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  1. That's exactly the take I had. Like any cult, the Trumptards are attracted to an image. Has anyone tried to ask a Trumptard they know what he has actually done for them in terms of policies or actions? I just can't imagine what they'd say. I did see a headline in the paper the other day about him giving money to farmers, but I'm sure that's not what it looks like on the surface. I guess one thing a Trumptard could say is that the economy is good. Naturally that's despite Trump, not because of him but they wouldn't understand that level of specificity. Maybe they'd also say he keeps dangerous elements at bay (his illegal immigrant policy) or maybe they'd claim that a Democrat in charge would waste their tax dollars on bloated and ineffective programs?
  2. Just wondering- I haven't actually asked any of them- what Trumptards think Trump has actually done for them in the last 3 years? Would they say a) specific policies, b) what he symbolizes or c) he's better than the harm liberals could do? I'd actually like to hear an argument against any of these excuses if anyone has any ready.
  3. Listening to Chomsky the other day, I gained an important insight. He pointed out that the whole Russia meddling thing is insignificant compared to the things that really effect voter turnout and candidate support. One of the biggest things would be campaign financing. He pointed out rightly that any influence Russia may have had on 2016 was insignificant in comparison. Indeed, it can't even be traced to anything specific. It occurred to me that liberals have just taken that ball and run with it. All I have heard is that the intelligence community pinned bots being released into social media as Russian meddling. As far as I can tell, that would only influence ignorant people anyway. Yes, they are the ones who voted for Trump (the ignorant), but we are taking our eyes off the ball if we are so focused on Trump's wrongdoings. It seems like it would be a better strategy for the Dems to focus on a candidate that the people can relate to, which means someone who is a caricature of a certain attitude (since that's what most of the simpletons in the country respond to) and who doesn't alienate large sectors of the populace. Dems should focus on issues while pointing out all the damage that has occurred during Trump's term. Now he has an actual track record of disaster that he can be openly criticized for. And of course the Dems have to put all their eggs in the baskets of the 5 or 6 swing states, working closely with those local and state governments to get out the liberal votes and crush the Republican party.
  4. I don't know. I feel like what happened in 2016 makes so much sense in hindsight. Broken candidate (Clinton), ambivalent populace (those who didn't vote), the fact that Trump won by only a few states, etc. I think people are so fired up now that they will come out in droves to defeat him. 2018 was the first instance of that. Yes Trumptards will always be there as long as he is running or is President, but we shouldn't overestimate their numbers. He would not have won if liberals had been more responsible.
  5. Given that most of those circumstances won't happen in the next election, it seems like we may have an easy win!
  6. What do you mean? They will impeach him and Bitch McConnell will throw it out, since by some bizarre turn of events everyone is letting him be an emperor.
  7. The blame for the election of Trump falls on a lot of idiots. The Trumptards are the obvious group, but do we have statistics on these groups?: 1. Democrats who didn't show up to vote 2. Those who didn't vote or were "suppressed" (although that is not actually real) by being inconvenienced in terms of getting to the ballot box. 3. Those who would have voted for a Democrat if it hadn't been Clinton. 4. Independents who could have come to their senses 5. Moderate Republicans 6. People turned off by Clinton
  8. Trumptards don't have any sense. That's the problem.
  9. So where's all this Impeachment stuff going guys? I heard a statistic today that 2/3 of the country think that no matter what happens with the inquiry, they won't change their minds. Makes sense for those of us normal people who already know Trump is a joke, but I can't believe these stupid Trumptards! These scumbags just dig their heels in! So how many independents do we need to win the election, to prosecute Trump, and end this madness? Also, what does this country need to do to ensure that the Republicans in congress and the senate are all removed?
  10. So naturally with all the insanity brewing around Trump, nobody but a Trumptard can defend him. So my question now is, since we are still not seeing Republican Senators crack, how can we be sure Trump's campaign will be utterly destroyed in the 2020 election? Do we have enough independents and stupid liberals who didn't vote last time for a landslide victory? I feel like we are being held hostage by Bitch McConnell and the Trumptards of the nation. Please tell me I'm way off.
  11. How did he become Senate majority leader and how can he be kicked out?
  12. That's great. I will promote her! But why does M(B)itch have so much power?
  13. Since McConnell is the biggest problem with our government right now- not Trump, what is the discussion around getting him out of office and/or in jail? Are people working on that? How that moron ended up in charge of the Senate needs to be explained to me too, please.
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