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  1. Constant scare tactics rain on us by the liberal left news media and the so called, "experts" so they can push their anti Trump, influence the presidential elections and essentially find out how they can control the American public in the future. We just heard on the major networks and their leftwing staff that "covid-19 killed nearly three times as many people than any past flu episode. Really? Says who? Are they talking about the Spanish flu too. It's a proven fact even without all the testing and record keeping during that time that it far exceeded the C19, present and futur
  2. As usual and routinely the liberal left, whether individual liberals, groups, the news media and our new socialist/communist democrats engage in sick unconstitutional conduct then turn around and falsely accuse others, mainly conservatives/republicans of doing what they have done repeatedly and routinely. Double standard? No, there are no standards that apply to them. The left and the feminist are at the same con game glorifying Ginsburg when in fact she was at best mediocre as a supreme court judge. No one with an ounce of honesty or courage and a sense of duty would not have
  3. Fact, the constitution gives the president the right, duty and responsibility to nominate a candidate to replace the former justice, Ruth B.G. who died the other day in order to insure that the court can carryout it's functions in the manner the constitution dictates and as our founding fathers of the constitution, bill or rights and amendments intended. The checks and balance is that the senate can confirm or deny the appointment the president must submit. No where in the constitution does it say that the president must solicit congresses input prior to the submission, no where d
  4. ABC news it's anti Trump staff, (ie Georgie Stephanopolis (sp.?) and the female co works show their extreme biases against Trump and pro crooked, incompetent socialist/communist Biden every time they appear on television. George Stephenopoeis's interview of President Trump would have been something one would expected to see on the Iranian nightly news. Miss Vega's usual anti Trump attitude shows. What we learned about the socialist/communist democrat governors, ie, Cuomo of NY, Loser from Penn., California and other east/west coast career politician living on the public coff
  5. With the help of the state controlled news media, (liberal news networks-controlled by socialist/communist democrats) Covid-19 pandemic is the test/proving grounds for the left to see how they can control, brainwash and manipulate people with scare tactics and giving free money to those they want to control and get their political support. The extreme left knows this but don't care. Using so called experts, people who are anything and everything but an expert, given an underserving title like "doctor", "scientist", "noted as the highest in their field", put them on TV and everyon
  6. I say, good, sports was once a great pastime and something to take ones mind off the everyday stresses and difficulties. The sports industry and players once understood they had no business in politics. They knew that the public was capable of making their political choices and deciding on who was the most capable to lead and direct the country in the right direction. The public, including sports fans, were far more capable of making those decisions since the worked for a living, took real risks and made real sacrifices for small wages, and at one time all were subjected to the draft and m
  7. Unlike the boring, misleading whining, crying drag the country into the sewer Democratic Convention, the Republic Convention was informative, honest and uplifting. President Trump, in his usual true leadership form gave a factual account of his accomplishments, that of his administration and made his intentions of where he intended to take the country, in a productive and positive (keep America strong-Keep America America) in the next four years. Unlike the socialist/communist democrats who want to destroy our economy and turn us into a socialist/communist fear each other and stand in
  8. Quick and accurate answer, NNNNNOOOOOOOO! Major nations, and even smaller ones now especially radical terrorist countries like Iran, N. Korea etc. using new technology today, no longer needing gutzzy people like spies anymore-to costly, just use a computer and the internet. Of course Russia and China, especially China are active at it, as is our country. That's what goes on in the world and always has, have to if one really believes they are the best country to lead, or like so many communist, like the communist in our democratic party, power, and might is right. Will never chan
  9. Ok, according to the "so called experts and liberal news media, the 150 thousand deaths supposedly caused by the virus is about .04 percent of our total population of about 330,000,000 people in this country. Pretty small percentage and anyone with an ounce of brains and a touch of real courage and independence would say those are pretty small odds of getting it to begin with and having any real symptoms let alone dying. Certainly not a valid crises that would justify illegally infringing on ones constitutional rights and safeguards. That act alone has the potential of tearing this country
  10. this is Entitled, full of shit about what? Oh, never mind mindless, thanks, that leaves 325 million people who agree with me, right? the so called experts you reference are idiots like you. Destroyed the country, caused more deaths than the inflated numbers they are pushing on us all and idiots like you go along like a sheep to slaughter.
  11. Ware the mask, stay 6 feet apart. Been hearing that for sometime. But now as the so called experts get more information from real knowledgeable experts they want to revise their so called expert advice. Anyone with an once of brains knew that particles could be suspended in the air for hours and longer. Dr. Fauci the so called world expert keep changing his demands. According to him we are all going to die if we don't listen to him and the liberal news media and ware a mask and keep apart and refrain from socializing. Gee, maybe we would be better off dead. Now the mask isn't g
  12. Crooked Joe, Sleepy creepy Joe elects black female (?) Asian (?) female as running mate. Every time lying, incompetent, crooked, cowardly Joe got on TV I nearly puked, the both of them at one time really makes me gag. Harris, like Obama is playing the Black card, vote for me when in reality neither one was truly black but just saying you are today makes people ignore the fact one is sleazy and incompetent and will glorify them and follow them with their noses up their butts in the fires of hell. Obama was half black at best but it isn't popular or politically correct, especially
  13. Just posted two blogs on censorship on this cite, Cited a blog I posted on 7 Aug., 20 at 1500 MDT on the corona/covid-19 farce and the fact that it is being used to push the socialist/communist leftwing agenda of the liberals, liberal news media and the wacko democrats in congress who advocate socialism/communism and the Hate Trump agenda/tactics. Social distancing, wearing the mask, big joke and con and the illegal/totally unconstitutional actions of the liberal communist democrats like Homo sexual Polis of Colorado, little mindless black lesbian mayor of Chicago, wacko riding the public gr
  14. Easy to answer that, like the Nazi's and communist of the past and like all good dictators/tyrants, opposing views, real facts, the truth is something that is threatening to them and it can't be tolerated. Censorship is routine with them as is harassment, threats of anyone making opposing opinions or ideas. The liberal left, socialist/communist democrats practice that all the time and have studied the communist doctrine on brainwashing, censorship and eliminating anyone not falling in line with their sick ideas and doctrine. I posted the above post Friday, 7th of August, at 1500
  15. Apparently those liberal left sites believe they have the right to block any information they dislike by claiming the post was not accurate or "Factual". According to who or what? I guess if they don't believe the blog is completely accurate according to them or those with the power to block the post it's ok. Isn't that exactly what the Nazi's and the communist did during the rein of terror too? Isn't that what they justified, that the information/documents others presented that they hated was all lies and citizens shouldn't be allowed to see, believe it, consider it, that it w
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