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  1. i payed taxes and the Government took are lands so im taking every thing that i can get out of them back lots of us are you know any other way for me to get $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ out of them Hay ass wipes out there race is out get over that crap what the hell is wrong with you morons out there.I would rather KILL all the Bad word bags in this world and let GOD sort themout. Who wants to get it first the government is a hokes and the police are just as bad not every one are scum just most of them $$$$$$$ talks and you can do what ever you want when you have $$$$ well im going to do what ever i want for i was told we are free and can say and do as we please with in respect to the law
  2. Ya well if the people in this country would get off there asses and do something about the government and rich craping on us we would not be living in poverty we need to return to the old days and rob the government and rich and give to the poor
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