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  1. What I would really like to see in the general election is the candidates agreeing to exams done by physicians not hand picked like the lackey Trump hired. This would put to end Trump lying about his "remarkable" health, quite honestly I suspect him to have type 2 diabetes or at the very least pre diabetic.
  2. Yeah that same fair system that could declare a winner who only gets 20% of the popular vote.
  3. That's Bidens issue to deal with Trump has his own demons to deal with, if it turns out Biden did something inappropriate then his campaign should end, notice how I hold my own accountable and your content to lick Trumps ball sack day and night regardless of any of his misdeeds why is that?
  4. Soon to be fixed, you have less than one year of knowing the slimebag you love will remain in power, it's becoming ever more obvious hes losing his influence amongst voters in some of the most Trumpiest of states, Kentucky sent a very clear message last night of what to expect next year.
  5. Everyone else lies and Trump only tells the truth? Is this what you guys are going to hang your hat on? I'm not going to go down the very long list of lies and deceit this man has done over the past few years because according to some here Trump has never lied about anything it would be pointless.
  6. Whoever wins needs to nominate her for AG, she would absolutely pulverize Trump in court, her cross examining Trump would be epic.
  7. True but I don't want another weak candidate for president again with baggage they cant put to rest.
  8. I'm not going to give anyone a pass who wants to be president, I know its Hannity who is pushing this but if Biden is guilty of this like Trump then he needs to end his campaign.
  9. This is a very big deal, Trump could not prevent it.
  10. Other union news I just became aware of apparently the oil refining industry here in Ca is now mandated to use union contractors only for their temporary maintenance positions and scheduled shutdowns. Big win for organized labor.
  11. Thank you, I don't doubt there are already folks in the government that are looking at all scenarios of possible antics Trump will attempt. I think I may write my congressman just to voice my concerns since there is a chance he may respond J. Mcnerney (D).
  12. Sigh...unfortunately we have a surplus of morons in this country who cant even spell Senate.
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