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  1. The fate of this republic I fear hinges on the Mueller investigation though on the surface it appears Mueller is putting together an airtight prosecution I know Trump knows no boundaries in decency and respect for the rule of law and will go to any length at anyones expense to save his hyde, there has never been a more despicable unfit individual in the oval office in the entire history of this nation, the day he leaves cannot get here soon enough.
  2. Your right I'm going to laugh my ass off when all that happens.
  3. Mueller is uncovering every little lie out there and then BOOM he hooks the big fat lying whore named Tramp along with the other 12 hooks he's swallowed, it's a slow bleeding him out process that will see Tramp not only out of office but fighting for his eventual freedom.
  4. Mueller has self discipline Trump dreams of having, when the time. comes and it will in due time Trump is going to wish he never wanted to be POTUS. The only reason it's really. dragged on this long is Mueller keeps finding more and more evidence and I know how hard it may be to believe this but unlike Trump, Mueller knows how to keep tight lipped.
  5. fourputt

    So Who Are We Going To Support In 2020?

    Any person who works for wages is a complete moron if they oppose progressive taxation, I would have to consider they simply didn't understand what it means or just can't grasp the concept.
  6. Give it a break man Trump is not going to survive Mueller the end of this clown is near so enjoy the little time left he has.
  7. The simple fact that anyone would try and twist a despicable event of history into something people should be grateful for proves what a twisted sense of reality that individual has.
  8. So a machine gun that could fire hundreds of rounds per minute isn't a indiscriminate weapon? Someone could pick off 2 or 3 from a crowd no problem without hurting another?
  9. Connor Lamb is the blueprint of removing plutocrats from these districts, he is a strong supporter of unions and doesn't let the other side drag him down with "He's just another liberal letting grown men in womens bathrooms" crap that distracts simple minded voters with something no one really needs to concern themselves with.
  10. It's already happening, firing Mueller will cause a 300+ majority in just the house.
  11. Bring on a 300-135 majority.😁
  12. Do you even know that a lot of the counties that train is passing through are rural conservative districts? Devin Nunes ring a bell?
  13. fourputt

    Trump Will Never Stand Up to Russia

    She has video or photos also of Trump in a leopard print thong.
  14. fourputt

    Social security future

    Somehow someway someone convinced somebody that it would be unfair to tax someone way more for a benefit they would never get back in return or that it only benefits the poor and middle so the wealthy shouldn't have to pay into it. It just simply amazes how the wealthy think they got that way simply on their own, that the goods and services they sold had to be bought from someone and maybe paying a little more into a program to help these people might be a noble gesture. Of course we have no guarantee either if we were to die before drawing one cent our significant other gets a whopping $255 for the burial.