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  1. Apparently the Senate wasn't buying the radical left, socialist/communist tactics of the leftwing democratic party and their criminal conduct in bringing fake and unjust articles of impeachment against President Trump in hopes that they will win the 2020 presidential elections unlike the 2016's. Apparently criminal conduct and high crimes constituting impeachment only apply to others, not democrats, even if they make them up and falsify documents and make perjury charges against others. Joe Biden is a criminal and engaged in criminal conduct with his son while Vice President, but that is ok. Hillary Clinton engaged in espionage and working with the Russians to influence the 2016 elections, (proven) but that is ok, just make false accusations against Trump. Shifty Adam Schiff, loser from California perjured himself many times, lied about having "documents" proving Trump worked with the Russians to influence the 2016 elections, false, the guy is a pathological liar, a crook and should be in federal prison, but that's ok, he's a sick, cowardly socialist/communist democrat, they are ENTITLED. Same for Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler the rat, the "gang" of female legislators, the ones dressed up like KKK members in white making faces, like Pelosi, during the state of the Union Address. Any doubt yet what a bunch of incompetent, irrational, psychotic losers they are? Not for most intelligent, stable Americans. Romney, well, thin skinned Romney wasn't motivated by god or conscience, no more so than the atheist loser democrats. They hate because they are crooked and are afraid of someone pointing that out. They do what they do based on anger and some imagined slight against them, justified or not and Romney did the same thing. Hopefully the Utah voters will realize he isn't someone to do the right job for them and vote the guy out of office.p The liberal news media showed it's lack of integrity and professionalism and lack of journalism with it's tainted, slanted, censored, selective biased reporting. But, most of America already knows that and finds the truth elsewhere. The nineteenth amendment was a serious mistake and we are now realizing it. Pelosi showed her irrational, immature, entitled to it wacko behavior along with the gang in white when she was making all those childish faces and talking to herself during the President's presentation, juvenile delinquent, totally lacking professionalism and any leadership traits or character as is the case for the gang of white and their lack of quality conduct and that goes for most other socialist/communist democrats and liberals. Losers all.
  2. True to form, the liberal networks, socialist/communist democratic controlled ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and liberal socialist/communist publications like New York Times show their ignorance and extreme biases when the republican/conservatives in the Senate attempted to present their case responding to the communist controlled House and their presentation of articles of impeachment against President Trump. They are angry they lost the 2016 elections, rightfully fear the same results by the voting American citizens in the 2020 elections, local, state as well as national and through abuse of power, abuse of the constitution and outright criminal conduct by those house of representatives are hoping the American public ignorant and dishonest like them and will be conned into believing through all their lies and lies by the liberal news media they can manipulate the 2020 elections in their favor as they did with the help of the Russians in the 2016 elections (fact) and it didn't work then. Everything they falsely accuse President Trump of doing they did. They are especially angry at him, like cowardly dishonest juvenile delinquent children, simply because he calls them what they really are, incompetent, cowardly and dishonest and he pointed out that their democratic vice President, Joe Biden, engaged in criminal conduct while vice president, threatened the Ukrainian president so his criminal conduct would go unknown and the criminal conduct he engaged in for his crooked son would go uncovered. President Trump was well within his authority and duty responsibilities to demand an investigation into Joe Biden's criminal conduct while vice president and the crooked democrats. He was wise to get rid of that loser female ambassador to Ukraine and within his authority do so. The sleazy democrats will attack anyone with lies, false accusations and engage in criminal acts against this country and the American people who tells the truth, stand up to them, call them the crooks they are and point out that democratic politicians are the worse crooks and criminals of all. They don't care about incompetency, abuse of power, manipulating elections, that is what they do, all they do, they don't like it when it doesn't work for them and someone states that and attempts to hold them accountable, like President Trump has done. Evidence is there and everyone knows it that the democrats have done it routinely what they are falsely accusing Trump of doing with the help of the sick, sleazy liberal networks. The liberal networks are at it again by presenting only what the liberals and socialist/communist democrats are putting out during the three days of presentations by President Trumps defense team and republican senators as they did during the crooked house proceedings and presentations. Anyone with a brain can see this and knows what is happening and the democrats will pay for this, and the news media will continue to be viewed as crooked and the voters will make that known. Of course the loser liberals and the socialist/communist democrats also are aware of it but their minds are so warped and sick that truth and honor means nothing to them and they will never improve themselves.
  3. Viewing and listening to the liberal broadcasts by the four major liberal, biased, news stations (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN) and the written publications like New York Times etc. with the less than stable minds making the presentations like Mr. Farrow (Mia's brain dead son) you would think that the only ones involved in the process were the liberal socialist/communist democratic house of representatives. The communist democrats in the house have violated every thing the constitution dictates as how those proceeding would be developed and proceed to the point they have engaged in mass illegal cover up, perjury, engaged in traitorous and treasonous acts that should immediately get them removed and imprisoned for the criminal acts against this country and the American people. Nothing the democrats presented even comes close to "material" witness evidence and the democrats know this but what would one expect from cowards, losers, crooks, imcompetents and outright criminals? The liberal news media is playing their tune as it is directed to them by the communist democrats like Pelosi, Shifty Schiff (biggest criminal of all) loser ratty rat Nadler, Mr. Comedian up Chucky Schumer, his presentations are more comical and vulgar than his comedian daughter's are. Now they demand that more so called witnesses come forward in the hopes they will say something they can use to support their already illegal "trial" and have the liberal news media present it as fact with "bombshell, explosive, nuclear, volcanic etc., to make it look legitimate. Again, this is not a criminal trial as they keep professing, but if it was no judge would allow this to happen, and their "fishing" expedition would never occur. They are the real crooks. The socialist/communist liberals and democratic house proceeding were illegal, none of what they presented even meets constitutional requirement for impeaching a President and all the phony so called witnesses giving testimony were lying and making up false accusations trying to justify them on hearsay testimony. Now those same crooks and losers want to control the Senate who has sole authority to judge that so called evidence in a constitutional dictated manner, following the rules they decide on but again the crooks in the House want to continue to violate the constitution and control the Senate and make it illegal as was their so called impeachment article criminal conduct. The Supreme Court judge who supposedly presides on the Senate proceedings as dictated by the constitution, has no authority other than to ensure that the rules the Senate formulated are followed. This is not a criminal trial as the House and the liberal news media would want the citizens to believe, only a constitutional proceeding dictated in the constitution. The House ignored what the constitution demands, the impeachment articles they sent to the Senate were illegal, consequently they should not even be considered but dismissed. Everything the sick democrats do and touch is crooked and sick and they intend to destroy this country. They are the ones who need to be investigated and sent to prison, not just removed from office.
  4. The out of control socialist/communist democratic party that engaged in every illegal and criminal act to bring about the fake articles of impeachment against President Trump accuse the Senate of holding a fake senate proceeding. The constitution gives the congress of representative the authority to bring (valid, which they are not) articles of impeachment against a president, but only the Senate can determine if the President is to be impeached and it has the only authority on how it will proceed, not the house of representatives. But as usual, the crooked democrats care nothing about the law and the constitution. House with it's vast ignorance and give a damn about right and wrong can't get it through their heads that impeachment proceeding is not a criminal trial. Impeachment proceeding are just that, proceeding governed by the constitution. The congress sets the rule proceeding for drafting articles of impeachment, the senate has sole authority to set the rules for the senate to follow when determining whether the president is to be Impeached or not. Congress has no authority or right to dictate to the Senate what rules, to include persons to be heard, evidence to review etc.. during the senate proceeding, however like their abuse of authority during the articles of impeachment in which they wouldn't let the senate question any of the witnesses congress supposedly got testimony from, virtually all hearsay, no one with first hand knowledge of any of the accusations they made against the president, the congress, crooked Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Maxine Waters from California along with shifty Schiff, Pelosi and others want to corrupt the senate hearing with their illegal and unreasonable demands for rule setting and calling more of the crooked witnesses they want to bring forward during the proceeding that only the senate has the authority to determine. Like they did in the fake Mueller investigation, the crooked Comey (FBI) proceeding that got them no where the crooked democrats simply want to parade more losers forward in the hopes they will say something they can use against the president or supposedly support all the other fake so called facts they conned the public with, with the help of the sleazy liberal news media that only presents the democrats comment during the proceeding but little to none of the facts, true facts, the presidents counsel and the republicans bring forth. Like Joe Biden being a crook who did engage in illegal conduct with Ukraine while vice President, Shifty Schiff lying from the beginning that he had "evidence and documents" showing Trump engaged in illegal acts with the Russians, and all that was proven false. Adam Schiff and Pelosi and other loser crooked democrats need to be indicted and prosecuted and imprisoned along in the same cell with Joe Biden. Liberal news media, don't hear any of that from them. The socialist/communist democratic party is the biggest threat to the security of this country, along with the liberals news media, ABC, (losers to the core-like Mr. shorty George Stephanopolis or whatever, CBS, (Nora the evening news anchor) nightly news where the teleprompter news female host gives false, ignorant, biased unprofessional presentations and briefing, the fact leftwing NBC, CNN, New York Times publications. All a serious threat to the security of this country and if there is anyone out the attempting to illegally influence our elections it is that bunch. The congressional house or representatives has made a joke of the constitutional outline for impeachment, they used it for political purposes and now they want to bastardize the Senate proceeding and make a joke of them. Any legislator who was involved in the pushing the impeachment articles against President Trump should be removed from office and prosecuted. We are talking of virtually all the democrats, and throw in a few Judas types like Susan Colling from Main, the female from Alaska and a few weak minded and disloyal republicans, all need to be replaced with truly loyal Americans and honest people. New elections, remove the losers and dead beats.
  5. President Trump, and every loyal patriot and those who support this Republic based on democratic principles and the constitution should be proud of the fact that they now have the opportunity to show how the socialist/communist leftwing democrats are a threat to our very existence and are willing to abuse the congress and the authority given them by the people of this country to further their socialist/communist agenda and overthrow the existing gov't elected by the people. President Trump is the first president to have to deal with the out of control congress who will abuse their positions, the judicial system, and the constitution to gain control of the country. Today, this treasonous congress is focused on conservatives and republicans but as every Nazi, socialist/communist dictator has shown in the past, they will eventually turn on their supporters who eventually realize they were mislead, their petty grips and desires made them patsies for these dictators, and next they will be the ones eliminated. That should be obvious to them even today as they are the followers of the crazies like Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, P. Harris, Omar, Cortez, B. Sanders and Crooked Joe Biden. Every democratic candidate shows serious shortcomings in character, lack of strong moral values, self respect and pride. How can anyone like that be truly trusted? They can, they will only do serious damage to all. Take pride in the fact President Trump that you are the first president to deal with a corrupt and out of control democrats in congress. History will show what they really are all about and what their real motives are, and that you faced them head on and held the country together and have made it harder for them to do this in the future. The senate needs to make it clear what is really going on with the abuses by the socialist/communist democrats and dismiss the impeachment indictment they illegally brought about and then go after all those treasonous traitors and show them for what they really are, anti constitution, anti this republic and traitors to us all.
  6. Democrats impeachment states the reasons for their demands for impeachment is due to President Trumps abuse of Power, and his demanding an investigation into his "Political Rival" Joe Biden, when he was vice president. Sounds like they simply reversed the real facts and directed them at President Trump. Actually, the real reason the socialist/communist democrats have abuse the congress and the purpose of "impeachment" is that they lost the 2016 elections, and they know they will lose the 2020 elections and are hoping with the help of the sick leftwing news media the impeachment of Donald Trump will sway, at least the votes with less than half a brain, and keep the leftwing wacko democrats on their side and vote for some incompetent loser democrat candidate for president. Doing so is paramount cutting your own throat. Joe Biden with the help of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry engaged in criminal conduct, abuse of power when he threatened the Ukraine President, threatened to withhold billions in U.S. foreign aid if he didn't terminate the investigation into the corrupt Ukrainian oil company and his son, who he got a job with that company, a million plus dollar a year position on the board of directors, even though his son had no ability, experience, training or schooling for such a position. We all know that is a fact and President Trump not only had the right but the legal obligation to request information from the Ukraine gov't but the duty to do so as president and withhold any U.S. dollars if they failed to do so and address corruption. Joe Biden, the democrats engaged in abuse of power, before, during and to date in congress, as a vice president and are now engaged in falsely accusing a political rival, President Trump, of wrong doing, using the congress to do so and should all be indicted and prosecuted. The out of control socialist/communist democrats are traitors to this country and should be prosecuted for not just abuse of congress, ripping off the taxpayers but for treason. Starting with Pelsoi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, and those sick feminist for California. The Senate should dismiss the impeachment brought by the sick left in congress and start impeachment proceeding against every democrat who was involved in that criminal act and start criminal proceeding against Joe Biden.
  7. cry baby, of course this Nazi site will post the blogs that accuse them of censorship, they have loser liberals who will help them deny that fact. They don't censor the anti leftwinger, socialist/communist liberal blogs that make derogatory vulgar comments, they think those just support their comments and views about conservatives. State some real facts, say it like it is about what a bunch of psychos and losers the democrats like Pelosi, incompetent lying loser shifty Schiff, Nadler is, the mindless females in the democratic element of congress like Cortez, the Muslim Talib, Psycho Warren, Harris who are grossly incompetent and neurotic are and are abusing the congress to push their entitlement I am a victim agenda and the leftwing liberals in the news media, by name, and they can't tolerate that, it scares them. Censorship is their only thought. Get out of your little hole liberal moron.
  8. Hey losers, do you? How about this phony no holds barred site/blogs. Just posted three new blogs, top news stuff see if you can find them and if you can respond to them each. Bet you will find them censored by those clones like you who control this site. You brain washed follower.
  9. No less than six recent posts again censored by this loser leftwing liberal site and the hypocrites on it are as active as ever. Like all wannabee tyrants, Nazis communist socialist they are deathly afraid of opposing views that show the sickness they promote and will justify denying anyone else the truth. Had posted some real good blogs here about the democratic controlled liberal news media, the loser, all of them running for U.S. president and Meghan finally castrating Harry and making him the Royal Head Eunuch. Guess that was too much for these No Hold Barred weak, simple minded liberals wannabee communist democrats on this site. Well if you don't see this, at least those losers I mention on No Holds Barred will.
  10. Queen upset, Meghan, Price Harry's (carrot top) Nazi feminist wife finally gets the job done and neuters little hairy weenie and turns him into the head royal eunuch. The royal family up in arms about Harry getting tangled up with the American feminist Nazi, but in reality what did they expect, American feminist Nazis are the route of all evil, here and abroad. Think all these middle east, Muslim conflicts and terrorist acts don't have a little (a lot) to do with the feminist and what their agenda is in this country and abroad? You know they do, feminist can only destroy and the more traditional a value is the harder they try to destroy itl
  11. The American news media, for lack of anything of substance and newsworthiness saturates the air waves with the Britain Royals, particularly carrot top Prince Harry and his American feminist Nazi wife, Meghan, who didn't take long to neuter wussy Harry and turn him into the court eunuch and the Queen and even Harry's brother are cursing the day Harry got tangled up with the American witch feminist, but what did they expect, the American feminist is the route of all evil, here and abroad. The fact that the democratic controlled liberal news media here, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN etc., keeps broadcasting that garbage in testimonial to the fact that the liberal left in this country has lost it's mind, is obsessed with trivial, garbage, shallow, of no substance only for show information today, is just another fact indicating that they are incapable of deciphering fact from fiction and wouldn't have a clue who was a quality person, who was competent enough to be President of the United States or any high level elected official and in reality, they don't care, their minds are dead and twisted.
  12. Corey Booker dropped out, guess his "I am a black" didn't go over so good with the wacko liberals and leftwingers and other blacks. Joe Biden, crooked and creepy Joe is still in the running, suppose to be the national leader for the democrats according to another phony poll done by the liberal news media. Bernie Sanders, brags about being a socialist/communist, who worships the communist and China and wants to over throw our Republic and our constitution is fighting it out with that wacko Elisabeth Warren, another socialist communist who also wants to destroy the U.S., and since she got a free ride on the taxpayer demands that all liberals deserve a handout at the expense of hard working people thinks that just being a woman entitles her to all she wants and demands and her gross incompetency must be ignored, overlooked and even denied by intelligent people, particularly men of the conservative class. Even Bernie, wussy sissy Bernie better not say anything about the female gender, especially if it is true. The rest of the Leftwing democratic hopefuls for president, what can you say, but they are losers, ignorant, whining give me something for nothing and vote for me even though I am totally incompetent, crooked, ignorant, and a loser cowards. That's what we democrats/liberals are and we are proud of it cause we have no shame, class, integrity, honor or courage, all the qualifications needed to be a democratic president, just like me, well vote for me then.
  13. General Solemoni, or whatever that jerks name is, is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, including many Americans, both civilian and military. How does the U.S. liberal news media portray that action? Well, listening and seeing the liberal news media presentations here, ie. ABC, NBC,CBS, CNN, New York Times etc., you think you were watching the Iranian state controlled news media attacking the United States and President Trump with their biased and one sided hate America presentations. ABC looked and acted like Iranians, ie,. Martha Radis, Mary Bruce, and lets not forget that height challenged insecure George Stepenopholis, or whatever. Definitely not professional journalist but who is today in the liberal networks? Facts, President Trump is the only leader of state for decades who has the ability and courage to say it like it is and do what should be done, particularly to protect American citizens and the country. Liberals and socialist/communist democrats hate anyone who is not a coward like them and have the courage to call them out and tell the world what worthless losers they are. They hate the truth. Facts., loser Schumer at one time called the Obama Iran/U.S. agreement that Trump terminated, one of the worse agreements ever made between the U.S. and an adversary, totally one sided, unilateral and not a binding agreement. Of course now he calls Trump a "murder" for taking out one of the worse terrorist ever. Yes, an American, the free world for that matter, enemy. However, Obama, that incompetent loser killed two American Citizens, one a 16 year old with no due process, and the liberal sick democrats and the liberal news media said nothing, even praised Obama. Who is the real murderer and criminal? Obama and the democrats sent a plane loaded with U.S. currency, over 150 billion dollars to Iran, we know where that money went, ie., advance their nuclear weapons program and sponsored world wide terrorism. Who's the real criminal and murderer? Democrats, liberals, Obama, Clintons, Kerry, etc gave billions to N. Korea so they could promote their terrorist threats and build a nuclear bomb, whos the criminals and a threat to the U.S.? Democrats are without question. Bernie Sanders, devoted socialist/Communist and the liberals want him to be our president. Elisabeth Warren, total psycho, totally incompetent, basically a socialist/communist who had a free ride on the U.S. taxpayer, all her preferential treatment, quotas, on the taxpayer this qualifies her to be president and demands taxpayers continue the rip off by pushing more freebees on losers like her. Joe Biden is a criminal and crook and demonstrated that with his son and his Quid Quo Pro with Ukraine and calls someone else a crook, and he says he's presidential material, yah, for liberals and democrats. The list goes on for all the democrats, from locals to the presidential wannabe's, all losers and with tear this country apart. Put them all in jail, permanently. Democrats can all be called "Chainberlands" that English dude who kept appeasing Hitler saying that it was good diplomacy to avoid a war, until Hitler took over so many countries thanks to the losers like Chainberland and the Schumer's, sleazy Schiff's Pelosi's, Warren's, Sanders's etc,etc., etc; until World War 11 was a certainty.
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