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  1. You would think by now that all countries, including the Iranians would realize that you will be noticed when you launch a missile, or aircraft, day or night. Apparently Iran isn't quite as smart as they think they are, or that Barack Obama is still in the White House. The present administration should take this opportunity to inflict maximum damage on Iran. Multiple targets should be addressed and sever damage done to them. First a military strike on basic military targets, ie., their so called elite Revolutionary Guard and other coveted military installations. Second, nuclear facility targets need to be engaged, both military and non military. Set back their nuclear bomb making capabilities that the Obama/John Kerry and Hillary Clinton gang helped Iran advance. Hit them hard. Set them back a half century. Send a real message that we will not go to war, no need to since Iran is a third world country compared to the U.S. and this will show them. Cyber attacks on civilian and military installations. Destroy their oil producing capabilities. We don't need them, neither does the free world, only countries like Saudi's and N. Korea might. And as the "father of military tactics/war" advocates (Clauswitz ???), hit their center of gravity., the leaders of Iran, their command and communications, the Asshola Ayetola, you know who I mean. And of course those other big mouthed Iranians who get on TV and tell us how bad they will retaliated militarily if we hit them. They aren't capable of doing diddly squat if we don't let them.
  2. The fact is that the typical auto, unionized, worker is grossly overpaid and under skilled to justify their pay and fringe benefits. They are grossly greedy and are no better than big or small businesses that rip the consumer off. There are veterans, particularly past veterans, like the Vietnam vet who served their country, years in combat, no back to a nice soft bed, hot food, TV, internet, cell phones after a few hours in a so called combat zone, who also had to work two jobs while going to collage on the GI bill, not much benefit there either. Some raising a family at the same time to get a degree only to find out that all that got him was a job paying much less than a sweeper on an assembly line at GM or Chrysler (non vet, no degree) thanks to their rip off union demands. Unions and big business rip the consumer off and make it impossible for those earning a reasonable salary who don't have a union threatening for them to buy necessities, let alone luxuries. Union workers, auto workers are no better than big business and they have no right to complain when jobs are shipped overseas thanks to them.
  3. The real issues are that GM, like all auto makers are ripping the American and other consumers off and making outrageous profits, billions annually. Another issue and fact is that Unions, in this case auto makers unions, are as corrupt and greedy as big Business. Instead of admitting they are making enormous amounts of money on those jobs doing very basic, really not skilled labor with enormous fringe benefits included they are on strike demanding higher outrageous salaries for doing little to nothing. They are demanding a part of the outrageous profits that GM is making ripping the American consumer off when they purchase a GM vehicle, particularly on the purchase of a Truck. Greedy loser union auto workers, the life blood of the loser Democratic Party and congress. True and loyal American workers wouldn't demand higher pay than their skills justify, whether the company is ripping people off or not. What they should be demanding is that the company stop ripping Americans off, lower the price and keep the country viable and sound. Then these loser workers complain when the company shuts down a plant and moves to a foreign country where labor costs are more in line with the work one does. Liberals and democrats are responsible for that sick trend in our society, " I am a Victim, so I am entitled to something for nothing" and of course "greed is good", and the rest of the liberal mentality that is destroying the country.
  4. The same ole, same ole. I will say it again, A REAL DOG AND PONY SHOW. Only liberals and socialist/communist wannabee democrats could watch it and actually get excited about the candidates and their garbage rhetoric they continually vomit out. Berny Sanders, died in the wool communist, " China is the greatest country with the best gov't in the world". Deny it if you liberal want, he actually said that. Elisabeth Warren, wannabe Cherokee, obviously lost her mind long ago, Trump hater with no direction other than, freebees for all and the rich will pay. Boogerich, boogavicvh Boogalick or whatever, gay dude, socialist who has the same message as the rest, freebees for all. His father was, what else an extreme leftwing liberal socialist professor, just guessing, from California? Kamala Harris, wannabe black person, Trump hater "lets impeach Trump" and Supreme court Judge B. Kavanauh sp. Wacko Me Too, feminist. Gee didn't she hear the news, the Mueller investigation into Trump Collusion was not just a farce but a criminal act by the liberals in congress and the FBI, Comey and the Clintons, Steele etc. were involved in criminal act, illegal acts against a sitting legally elected president and they all still might go to prison who initiated that phony investigation. Of course they have totally screwed up the judicial process. Well, not a candidate in the democratic arena that is qualified, personally or professionally to become a public paid dog catcher let alone president of the U.S., but that doesn't matter to a communist who wants to destroy Trump and destroy the country to do it.
  5. Any doubt? Only by the leftwing liberals and democrats who have created the Iranian terrorist, build a Nuc., nation. Trump, international business man, and strategist knows how to paly with them. Throw them off balance, then hit them hard, very hard.
  6. Good, separate the minor criminals from the senior criminals. As it should be. the minors are in training to be bigger criminals and on the take for the future. Only sick liberals and democrats would advocate that illegals, criminals crossing our borders illegally for the freebees and handouts the loser democrats have voted in that real working American citizens paying taxes now pay for would also advocate that illegal criminals have more rights than U.S. citizens and constitutional safeguards. If a U.S. citizen is arrested, even for a traffic violation the children with them are separated, as it should be. Loser liberals and democrats say that shouldn't be the case for illegal immigration, they must be kept together, put in plush, TV equipped, bedding furnished, hot meals, toys, games, recreation etc., etc., etc., for the illegals.
  7. No surprise here, just another example how saturated our society is from bottom to top with irrational, incompetent people who are frauds and make knee jerk, politically correct decisions that adversely affect everyone and society as a whole while believing they will personally benefit, financially mostly, with those irresponsible actions. Our society is now full of people incapable of making a sound decision and allow irrational emotion, or maybe what they perceive as a personal lucrative decision to control their thoughts and actions. Those on the left, socialist/communist democrats brought that about with their "entitlement", I am a victim so everyone owes me something mentality and the resulting decay of society as a whole and the mass, indiscriminate shooting of the past several decades. All started with the feminist, draft dodger, pro drug, pro abortion, pro homosexual agenda of the left that they have been shoving down the throats of those who disagree with them. They harass, threaten, march, demonstrate and try to destroy anyone by any means who have the sense of responsibility, intelligence and courage to speak out against their agenda. The Mass shooters of the past are the leftwingers or the result of the left agenda, guns don't kill people, leftwingers/liberals and democrats do. Unlike the liberal left who demonstrate, harass and march at the drop of the hat, conservatives have deep rooted beliefs and quality values that don't change with the wind and political correctness of the times. They make decisions rationally and then they hold to them over long periods of time, lifetime. Like the following. I haven't bought a Nike product of any kind since the phony Kapernick, (whatever the loser's name is) and the sickening display and rhetoric that came out of the pro football losers, Haven't watched a pro football game neither and will never do so again for both of the above. I will seriously cut back my purchases at Walmart and anything related to that chain, now and forever, been doing that for the DICKS, DICKHEAD, chain for over a decade now and will never patronize that store, permanently. Not just firearm products, but fishing, camping, any recreation product, etc., etc., etc., . I will help those who strike against the store, of course that's what the liberal left always did, the very ones who they cave in to, but I will do so for different reasons, not the loser left agenda. History has shown, any establishment making the kinds of decisions that Dicks, Pro Football, Walmart etc., do eventually fail and go under. Just a matter of time.
  8. You must be a person who lives in fear. Pretty typical of a liberal.
  9. What a pathetic liberal you are. You are so far gone that you can't even admit, or realize how brainwashed and conditioned you are. You even get angry at those who point out the obvious, although not obvious to someone like you, blinders?
  10. I doubt that most people watching a movie, TV show realize or stop to think about what the real message they are suppose to receive when viewing it. Once upon a time, when people had a real sense of reality knew that Hollywood was fake, what they were watching was make believe and they weren't suppose to imitate Hollywood's version of real life. People had real jobs, did real work, made their own way through life for the most part and that mixing fantasy with real reality meant failure and ruin, or worse. Well, reality is a myth today, people have the "entitlement" I am a victim status and mentality and demand the freebees and handouts the liberal socialist/communist democrats feed them at the working man's expense and they act accordingly, very stupid! Most viewers today like to watch mindless TV shows that depict people as whining sissified, cry babies stabbing each other in the back to get something they want or conning and lying to someone to get them to give them something they didn't earn or deserve, like on the bachelor or bachelorette, even the Survivor series promotes the lowest class of human traits as good when in reality the so called winner would be the first one eliminated, probably permanently, should they display such a despicable kind of character and could not be trusted in a real life and death survivor situation. Watch, FBI, NCIS, the Code (some kind of Marine-JAG, judge advocate general, army term, show where females are in charge, acting like men would in a similar situation pretending that they are just like men, only better, and the only difference between real leadership in men and that in women, IS THE ACTING. Well in Hollywood's version you can take take after take, coach the actor or actress on how to raise your eyes, wrinkly the forehead, get that stern facial feature on the women give orders like a man and real leader so the viewer, mostly feminist and sissy guys, will or want to buy it. Anyone who has dealt with real live life and death situations, faced death and extremely tough and difficult situations know that isn't reality and there is definitely a difference between man's ability and capability and a woman's. Exceptions to a rule are NOT the reality of it. People die, missions fail and countries are destroyed when the best aren't leading, that's the case today with the liberal, feminist politically correct agenda and men are following that mindless trend. You are not just watching a movie or show anymore, you are being brainwashed, intimidated into not saying so, threatened, embarrassed into keeping quiet and even lives destroyed the same way the Nazis, communist (same as socialist) did to condition and control a society and eventually eliminate those who wouldn't, or couldn't go along with that or who had the brains and courage to oppose them. Keep watching you cowardly zombies. Bet some of you sissy guys love seeing females throw guys around, get people to believe martial arts training makes all the difference, makes you feel less manly huh?
  11. Yesterday, posted three short blogs on the above subject. Apparently this wonderful, no holds barred site has blocked them again, cowardly hypocrites, but here it goes. Hackers are at work and the truth goes on. Previously I posted facts researched by Dr. Lott, University of Chicago on so called gun violence statistics in America. He showed that the liberals/democrats and liberal news media intentionally misleads the public with false/misleading statistics such as, 30,000 gun violence deaths each year (2016 statistics) but in reality it's only 5,100 when you eliminate-Violent gun deaths that are not controlled by gun laws and legislation. Deaths such as suicides, law enforcement kills, criminal gang, drug etc., crimes created by politicians etc., creating a crime violent atmosphere in the areas they govern, and just plain ole "accidental'' discharge accidents. Extremely low percentage of deaths in a country of over 325 million people if you used the 30 K figure, not even a factor with the 5k figure. Again, most of those so called gun violence deaths occur in about four major cities (shown in previous blogs), liberal democrat cities and the remainder in a few states for the most part, again, liberal/democratic states with the most restrictive gun laws, bordering on Unconstitutional, like California over nearly 1200 in a year, while the fewest in states like Alabama, a very pro constitution, mostly conservative population, only 1, that's one compared to liberal, socialist/communist democratic state of California, other west/east coast states including Washington D.C. We hear the liberals and anti constitution, second amendment haters telling us how bad they feel about all these so called gun deaths that we must take law abiding citizens rights away and destroy the constitutional safeguards and freedoms away from loyal law abiding citizens and destroy the constitution itself. What's their next reason for destroying the constitution and our freedoms? Natural disaster and disease? You bet. Over 40 K die from drug overdose, the opioid epidemic was created by the democrats legalization of drugs not the drug companies. Thirty six thousand from the flu, 34,000 traffic accidents, 200,000 from preventable medical errors, lawyers love that, over 700,000 heart disease. So, anyone advocate destroying the constitution and taking ones rights and freedoms away to lower those numbers, and those are real accurate numbers, not the misleading gun death figures the liberals and democrats with the help of the liberal news media force feed us. Liberals and the socialist/communist want gov't to have total control. Anyone in their right mind really want that and not know what would happen to us all if that happened? Lets see if this lose site lets this blog through. Or, is this the forth in a series on gun violence blogs censored by the cowardly sick minded liberal Nazi, communist love bugs?
  12. Old Mack, I did notice that most liberals on this site are incapable of carrying on a complex thought, let alone decipher one written out. Really just one paragraph, don't make excuses.
  13. My previous blog just recently gave the basis for this blog, a continuation of the last one a few minutes ago. So, technically "gun violence" is not 30,000 annually but 5,100. How do they play out across the nation? About 25% of all gun violence happen in just four cities. 480 homicides, Chicago, 344 were in Baltimore, lots of gov't, federal employees/agencies there like the other cities and we have heard a lot about Baltimore in the news lately. 333 homicides in Detroit, and 119 in the city that should be the best, not one of the worse, Washington D. C. in realty no surprise there considering it's leadership like the others. That leaves only 3,825 for the rest of the country or about 75 per state but since not all is equal/even and many have far more than others which states lead the pack? California, some of the most restrictive, ant gun/anti second amendment laws in the nation, 1,169 vs. Alabama, very pro constitution rights/constitutional safeguard and freedoms state, 1 (one). Obviously it's not the gun causing this, it's the criminal element and criminal atmosphere created by the leadership in those states and cities. Who in their right mind can dispute that? What does that say about the con game perpetrated on the American public by the haters of our constitution and their anti freedom agenda? Lets take a look at some other related facts and statistics in following blogs, if this leftwing site doesn't engage in their anti American censorship tactics. TO BE CONTINUED!
  14. Yes, real truths and facts are kept from the public, including from this liberal left site. Study done by a professor Lott, University of Chicago, of all places. Nearly 30,000 gun related deaths per year in the US. Few dispute this fact, only problem it's intentionally misrepresented by liberal, and democrats. Sure a high number but what does it really mean? Since our population is around 325 million, only about 0.00925% percent die from gun related actions. However, even that low percent is still not the truth about so called gun violence the liberal left, anti second amendment, ant gun/anti NRA liberal left news media is lying to us about. Fact, 65% of those deaths are from suicide, no gun law could prevent that. Lots of ways to commit suicide and the liberal left promotes that in reality. Fact, 15% are by law enforcement, called justified and in the line of duty. Fact, 17% are from gang and drug related and mentally ill, persons who wouldn't follow any laws, old or new and would always find a way to do what they do, laws attempting to control that as they always have only violate law abiding citizens rights and safeguards and their constitutional protections. Liberals are on record that they don't care. Fact, 3% are from gun accidental discharge. I know some, liberals think they have the right to take away others rights for "own good" even to control accidents. So, of the 30,000 gun related deaths each year only 5,100 are really gun violence. Considering our free society, constitutional rights etc., that is an extremely small number. No one in their right mind, even the anti's would advocate destroying our freedoms, constitutional protections our very life in America to even attempt lowering that number. Or would they? Like I said, facts on gun violence the left/socialist/communist don't want you to know or discuss. More to follow in following blogs, if this site doesn't censor them, read above. TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Liberal news media just can't seem to get enough of this and similar junk happenings. Got to be much better news worthy, American public interest need to know events taking place here and around the world that would benefit U.S. citizens and their decision making needs than this garbage, but maybe it's more to do with the feminist movement, the Me to misfits and the liberal left need to destroy Men, and the high standards of performance and conduct they dictate instead of the ;pw, lowest common denominator standards and values the liberal left keep pushing on us. Anyone buying all that Hollywood garbage in their movies and TV series that depict women in hand to hand combat with men, women throwing men around like toy people, portraying themselves as tough leaders, catching spiders, snakes while the guy cowers like frighten little girls (role reversal) or the women does her version of a mans authority, confident, competent, proficient leadership stance giving orders/direction to MEN, which is in reality an act and falls more into their taught in women only training sessions, particularly prevalent in gov't agencies, ie., "ASSERTIVENESS, MANLY AGGRESSIVENESS" hide it all you want with warm fuzzy female terms, it's still simply Bit&%eeness. Lets not forget public employees like district attorney's wasting public funds making a name for themselves-who are the real criminal? Lets face it, all that stuff on the airwaves is simply brainwash the public social conditioning and about, MONEY!
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