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  1. Probably an act of war, even though I'm sure we could handle Mexico pretty easily thats not the desired result. Physical borders are obviously required in densely populated areas but our technology should be sufficient for out in rural areas. High resolution cameras ground penetrating sonar and drone patrols is what needs investing.
  2. I hate to admit this but I never voted Democrat until the 2004 election I supported or favored the other party till it became blatantly clear the current administration then was lying to the American public about WMD'S in Iraq and the reality that young people would die in the war over there was enough for me to change parties. Now most frustrating thing there is, is knowing we not only have the votes to win the WH is that we could flip every single battleground state to Democrats and abolish the electoral college system once and for all and add to that possibly impeach Kavanaugh along with all the other unqualified judges that got appointed along partisan lines. I do think Republicans are aware of this probably more than Democrats are and that is the country is going to shift hard to the left in the coming years. With that in mind is most likely why Republicans in leadership positions in Washington particularly McConnell flat out do not work with Democrats on anything that would make the other party look good for any reason. The whole Merrick Garland fiasco is a classic example it wouldn't have mattered to McConnell if he would have stonewalled for 3 yesrs he was not letting Obama bring forward a nominee for Scalia's seat in the scotus it just was not going to happen no matter how bad it looks. And now we have senators willfully choosing to ignore the facts and decide to not want to see anymore incriminating evidence of this president's wrongdoing along with an AG that in broad daylight intervening in a case involving this president's corrupt cronies at his behest. I think it is finally starting to come apart for this party along with their efforts to hold onto the political power they desire. Simply put if playing by the rules puts you in a clear disadvantage then either change, stretch, or all out subvert them if necessary is the Republican playbook from now on.
  3. I would say closer to 75 million on election day. Republicans are going to know they are toast and that may be lowballing.
  4. So it was the students fault for getting in the way of those bullets?
  5. There is no intellect in this room, its infested with right wing deplorable trolls.
  6. Simple ...we don't. There clearly is something inherently immortal with profiteering from peoples health whether it's good or bad. Lives should never be balanced by dollars but thats clearly happens in the current system.
  7. How about Andrew McCabe? I thought he was supposed to be convicted by now what happened Z?
  8. After we feel the Bern in November I'm sure it will be time to burn one that next summer.
  9. True he got railroaded in 2016 and I personally thought Hillary was a weak candidate and vulnerable to someone like Trump that no one has ever seen run for president in my lifetime at least. However this time around it may be unavoidable to allow Sanders to at the very least get a fair shot most likely at a contested convention in Milwaukee. Also this time around Democrat or simply left leaning voters seem to be united in the agreement that Trump needs to go first and foremost and whoever finally gets the nomination will most likely get a solid voting block. That message of unity is what will be spoken over and over this election and should spell the end of Trump. As far as Bernie's message/ platform is concerned unless the Democrats absolutely crush it in November all these bold ideas most likely will be watered down by not only conservatives but moderate Democrats as well I don't see us going Medicare for all maybe lower the age to 60 or even 55 but full on Medicare for all is probably decades away.
  10. Have a nice big bite of a rat feces sandwich moron your orange gods time is running out
  11. Oh it's the whole deep state liberal media horsecrap they swear is true that has never been proven unless your stupid enough to believe some of these right wing media rags then Obama was spawned by aliens and Hillary and Bill Clinton have a half unicorn mermaid child they have been hiding for 40 years.
  12. Cool, I wanted to play sax or piano in elementary school but they needed trumpet players instead so I agreed. I got pretty good through high school into my first year of college but then gave it up when the reality hit that I didn't have the full natural ability or ear to pursue a career in music. I did have good enough chops to play lead in college though my upper register was pretty good up to double G but that was it, no Maynard Ferguson here lol.
  14. Apparently he doesn't, I would never bring up any personal info of that nature here what does he expect?
  15. You ever listen to Tom Scott or Grover Washington jr? Seen both in concert at different times Scott actually was giving a clinic at the college I was attending at the time, this guy reminds me a lot of them and style.
  16. Classic right wing conspiracy BS getting shot down again and again when are you fools ever going to learn? I know never lol.
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