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  1. You are denying video proof of him lying on television? You can call me whatever makes you feel better but facts are facts
  2. I noticed a hi-vis vest hanging on the passenger seat and thought at first the driver was an off duty cop and the guy in the truck was gonna get his ass reamed for unsafe driving along with rage. The road was wet and brake checking is not a good idea and obviously why he lost control besides being a crappy driver.
  3. "Individual 1" when not having the protection of office will be no longer an "unindicted co-conspirator" coming to theaters/ federal court near you in 2021.
  4. He will be fvcked when hes a private citizen as long as Biden doesn't win and they nominate Harris as AG.
  5. I don't use it but I would guess roughly an hour using it during commuter hours makes the most sense. The bridge toll is $6 and parking downtown is very expensive. People commute from as far away as Sacramento to San Francisco I have seen I know that's crazy but housing out in the valley is extremely cheaper and I guess they do get used to it somehow.
  6. Another way to exterminate right wing nutjobs since I mainly see those morons sucking on them.
  7. LOL yet how about never. How many times over and over they say this person or that person is going down or getting indicted and then ...crickets. When will any of you get tired of being wrong time after time.
  8. This is becoming an all too common cycle Clinton leads us out of Reagan/Bush recession, Obama undoes Bush's massive recession, we can only hope Trump hasn't damaged things worse than the next Democrat can fix.
  9. Large lots? My home built 1989 is on 3600sq ft. I'm probably a bit of an outlier but I'm 51 miles from SF. Out here in east co.co. the large houses that are 3000+ square ft are actually on some fairly small lots 5000-6000 sq ft. I have heard apartments going roughly $1,000 it's just people may need to accept mass transit from out here that was done in 2016.
  10. Out here my next door neighbor is paying $2,450 a month rent for a small 3 bedroom home 1,300sf, my mortgage is less for a larger home. I live roughly 45 miles from SF. I do think a correction is on it's way but nothing like 2008, prices will probably drop to 2015 levels but return to current levels in about 5 years or less and get even higher. The only option that may work is to build state sponsored affordable housing that is still near mass transit so people can get to the city. The fact there are supermajorities in the statehouse at least gives people hope that maybe something's possible.
  11. And what that means is the DNC has to be willing to go all in and not try and steer the so called "safe" candidate into the nominee slot. The voters are the ones that need to see this done honestly Bernie got pushed out and it caused just enough of a rift to create the pathway for Trump. This time the voters have to unite and push the candidate over the finish line and the DNC needs to let this happen.
  12. Me personally even though I love Bernie and have even donated to his campaign I think Elizabeth Warren has to be it. The pendulum needs to swing to the left in a clear concise political statement and having not just a progressive beat Trump soundly but a woman candidate who he has personally attacked will produce the momentum in DC to get real change to happen. The country is soul sick and we need an emphatic leader in the White House to get people to look from the inside out and come to a realization that now is when we take that fork in the road and become the leader of humanity.
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