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  1. She hates him

    Trump is content with the donkey ranch. The teeth take some time to get used to.
  2. Chain migration.

    Already happened but didn't . Grandfather came here grew up bilingual. Worked for the government after serving in WWIi.
  3. Chain migration.

    Dotard. Trump earned that. Before that as entertainer nobody knew. Dotard is that and a crmminal. Nobody would have cared before. Incarceration is what is coming.
  4. She hates him

    But he still drinks her piss.
  5. The 20th and 19th centuries were built on it. Trump positition is to break up families. Dotard becomes more relevant on a day by day basis.
  6. Enhanced shredding techniques. They were never there.
  7. TRUMP 2020 THREAD

    He'll be in prison by then.
  8. Schumer Blinks

    Its all three. At least you understand the charges now.
  9. Schumer Blinks

    In other news Trump is still a money laundering crook.
  10. Schumer Blinks

    CHIP extended for 6 years DACA debate coming up. Yeah we got something. Back to Russia gate we go.
  11. Schumer Blinks

    Fetch me some Mcnuggets flunky.