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  1. fourputt

    2019 Kentucky Derby

    First ever Dq'ed winner, Maximum security, War of will was surging and he got impeded and almost caused a crash, sucks but right call was made.
  2. fourputt

    Lies and other things

    We have entered a whole new level of non accountability, it seems the truth doesn't matter now since someone can just accuse the accuser of lying also therefore the original lie isn't important any longer, at first I thought Trump would just be a phase we endure for at least 4 years or until impeached since none thought we would really see Republicans defend this president as much as they have. It's just shocking that the simple rule of law is not being respected as before.
  3. No you pretty much covered it, Lee was certainly a brilliant general but he joined the wrong side
  4. Actually the game of golf parallels life more than some may think, it's a game of managing mistakes since hitting the ball perfectly rarely happens in fact Ben Hogan would say he might hit 5 shots in a complete round the way he envisioned and that after probably posting a 65. Its just you against the course no teammates to bail you out or an umpire's bad call to give you an edge, I think this game more than any exposes someone's real character in many ways.
  5. Trump is called a "vanity capper" would be the correct term. I once got unfortunately paired with one in a team format and got screwed over by his lack of acceptance of his ability.
  6. fourputt

    5 A Day Keep the Trolls and Spammers at Bay

    And that's when I like to ask them if they still support open borders. Of course hardly any of them know about the parties past platforms which is no surprise from those idiots.
  7. fourputt

    5 A Day Keep the Trolls and Spammers at Bay

    Also everytime I take the time to check if their following the rules I find they don't. They're incapable of following rules and somehow justify it in their small minds.
  8. fourputt

    5 A Day Keep the Trolls and Spammers at Bay

    Agreed, and honestly I couldn't care less if they have 10:1 the threads in NHB they are pathetic morally bankrupt losers, if they think just because that room is clogged with their bs propaganda let them. I find it quite comical to go in there and sling insults at them since they can't control their emotions and join right in. We have the message and it proves it everytime someone posts it in there they attack like hyenas but never really defeat the message, they might create some basis for animosity towards it because hate thrives in their minds but they never systematically approach from common sense since it would have them put down the hate message.
  9. He may actually be trying to help you see the light for once, arguing against facts must be tiring.
  10. According to Z illegals pay no taxes at all despite facts that prove otherwise.
  11. She is an idiot of epic proportion, personally I don't think non citizens should be allowed to vote in local measure elections just because morons like her will go off and "see!!!""see!!!" Their letting illegals vote trying to make it sound as if 3 million of them voted for Hillary. It's not worth the effort.
  12. fourputt

    So Who Are We Going To Support In 2020?

    I would bet on Beto being on the final ticket as either Pres or VP
  13. They like it, in fact they open their mouths to suck it all up.