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  1. What do expect when you elect a bunch of fascists.
  2. McChesney

    This just reeks of collusion

    I see the deplorables are still in denial.
  3. The day that Trump on national television said Russia if you are listening, the Russians went after HRC. Collusion. Treason whatever you want to call it. Oh and the summit is still on.
  4. And all you farmers are to broke now to afford one anyway.
  5. Actual Nazis could count. Today's Nazis not so much.
  6. Leftist Wins Mexico Presidency in Landslide With Mandate to Reshape Nation https://nyti.ms/2NhJycb
  7. I'd use an Arkansas toothpick.
  8. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2018-06-29/gm-says-it-may-cut-u-s-jobs-due-to-auto-import-tariffs-video
  9. He still could have backed a winning horse but he saw more monetary gain with Trump in the Whitehouse. He even played up Trump is going to win.
  10. I don't have cable but I was in a hotel watching Bill Maher the night he and Michael Moore turned their backs on Bernie. So now if Mr. Moore profits nicely with his movie he will have shown himself to be the true capitalist in the room.