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  1. Anyone really buying that? If you are you probably bought the story the other female officer claimed she thought she was entering her apartment (although on a different floor, different surrounding, no bright red run in front of her door,) and begins to shoot an unarmed black male who she sees, "in her apartment". Just a big mistake, right. Well this female officer supposedly has been on the police force for 26 years, what other crimes and criminal negligence conduct has she committed, and apparently she was "training " a new officer at the time she committed this crime. How m
  2. Any doubt that she got her position like so many in gov't today due to her GENDER. Being a mindless air head not a consideration. Last week she predicted, "doomsday" events ahead. The other day she told the other air head, feminist Nazi in Michigan to "shut the state down". Gay dudes in governors positions) (Colorado), Mayors of large cities (Chicago) Wackos on the east coast states and the west coast and California Hollywood idiots brain washing everyone with their fantasyland sitcoms and social conditioning shows without reality about macho women doing manly things when any
  3. Like most, if not all of this type of reporting in the news media and liberal commentary TV/Talk shows, the above topic is presented in a self serving and distorted, in not outright falsehoods, to support their agenda and goals. Truth has little value to them. Ok, lets admit Global Warming for the sake of argument. Even though over the geologic history of earth warming and cooling cycles over tens of thousands, millions of years are routine. From the shallow warm oceans that once covered this earth to the continental glaciers miles thick that covered the country from the artic t
  4. The real truth if you get passed the misinformation, half truths and out right lies of the liberal news media, the socialist/communist democrats and liberals and the wannabee hero's, so called "experts", who in reality are anything but gutsy experts I personally believe as do some real experts which I put myself in that category due to my extensive experience and training in Nuclear, Chemical and Biological warfare the constant lies and brainwashing about masks and social distancing had NO REAL IMPACT, likely the results would have been the same. Well, not so. Likely without that crazy chic
  5. Lets be honest, the answer is definitely NOOO!!! Actually neither is candy head Harris, for that matter any one in the category of Liberal, socialist/communist or democrat due to the brain defects and twisted manner of thinking would be disqualified if the high standards for such a position were in place and voters were half as intelligent and responsible as they should be. But, that's something the democrats don't want to be, the illegal acts they engaged in pushing illegal voting procedures and the liberal news media and democrats are trying to eliminate sensible, needed voting procedures
  6. We all seen it right? Everyone buy it word for word and make the decision/form the opinion the liberal news media and socialist/communist and democrats wanted you to form so you sided with them and their agenda? First, kids aged 5 and 3 didn't set that up themselves. They didn't contact so called border smugglers and arrange for their illegal crossing. The Parents did and likely the two shown dropping them illegally on the U.S. side of the border were relatives and/or friends of the parents. Next, the news media intentionally lied and exaggerated the danger, like
  7. calguy, what a loser you are. Like I said about the post this site won't let little commie followers like you see because it might damage your brain, the one to your last mindless response, one I posted just after this one is another they likely won't let you simple commie comrade mind see either on the fake caronafarce, covid-19 con game they are playing and they petty lives you and they lead. Can you find it?
  8. got any comments to the post just before this one on how the commie democrats and liberal left news media are going after the Jan., 6th (patriots) marchers on the capitol. NO, Guess this sick liberal site would allow that post to be viewed by simple minded losers like you who they fear couldn't handle the truth. Good commie that you are.
  9. Everyday the so called experts paraded on the air waves by the liberal left news media become more of a joke. Their lives will likely end once the farce called covid_19 eventually dies out and It will. Even brain washed idiots in this country have got to get tied of the con game they are used in and realize that they are being destroyed for the benefit of the so called experts who should never be allowed to make decisions on how others can live or conduct their lives. They are not leaders and never will be. They are self interest losers and self righteous hypocrites with a self motivating
  10. Lets face it, those coming across our borders illegally are not the cream of the crop that Mexico or other countries have to offer. They are shirkers from those countries and only see this country thanks to the socialist/communist democrats and liberal left who are the same way want bigger handouts far greater then they were milking in their counties and the betters back there are very glad to see them go. Of course those coming here illegally have been briefed and coached on what to say and claim are the reasons they are coming here by the democrats and liberal left. We shou
  11. Lack luster to say the least. Biden and caramel head Harris are dimwits of the first order. NO one should be surprised that Biden and that dysfunctional administration he slapped together look like a bunch of clowns running around with no clue what they are doing and bumping into each other with every step they take. Biden is a crook and has demonstrated that during his time as Vice President under the worse president this country has ever had, Obama, until his time now as the Worse President and the biggest air head ever as vice president with his quid quo pro with Ukraine, a
  12. The socialist/communist democrats backed by their state controlled leftwing liberal news media ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN etc.. are demonstrating their radical left agenda and their communist tactics which are exactly how the communist dictators of Russia, the Ole Soviet Union, China, North Korea and Muslim countries like Iran deal with anyone who dares to speak out against them or take a more positive approach like demonstrating against them taking any kind of physical action, even when it is their right and duty to do so as citizens. The way the left is going after those involved in that demonstr
  13. BOY, I really enjoy watching the wacko liberals like Cuomo gravel and whine and beg forgiveness for being such perverts. I am not just talking about the liberal left, socialist/communist democrat men, the women are as bad or worse, they just do a better job of covering up their sick conduct and minds and use the system to do it. Pelosi, Cortez, Feinstein, Omar and even S. Collins and others doesn't matter what party they belong to, right? Well, Liberal like Gov., Cuomo opened up those Pandora Boxes with their phony support for the feminist, homosexuals, prodrug losers, black liv
  14. The democrats and the liberal left news media have attempted to brain wash the public for over a year now about the covid-19 virus. (for decades prior to that) Actually less serious than the swine flue during the Biden period, at least as bad as covid-19. President Trump got numerous vaccines developed within months when the democrats and the liberal news media attacked him as being a liar and that vaccines will take years, at least three to develop. Now Biden has been handed everything on the proverbial silver platter with all his so called leftwing experts like quack Fauci
  15. Ole crooked and incompetent Biden sure has the complete opposite treatment given to President Trump by the liberal left news media. You think Biden was sent down from heaven by God the way they portray Biden as someone who not only can do no wrong but everything he says and does is glorious and next to Godly. The guy is a loser, crooked, incompetent and a flat out liar just like Pinocchio Adam Schiff. The only reason he is in the White House is because for four years they bad mouthed President Trump and initiated one criminal act after another against him starting with lies ab
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