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  1. I know your holding back tell us what you really think.
  2. fourputt

    Cows defending slaughterhouse

    He doesn't even know. He thinks your argument or theory is weak apparently even though its straight forward and has substance.
  3. BIGOTEX doesn't bother obviously to check these things like most of these bloodthirsty neocons in here. Don't worry though I'm sure he will come up with some weak rebuttal to justify his stupid thread, and he says we are easy to defeat in here, what a complete and utter moron.
  4. fourputt

    Sam Harris on Trump

    McCain wasn't going to allow himself to be dragged into that crap and I admire the man for it. I don't agree with his policies or choice for VP but he wasn't going in the gutter for these people. You could hear them groaning over his choice but why can't they listen to a man who absolutely knew more about Obama than anyone of them, it just proves whats going on in NHB and the rest of these nut jobs that they will only believe what satisfies their lust. I honestly don't know how we wound up with this many disconnected people in this country but it's very troublesome there are this many. I guess maybe we had to have an all out civil war 150 years ago and still had pass equal right amendments 50 year ago to try and get backwards people to think civily but with what seems 30%+ of our population still have racist attitudes out in the open. I know racism will probably never go away and most certainly will still be here when we all leave this earth, but is it at least dwindling to a point that racists at least will not feel comfortable spewing their vile crap in public?
  5. Yeah that's what I saw also, the land line polsters
  6. Beyond disgusting and these people think its ok, and the parade thankfully got cancelled.
  7. fourputt

    Elderly Lives Matter

    And that's exactly where a large portion came from in the 90's when the crime bill passed, fresh from a war in Iraq to patrolling the neighborhoods here. Personally I really don't know if some sort of training took place for former military to differentiate warzone to peace time policing took place.
  8. fourputt

    Elderly Lives Matter

    Rome Georgia, a small world indeed, I dated a woman from there in the early 90's when she was out here in CA, pretty much spot on how she described it to me, backward thinking racist hicks that don't want nothing to do with progressive social agenda, they are content living a certain way (at least they think so) and don't want nobody coming down there trying to change them.
  9. fourputt

    Elderly Lives Matter

    My mother is 88 and if a cop tazed her the outrage I would feel would probably get me put in a padded room. This is beyond training it's just an us against them mentality some in the police force believe, sadly it's more than just a bad apple here or there but a real perception by too many who work in law enforcement, I understand cops have to deal with the worst in society but too often some really sour on society in general.
  10. Trump is going to try count on it, when he's cornered he will try anything to stop it don't underestimate how far he's willing to go to save his neck, wouldnt be the least bit surprised if he lets his own kids take a fall.
  11. Trump knows if dems take the house he's really screwed by what Nunes said at that private fund raiser in WA. He's going to take away Muellers clearance before dems get sworn in in January. Democratic house members along with enough repubs are going to try and pass resolution to protect Mueller so investigation can conclude.