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  1. 72% it's the deplorable 30% the conturds in here that are content with the sham trial since they must know he's guilty as sin but dont care.
  2. Republicans are looking like pawns now for Trump to control as he sees fit. Here they are in this so called trial trying to act as serious as possible while the clown is bragging about concealing evidence.
  3. Maybe as out there as it may seem they might be suggesting a ticket.
  4. I just want to add that Comey announcing the reopening of the e-mail investigation definitely didn't help at all either. Hillary imo was simply a weak candidate that was just too vulnerable to right wing media and her leads in the polls were definitely fragile and support for her seemed more based off older data than up to the minute news. There was definitely an underlying faction of support for Sanders that may have recused themselves or voted for Trump even but I'll always believe Bernie would have won in 2016. Primaries are always about going deep in the party and then back to center for the general, I guess the question really is would Bernie ever shift if he were President, I would have to say to some extent yes but also I think as a senator he could be hard left consistently just so his supporters know that if he could he would go that far as president also. I don't think Bernie is unreasonable and as president he will get us the best deal possible it's just I don't think he wants to show any weakness to Republicans so if he becomes president he can lead from strength. However I just don't think Bernie is going to last in this primary, this latest episode with Warren is imo going to hurt him and boost Elizabeth ultimately. I dont know why for sure but I sense a big surge for Warren.
  5. Yeah well set off just 20 of these things and the damage we've been doing up till now will be paltry compared to the mess we would have then. Every last one of these weapons needs to be dismantled and destroyed and swore off forever, l can only hope my kid will live in a world one day that these horrors of humanity will be gone.
  6. I like the $100 cap on political donations because it really makes the candidate more in touch with the voters, apparently raising money for campaigns seems to be a big part of Congress members agenda once in office versus doing the people's work. Citizens United is going to be a tough uphill battle to get rid of but it will be a big victory for representative politics.
  7. The population in NY is either decreasing or stagnant but either way they are losing 2 seats and California may lose 2 also but 1 for sure while Texas and Florida are gaining it appears close to 5 combined. When you look at a state like Wyoming there's barely 500,000 people there with 3 electoral votes since every state has 2 senators they get the bare minimum 1 representative in the house. What ought to be done is keep the electoral college but disregard the count as totals from both houses and recalibrate it to represent the population of each state and not the representation in Congress. It also needs to be done in a way that a tie would be impossible, we dont need the Congress to decide the winner.
  8. It sends a message that our electoral college isn't representing the people in a democratic way. Do you honestly think it's fair that a vote from 1 state should carry 3 times the weight than another vote elsewhere? Now dont go responding in your typical name calling style seriously try to explain why this is a just and representative way to hold a election?
  9. First of all Trump is not winning by any landslide by any stretch of the imagination, if he wins it will be remarkably similar to 2016 and he will most likely still lose the popular vote by more than 5 million this time around. Election manipulation will without doubt be an integral part of securing a win probably more than 2016 and having the plot foiled with Ukraine is certainly a step in the wrong direction. I'm sure Trump has his little evil troll guiliani out there sifting through every country they can manipulate to help Trump. Hopefully being caught will be lesson enough but not likely with these characters fortunately there are enough good servants of the people who have eyes on this clown that if they try this crap again its gonna be out in the spotlight immediately.
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