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  1. Because even with solid proof evidence they refuse to admit being wrong about anything, some pretty stupid blind faith is what they wrap themselves around despite overwhelming proof to the contrary a lot of times. Its gonna get really bizarre around here when the Mueller report becomes public but that of course depends on Trumps new AG, if he does what most suspect Congress is going to have to expose the findings which will delay the inevitable but not the outcome.
  2. The crooks are being exposed one layer at a time, it may be possible to give weight to people who argue there is no evidence but we need to start seeing evidence to the contrary that steers the narrative away, so far nothing. Trump is barricading himself behind the last few people who have no morals it seems and his day of reckoning is going to be all the more ugly.
  3. Just brace yourself the schitstorm is around the corner
  4. And you believe Trump has never lied under oath? Man they make em gullible in your neighborhood.
  5. And he got impeached, so I guess you think Trump needs to be impeached now.
  6. Now the conturds say their usual blah blah blah, this should be enough but there will be much more
  7. fourputt

    Time to impeach President Trump.

    You forgot truth isn't truth
  8. fourputt

    Time to impeach President Trump.

    Their throwing the bodies out the window to barricade the Turd in the WH.
  9. Where is CONWAVE? Thought he might want to boast about Trumps -12 approval on RASSMUSSEN.😀
  10. And of course inflation even a little bit decreased the dollars value over a year.
  11. fourputt

    Why is a wall immoral

    The steel was cut with a torch I'm wondering what they used for the concrete. Those are very ugly cuts also but I'm sure cutting over concrete wasn't ideal also with all that popping.
  12. I don't think a saw was used, the cut is very jagged and it looks like slag hanging off the cut pieces. I think any oxy/acetylene cutting torch was used, that would be what I would use anyways its its quiet and fast.
  13. Ancestral deficiencies accumulated and landed directly on your gene pool