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  1. He may actually be trying to help you see the light for once, arguing against facts must be tiring.
  2. According to Z illegals pay no taxes at all despite facts that prove otherwise.
  3. She is an idiot of epic proportion, personally I don't think non citizens should be allowed to vote in local measure elections just because morons like her will go off and "see!!!""see!!!" Their letting illegals vote trying to make it sound as if 3 million of them voted for Hillary. It's not worth the effort.
  4. fourputt

    So Who Are We Going To Support In 2020?

    I would bet on Beto being on the final ticket as either Pres or VP
  5. They like it, in fact they open their mouths to suck it all up.
  6. Full on socialism? No. Socialism in specific ways that improve life for all yes. We already have socialism in this country in specific areas and rather than add a bunch more I feel improving on what we have would benefit more than eliminating them.
  7. fourputt

    More Dynamite To Use On Trump Supporters

    Its simple resentment why they bash unions, though I sometimes question the concessions public sector unions achieve as a little too much private sector unions are the real driver to get people living wages.
  8. That's what I was wondering about. What school was this military academy he attended, I just don't see the clown being held to any ethical standards he could maintain. Even back then he obviously had no reservations to use his privilege of wealth to shirk military obligation with a paid for deferment.
  9. fourputt

    Ban Muslims from Government,

    People who make baseless statements as threads should be banned.
  10. The next judge is gonna lower the hammer
  11. I'm not upset at all, however your answer is complete and utter bs Trump spews daily and it's really no surprise you like the good little stupid Magat you are repeats his lies. Why not just admit you knew Trump was full of it when he said it and you knew it but didn't care because you like Trump don't really like Brown and black people and this is just hyperbole to please a bunch of stupid redneck racists.
  12. Can you explain how Trump was going to make Mexico pay for the wall? I asked you this specific question a while ago that you conveniently ignored
  13. Your no nurse at all you fraud, first of all your committing wage theft not multi tasking, just that alone tells me your full of schit, no real professional in the medical field would use a medical condition down syndrome in the negative way you do your an embarrassment to your profession if you are wich I severely doubt. Last but certainly not least you have ccockbreath on you 24/7 and by the sound you never brush or even use mouthwash, your just a slimy skank whore with guacamole running down your thigh, you need to take a bath in Clorox skank.