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  1. Been a while since random testing is done for refinery work
  2. If they would roll their agenda back 50 years then they would be at least tolerable,
  3. I do like the idea of lowering the qualifying age for Medicare/Medicaid periodically, I think it would obviously lower premiums for private insured and also help older employees retain employment till retirement age. Maybe that could help avoid the full impact of long wait times while seeing how the system reacts for both single payer and private.
  4. I can only imagine how difficult it would be for some to re-enter this part of society from homelessness. So many difficult things attached to it that make it almost impossible, alcoholism, drug addiction, all types of abuse, mental sickness to name a few.
  5. Only a dumb redneck would think nothing wrong about waving a Confederate flag in the driveway of an affluent black family's home.
  6. I have to believe that the recent run amuck untethered exploitation conservatives like to call capitalism has hurt so many young people and people they probably know that they got a hard lesson on human nature when greed is involved. Labor needs to reorganize like it was in the 50's along with tax rates.
  7. LOL the circumcision part was rather funny at first, I think he would make a fantastic president even before seeing this but after watching I'm even more convinced. The debate they feel will be the launching point for his candidacy, it's going to be real interesting to see if this holds true. It's obvious what Trump will say regarding the freedom dividend I'm curious to see how they the Democrats will address this, our income inequality problem is not going away with a Republican president and Senate and the idea may gain traction with the other candidates. I need to check out his website and donate.
  8. We can undo a disaster like Trump by impeachment or 4 years later, either way he's going to prison soon
  9. Your definitely speaking these despicables language when waving money around, I just wonder how much it would really take to get them to do these things cause a number does exist they obviously have zero morals since they will stand in the way of the impeachment of a president who is more guilty than Nixon.
  10. Ok it's just I feel sorry for down syndrome people getting used to describe real knuckleheads who should know better
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