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  1. Join the Blue Tsumani or die

    Blue Tsunami rednecks.
  2. Cruz is having difficulty out raising a Dem that won't take pac money. In fact he is being out raised. Not good for the Gop.
  3. Democrats Sue EVERYBODY!

    This is what they brought Juliani in for.
  4. Sean Hannity = SERIAL-KILLER?????

    He was really quiet neighbor.
  5. Democrats Sue EVERYBODY!

    I'd take the 5th.
  6. Once convicted of treason we will recoup the money from his estate. If there is an estate.
  7. When Michael Cohen FLIPS on tRUMP!

    If they have seized evidence that incriminates Trump does it matter if he flips.
  8. They are planning on doubling down this summer with another round of tax cuts.
  9. Einstime is born

    Eric Bloodaxe is taken.
  10. Eric Holder - LIVE, ON STAGE!

    I don't watch much late night anymore but Comey rocked on Colbert tonight.