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  1. i payed taxes and the Government took are lands so im taking every thing that i can get out of them back lots of us are you know any other way for me to get $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ out of them Hay ass wipes out there race is out get over that crap what the hell is wrong with you morons out there.I would rather KILL all the Bad word bags in this world and let GOD sort themout. Who wants to get it first the government is a hokes and the police are just as bad not every one are scum just most of them $$$$$$$ talks and you can do what ever you want when you have $$$$ well im going to do what ever i want for i was told we are free and can say and do as we please with in respect to the law
  2. Every one should have a job if they are able to work and we all should have equal pay

    Hi Kacper i have to say that's not true.Construction workers have to know how to read do math and speak English sorry to have to tell you that i don't have to rely on nurses to change my kids diaper on my kid and pay my baby sitter $30 To $60 an hour to do that and i can do there job to . You know why because i know how to read and they got this thing called the internet where i can look up what ever i don't know lol and if you got a lazy employee you speak to them about it or find them another job or get rid of them !!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the moron . Hay last i new Society needs construction workers to build your houses you hospitals and on and on and on and on and on. To tell you the truth all i here is them crying and crying and crying.
  3. We need to decrease American Poverty!!!

    Ya well if the people in this country would get off there asses and do something about the government and rich craping on us we would not be living in poverty we need to return to the old days and rob the government and rich and give to the poor
  4. Every one should have a job if they are able to work and we all should have equal pay

    One more thing I bust my ads doing construction and make less than half what nurses make and a lot more than doctors they don't do anode to help or fix people's health so lets here you people's crap on that subject but a I y how when are all you morons going to do something about the government craping on us low income families
  5. Every one should have a job if they are able to work and we all should have equal pay

    Then there employer should put that person on a more productive job for them or get rid of them because they don't want to work for that money and are stupid to not realize that your self moron
  6. Every one should have a job if they are able to work.Every one should have a good home.Every one needs to come together like we say we do but that's not true it's bull we have not.Every one needs to wakeup the government and rich force us to live this way and just think about how much they hide from us and cause us to go through in life