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  1. It seems that they all know getting themselves involved in this riot at the Capitol is going to be not only political suicide but a possible criminal charge.
  2. In the future of using guns on tv or movies they should only allow weapons that don't have real ammo. basically a caliber that doesn't exist.
  3. sirius xm is the only way to go but it has some strange dead spots on top of the obvious tunnel cutoff.
  4. All true but these people don't care one iota about the truth all they seem to care about is their twisted conspiracy BS.
  5. The average price in Monterrey county was $4.59 then. And besides some of the richest Americans in the country live there and can afford it probably 100 times that price.
  6. I'm glad to see at least 7 more Republicans want to live in a country that believes in law and order and not the fiasco that has poisoned so many of the weak minds that reside in our most backward states.
  7. We all knew they would take the gerrymandering to the highest level since this is the obvious behavior of a political party fighting for it's survival. Voting suppression may in fact have the exact reversal effect they are trying, the fact that a specific political party is trying to take votes away from a demographic they know will not vote for them would imo piss them off to the point that they don't care what hoops they have to jump through their vote will be counted. Midterms are still a year away and plenty can happen between now and then voters specifically swing voters have short memories but do vote on the feeling at the moment also. These infrastructure bills need to get past both houses soon so the benefits can be felt by November of next year and then we'll see.
  8. This where the term "Dutch rudder" becomes the daily activity in train form.
  9. https://www.factcheck.org/2008/02/the-budget-and-deficit-under-clinton/
  10. If we don't learn from the mistakes of the past then were doomed to repeat them.
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