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  1. Yep, got a long ways to go still.
  2. One undeniable fact is pay people better wages they usually spend more on goods and services that in turn increases demand everywhere.
  3. Actually the senate if you can believe it is going to be tougher than the house, the 33 seats up heavily favor the repubs but there is a chance dems could squee it out. The house should flip with only 24 seats to switch, the trend is very much there let's hope the wind stays at our backs come November.
  4. Guys, doesn't it make complete sense not to say anything that would worry Trump? Mueller is light years smarter than Trump and the longer he keeps this clown on ice the longer he can do his job without interference.
  5. I honestly think even if Mueller has the goods on Trump he's still going to cover all avenues the investigation leads him, basically it could be colossal by the time he finishes and Trump will just resign and get his pardon from Pence.
  6. You mean the registered republican faggot Mueller right?
  7. This investigation is a long ways from done, May 2019 sounds about right to me, Mueller still has more people to question besides Trump and that questioning may produce other persons of interest, this of course is my best guess but it just feels a long ways from done. Mueller is not in a hurry and even though there are people who want this investigation over especially if he has strong enough evidence for impeachment he's not going to get rushed to a conclusion until every bit of info is unveiled.
  8. Just one simple question for all the right wing folks, did Mueller ever say or give any hint that he was close or near the end of his investigation? This is a fact that he is very meticulous and thorough with every detail and I expect many more shoes are gonna drop before he's done, Gates is about to give in and start cooperating and there goes Manafort who will probably follow as well, this is very far from over at least another 6 months to a year.
  9. Two things for sure need to happen first, Mueller needs to finish the investigation and Congress needs to be under democrats control. Mueller is far from done and I think once the financial evidence is brought to light on top of collusion he's going to resign to avoid jail so Pence will grant a pardon, the date is August 20, 2019.
  10. Satirical website that made me laugh

    If Jesus was alive today they would call him a liberal.
  11. For some bizarre reason rightwingers think this is it as far as proving Trump is exonerated and nothing could be further from the truth, Mueller is far from done and even if he has evidence Trump colluded the last thing he would do is announce a bombshell like that until his full investigation ends.
  12. I predict Sessions since he knows the law the best out of all of them.
  13. Mueller hasn't even touched the whole wiki leaks part of this, this investigation is being done on Muellers schedule and no one elses, he is extremely methodical and because when there is so much time between each piece of news it's easy for people to try and raise doubt over it. He is going to find collusion if he hasn't already and has the self control and discipline to stay focused on the task at hand unlike Trump.
  14. Further proof that belonging to a union will insure a better living, I decided to just check my hourly wage since 1995 and multiplying at 3% every year it's right there at that rate, didn't check other benefits yet but at least the hourly rate has maintained a 3% growth rate.