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  1. Um. If nobody needs to get paid because services are being provided for free, then what?
  2. So I'm sure this is naive, but please indulge me. When there are economic problems in a country or globally, usually one side benefits at the expense of the other. But now everyone is suffering as the economy has been shut down. So isn't that a better situation in some ways? If nobody can make money, can't everything be forgiven? It seems like it would just be a pause. Tenants can't pay landlords, landlords can't pay mortgages, banks can't collect. So?
  3. Anyone else here hoping the virus will affect the economy enough to drastically unseat Trump in November?
  4. How do you respond to a small businessman who is frustrated by all the regulations in his state? What is the answer to the argument that people like Sanders and Warren would take more money for the government but it would be wasted on programs that don't work? There are plenty of entities that have lots of money but are dysfunctional, after all.
  5. Ahhhhh. Now THAT'S an answer- thank you! This is info probably 98% of the country doesn't even think about. How fascinating these "delegates" they keep referring to in primaries, like they are points on a leaderboard, are actually our national politicians!
  6. That is a description of their political role, not who they are. Is the plumber who lives down the street a delegate? Is a lawyer who works for politicians a delegate? Do you go to delegate college? What's the deal with these phantom people?
  7. If they aren't showing up the way they're supposed to for the primaries, how can we trust them for the general election? This seems overall to be a deadbeat community.
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