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  1. The more I think about this the more apparent it looks like Trump will not debate the Democrat nominee. He will stick to his safe outlet of Twitter and spread lies that Democrats are demanding unfair rules and dont want a fair Debate. There is nothing and I mean nothing this man will do or say to gain any advantage in this upcoming election.
  2. Remember 41 calling reaganomics "VOODOO" economics? I know that obviously was a different era and wasn't put under severe scrutiny like it would today but these are the extreme policies of the individual and not the base values of the party. Im no fan of Biden but come November will vote for him regardless of who may be the VP like everyone else here with the possible exception of WF but even he may come around when push comes to shove.
  3. Absolutely unacceptable however she was drawing from basically the same pool of voters Bernie has and Bernie has been more visible to people than Liz Warren. I think she would be an exceptional president who understands the economics for the rank and file citizen and hopefully Bernie if he wins the nomination will ask her to be VP but I suspect he may go the other way and choose a moderate to shore up some from that group. Biden would be wise to select her or Klobaschur.
  4. Because he's a contwit moron who thinks it's funny in his adolescent mind.
  5. I think they know exactly what they're doing regarding weakening our constitution and have weighed one against the other and have decided staying in power is paramount. These people should be considered traders to the country and voted out in 2020.
  6. Trump will go down as the biggest failure of all time to occupy the white house.
  7. This ones gonna hurt worse for the contwits than 2008, Trump is done he was hanging his whole reelection on the economy and it looks like everything is crumbling only a couple hundred days from November.
  8. I'm sorta in the same boat, currently a union member and have very good coverage but I do agree with the others describing that management could just decide were not doing this anymore and that is it. Of course I'm sure the uaw is going after GM with both barrels right now to undo that decision and hopefully are successful. I agree a lowering of eligibility age makes a lot of sense it will imo lower rates in private insurance by eliminating people who make more claims on average. I see a win win in that scenario.And I'm voting Bernie Sanders also.
  9. Probably an act of war, even though I'm sure we could handle Mexico pretty easily thats not the desired result. Physical borders are obviously required in densely populated areas but our technology should be sufficient for out in rural areas. High resolution cameras ground penetrating sonar and drone patrols is what needs investing.
  10. I hate to admit this but I never voted Democrat until the 2004 election I supported or favored the other party till it became blatantly clear the current administration then was lying to the American public about WMD'S in Iraq and the reality that young people would die in the war over there was enough for me to change parties. Now most frustrating thing there is, is knowing we not only have the votes to win the WH is that we could flip every single battleground state to Democrats and abolish the electoral college system once and for all and add to that possibly impeach Kavanaugh along with all the other unqualified judges that got appointed along partisan lines. I do think Republicans are aware of this probably more than Democrats are and that is the country is going to shift hard to the left in the coming years. With that in mind is most likely why Republicans in leadership positions in Washington particularly McConnell flat out do not work with Democrats on anything that would make the other party look good for any reason. The whole Merrick Garland fiasco is a classic example it wouldn't have mattered to McConnell if he would have stonewalled for 3 yesrs he was not letting Obama bring forward a nominee for Scalia's seat in the scotus it just was not going to happen no matter how bad it looks. And now we have senators willfully choosing to ignore the facts and decide to not want to see anymore incriminating evidence of this president's wrongdoing along with an AG that in broad daylight intervening in a case involving this president's corrupt cronies at his behest. I think it is finally starting to come apart for this party along with their efforts to hold onto the political power they desire. Simply put if playing by the rules puts you in a clear disadvantage then either change, stretch, or all out subvert them if necessary is the Republican playbook from now on.
  11. I would say closer to 75 million on election day. Republicans are going to know they are toast and that may be lowballing.
  12. So it was the students fault for getting in the way of those bullets?
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