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  1. So with any luck those POS cops will contract trump-19 and die, we can only hope George Floyd gets the last laugh.
  2. Your the only admitted penis holder around here.
  3. They seem to really get Ducknut fired up he called me an asshole for a few downvotes a while back and @calguy and him got a funny back and forth going on also.
  4. Anyone who has to prove thier not a racist? I'm not a racist but... is one of thier favorite bullshit lines. Don't worry nothing here to gain in defending yourself we already know and since complete anonymity is obvious why not keep that train rolling.
  5. Only in thier minds do they beat us, dignity and compassion will forever beat corruption and spite even if it takes lifetimes to achieve. I'm in this fight for the long haul way beyond my time on this planet, it's for my grandchildren's grandchildren grandchildren not for right here and right now completely we obviously need to set the pilings future generations can build on and that makes now an especially exciting opportunity for us.
  6. It's really frustrating to see this. I know I'm very fortunate to have the insurance I have through my trust fund that recently announced a freeze on hour banks during the pandemic, basically means no one can lose your health insurance during this time.
  7. Do you take stupid lessons or does idiocy just come naturally for you?
  8. Trump and Republicans are going to have to pour a ton of money into Arizona the numbers are shifting hard in that state towards Democrats. All the talk about people leaving California is true their going to Arizona like I will in about 6 years and turn that state deep blue.
  9. I know its frustrating because if we could somehow convince these young people to vote Democrats most likely would be in supermajorities in both houses and most of the problems that they have to deal with wouldn't be happening either. As far as looting is concerned I can only assume that most of them are angry and feel this is a better opportunity to lash back at the establishment because of most likely others telling them how desperate the situation is and nothing is going to happen to change things especially voting. I did see in Santa Monica a woman try to stop looters who appeared to be white so even though it appears that most are minorities its not only them.
  10. Welcome, and yeah we got some real pieces of work around here you ain't seen nothing yet.
  11. Exactly, fact is George Floyd lived 46 years with medical conditions and substance abuse and the defense is going to try and say 3 cops putting all their weight on top of him had absolutely nothing to do with him dying while Mr. Floyd was saying he couldn't breathe and pleading for them to get their weight off him. I would guess between those 3 cops at least 450-500 lbs of pressure was being put on Mr. Floyds body so besides not being able to get air in his lungs blood flow was being restricted as well. The defense has their hands full trying to get a jury to believe these cops had zero influence on the death of Mr. Floyd.
  12. Yep like we talked about earlier it really doesn't take much effort to get the deplorables riled up. I was going to send you an upvote but I guess that would be counterproductive once they see your upvotes catching up.
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