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  1. We'll take another 40 in 2020 along with the senate and white house since you guys think its nothing.
  2. Also how ironic Con/wave always uses big blue text.
  3. They report what "YOU" want to be the truth, namely alternative reality.
  4. fourputt

    The Real Limbaugh Peril.

    No he only auditioned but he wanted to play both parts because he claimed he could use his rural cowboy blow up doll for the sex scenes. Unfortunately he couldn't use the blow up he wanted since it had too many wraps of duct tape on it from Tex stabbing it with his needle dick and they didn't have enough flesh tone spray paint. Sad but true story.
  5. Oh no there has to be a closed system in place, could you imagine if an on line voting website were to be hacked on election night? Here in calif. We use paper ballotts that the voter inserts into a reading machine that will spit it out if there was an over vote, I would like for it to notify the voter if the ballott was incomplete which the voter would make the choice to either submit or complete, that I'm unsure of sounds like florida may have needed that feature. The mail in ballotts IMO should be mailed earlier than election night they could always make more time on the other end but postmarked 1 week prior should be okay so they will all be in by election night.
  6. Yep seeing Dick Scott throwing hissy fits on FAUX is classic. The one he throws when Nelson winds up winning will be epic. People who somehow think they are more deserving of political office and showing it by crying foul on TV is just more proof he doesn't care about anything other than himself.
  7. How dare someone else use our tactics . Oh . . . NO EVIDENCE!?!
  8. Less than a full term would be ideal, when the translator testifies the pig will be exposed as the traitor he is.
  9. Awesome news about the 10th district in CA, Harder the Democratic looks like he's going to defeat Denham, nice to see the district next to mine getting it right
  10. fourputt

    Should the House pursue impeachment

    Only when there is undeniable proof, the republicans will defend this turd to the grave and if there is this strong of evidence then they will go down in 2020 also.
  11. Where is the blue wave? Ask Scott Walker, ask that conspiracy idiot from Kansas, ask the 35+ repub congressmen and women who are now out of a job come january, ask Ted Cruz even though he survived he knows its out there and gaining momentum. 2020 will be the next 2008 on steroids, the next one will see a senator from Texas and enough flipped state houses to eliminate all the gerrymandering cons did after 2010. The end is near for conservative shenanigans and we will all be better off for it.
  12. The Whittaker appointment stinks of corruption, this president has no regard for the constitution at all, his itinerary is all that matters.
  13. fourputt

    So Who Are We Going To Support In 2020?

    We have the upper hand if it gets played right, middle of road voters hate partisan behaviour from either side, the more we let Trump lash out at Immigrants and we talk about healthcare the more we gain, don't let him drag us in the mud too far and we shouldnt get much on us. Trump is a wounded dog barring his teeth wanting anyone to get in a barking match.