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  1. I really think the fantasizing over peoples mothers is not going to work peewee and stop calling a public hair a dick unless you can pee through it.
  2. Straightedge seems to take offense to other opinions in a rather hostile way and gets riled by the slightest.
  3. Why don't you just fuck off you pathetic little prick, your as pathetic as your stupid argument, I would love it if you would allow me to put my knee to your neck just like that POS cop did to Mr Floyd and see how easy it is for you to breathe?
  4. That's what your asserting is possible drugs and alcohol were the cause and not having cops dogpile on him and bury a knee to his neck. Most police departments dont use that method of knee to the neck for the very reasons Mr. Floyd most likely died from. Once again the officer charged better have one extremely competent attorney because hes toast IMO.
  5. I understand what your getting at regarding battleground states and electoral votes but it's still 5 months+ till November, the real question is where are the votes in these states are they near the middle or at the fringe.
  6. And lived 46 years without dying until video PROVES someone digging his knee into his neck likely caused a heart attack. Once again the defense is going to have a very hard time convincing a jury a habitual drug user and alcoholic according to you happened to die from that at the same time.
  7. Exactly at that time on that day he died of a heart attack only, the cop with his knee on his neck was just observing.
  8. The defense is going to have a hard time convincing a jury he was going to have one if that cop didn't have his knee buried in his throat, in the video you see the officer lift himself onto that knee in the beginning.
  9. I just did 2 of them right now so we'll see if he responds
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