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  1. Only watched President Trumps farewell address and it showed the dignity, honor, integrity, patriotism and courage he has displayed throughout his full term in office. Actions that proved himself as quality and bettered the country. But that is what so many hated about him, didn't pull punches, stood up for all good citizens and the RED WHITE AND BLUE. Not a popular approach for someone today. Couldn't watch the Biden inauguration without puking so I skipped that farce. Learned long ago you can only determine ones real character, abilities and courage by observing
  2. Good for president Trump no hypocrisy there like the democrats display on a daily basis and many so called conservative republicans, like Mitt Romney, Murkowski of Alaska, Collins of Main etc., Bush if he was more secure in himself and had stronger integrity, honor, selflessness and patriotic love for the country would have shun Clinton and Obama as is the case for other individuals who weren't presidential, country leadership material, Carter one of them. It is refreshing to see at last a person with strong enough character traits who refuses to be a hypocrite and phony and bow
  3. No one with an ounce of intelligence and who have taken note of what is going on in this country, and are not afraid to say it/or are not part of the problem would not disagree that the worse this country has to offer, the most incompetent, dishonest, dysfunctional cowardly losers seek political positions and gov't jobs today. Why not, no ability is required, nothing a value has to be produced, as a crook there is no risk unlike those walking the streets doing illegal things, the perks and salaries are outrageous, there is no accountability and probably most of the public/citizens of our soci
  4. Typical of you leftwing mindless liberals, tunnel vision, see things only the way you want to see them. Oh, it has to be in Washington D. C. to be considered over throwing the gov't? I guess even Pelosi and the other socialist/communist democrats who incited all the other riots in the country didn't want it to close to home, and their little house. What about the riots, the assaults perpetrated by the radical left on behalf of the democrats where they killed citizens, police, burned and looted federal buildings and courthouses and took over cities and burned, looted, assaulted, claimed a new
  5. What a pathetic creature you are. You live a symbiotic parasite relation with the rest of the sick leftwing, liberal, socialist/communist democrats and entitled to loser victims of the country. Enjoy you loser life as a blood sucker.
  6. it is their white house and capital, not Pelosi's or any other member of congress. My blog I poste right after this one somewhat explains it more. In fact it states how Pelosi and other socialist/communist have take over our white house, congress and our gov't for their own sick reasons and agenda and they can get away with making rules that are illegal, unconstitutional and if you don't follow them you are the criminal, the enemy of the state, not them. You give them your share of the gov't, I will keep mind. She is a criminal, along with Biden etc,
  7. I posted previous threads, for you nerds, post, blogs addressing this topic, history's lessons. Nancy Pelosi, and the socialist/communist democrats, like all wannabe tyrants, dictators, irrational minded individuals basically cowards all who follow the communist doctrine have a need to abuse and assert and take total power from others and they can't control that addiction and need. We have been seeing that from her and other radical individuals who claim preferential treatment, the victim mentality to justify "entitlement". Adam Schiff, Cortez, Joe Biden who engages in illegal c
  8. We already seen how extreme Pelosi's and other radical socialist/communist democrats in congress are, that's nearly all of them, conduct and thinking that is illegal and criminal use of the judicial system, the Mueller/Comey, Shifty, lying Adam Schiff etc., and Hillary Clinton's treasonous traitor conduct was along with crooked Joe Biden, now criminal in the White House again only this time as a thief of the Presidential elections, now Pelosi with the other communist democrats are pushing radical communist type changes to how the U.S. congress will operate from now on. Where are t
  9. Found many of my posts on this site were censored for no other reason than they presented some very obvious truths about the sick left, the socialist/communist democratic party and the lap dog news media they control. Yesterday a posted a couple of posts about, Who really owns the White House and the Capitol, and who is to blame for the gone bad demonstrations at the capitol on 6 Jan, 2020. I made it clear about how much of a criminal Nancy Pelosi was, Shifty Pinocchio Adam Schiff etc., and that Nancy probably had so many Botox injections at taxpayer expense likely her brain is
  10. Ten republicans (would be labeled TURN COATS, during the revolution sided with the anti constitution communist democrats who use the congress and the American taxpayers treasury to carryout their sick personal vendettas, nothing more than personal attacks and hate for president Trump using the congress and U.S. Capitol as their pornographic playground while thumbing their snotty noses at the public and the rest of congress. The rest of congress are the cowardly so called conservatives, Republicans who claim they are for the rule of law and supporters of our constitution when in reality they
  11. Not to many years, actually months ago I would have said another civil war in this country was unlikely. Even with the criminal and unconstitutional conduct of the sick socialist/communist democrats in congress, actually the whole country and the incompetent cowardly Republicans who has the responsibility to stand up to them and put an end to their criminal acts and hold them accountable. Their lack of support for President Trump is disgraceful and criminal as well. However, due to these facts I would say that if the congress fails to put an end to the criminal conduct of the socialist/comm
  12. It's not the crooked politicians we have been electing for the past several decades, even if their weren't crooked and incompetent. It's not Sicko, Botox infested, brain dead Nancy Pelosi who has been ripping the system off and engaging in illegal and unconstitutional, socialist/communist conduct and using the congress and taxpayer dollars to carry out her personal criminal acts against those who are honest and competent who tell the truth when they accuse her of her criminal acts, her irrational insane conduct and incompetency. It doesn't belong to Mr. Pinocchio mile long lying n
  13. First it is the socialist/communist democrats who for the last several decades have been abusing our constitution and freedom loving citizens rights in a criminal manner and the liberal controlled leftwing news media who help them hide their criminal conduct and illegal unconstitutional acts with censorship of the facts, misinformation, outright lies and then to falsely accuse President Trump of unethical and illegal conduct, conduct that the commie democrats actually perpetrated, like Hillary Clinton, Joe (sleazy) Biden, lying Adam Schiff) carried out. Now they need to be impeached and then
  14. Another example of BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU. Biden and the socialist/communist democrats are anti free market, anti capitalism and anti American Constitution. When the losers running those companies see them destroyed remember who got you there. President Trump and conservatives made it possible for these companies to exist and thrive and the idiots want to play politically correct and cut their throats by supporting the very people who will eventually cut their throats. Going to be great to watch that happen and I will cheer.
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