. But what it does show is that they're desperate for anything that could possibly weaken Bidens campaign and I'll take that as good news. Tara Reid is coming unraveled, coronavirus is causing great anxiety, we have demonstrations and rioting going on in every major city, this administration is going down the tubes and going fast and just in time for a major democratic TSUNAMI.
  9. Can you believe that a-hole @Str8tEdge would downvote this post? Talk about evil sick minded people. I really feel sorry for any African American people who have him as thier nurse if he is what he says he is talk about terrible bedside manners.
  10. Banning 5x5 had more to do with them not getting a rise out of him than his constant music posts. It was just something easy to use and they did it, I think it obviously shows the vindictiveness of conservatives.
  11. Turnout should happen but will it? I just don't know what new tricks Republicans are going to come up with this next November 3rd. What would a young black Male do when he sees 2 police cars parked across the street from his place of polling? I wouldn't blame him if he turned around and went home, this sort of thing was reportedly going on in west Florida in 2000 and 537 votes is all Bush won that state by. Trump doesn't want voters to vote by mail not because of fraud its because they don't have to be afraid to vote.
  12. He also may have had or likely an opioid addiction that created a tolerance to drugs like fentanyl. Fact is George Floyd lived 46 years with a lifestyle of alcohol and addiction to drugs and never died until that day. Trying to convince a jury his lifestyle choices caught up to him at that moment and not the police choking the life from him is going to be near impossible.
  13. And have disavowed all those atrocities long long ago, can we at least move on to the 20th century?
  14. Things have changed quite a bit over 150 years Duck can you accept that? Selective history never works.
  15. The biggest problem seems to be that they are a large minority of 36% which makes them close enough in numbers that if the right ingredients and message can squeeze out enough on the fence voters they can get their people elected=Trump. Add the unfair antiquated electoral college system and we have a real problem. Republicans have only won the popular vote once in the past 5 presidential elections but have held the white house 12 of the past 20 years.
  16. There are plenty in red states they think they are child sized Klan hats.
  17. You can call it whatever you want, but I call the last 3 1/2 years the biggest disgrace to the office of the presidency we have ever had in the modern era. Does this man take even one iota of responsibility for any mistakes hes made?
  18. Yep he just messaged me saying I'm an asshole, I only downvoted 6 of them talk about sensitive.
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