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  1. What??? I don't get how what she said was anti-semitic.
  2. She was accused of anti-semitism because she said a Jewish organization was lobbying aggressively? So what? Isn't it true? I'm confused.
  3. Brilliant insight! Now THAT'S the kind of answer I was looking for. Where did you learn this theory?
  4. I will check these, thanks- though I didn't ask for them. I asked for a simple response. Mine might be showing this chart to the conservative. Pretty widely seen I'm sure. https://www.adfontesmedia.com/the-chart-version-3-0-what-exactly-are-we-reading/#iLightbox[gallery138]/0
  5. Common sense means two different things (at least) to conservatives and liberals.
  6. No need to get defensive. I am sure we share many political views. But how many scientists have you known in your life and how many of those can you say you knew well enough to understand their political views? Making sweeping statements about scientists, economists and journalists will get you into trouble in a debate with a conservative (if they are smart and well-informed).
  7. Are you getting this data from somewhere or just assuming these points (1-3)?
  8. Don't know why you would say that. I know the person's views are foolish, but like to articulate my responses through ideas for intelligent explanations from others. And they had a good point about the media, since it is mostly liberal.
  9. Talking with someone who is pretty ignorant. They are unknowingly giving me examples of what I would think would be typical right wing statements. Here's the next one: the news media is mainly liberal, so how can you trust its coverage of American politics? Responses?
  10. What's the progressive argument against the following myths: Immigrants from all over are pouring into California and causing a drain on the welfare system. This is endangering California's economic well-being. Thanks!
  11. But if those low-life Republicans turn on Trump, Pence would replace him. Why don't they want that? It would make things a lot easier for them. Why would they be forced to take down Trump if Mueller finds illegal activity? Would they legally be required to? Won't they still crap in their pants in fear of the Trumptards in the rural areas? Also, if we get rid of the R's in 2020 in the Senate, Trump would at that point be done, right?
  12. Why do you think a divided government would make it easier for them to turn on Trump? Confusion and chaos? And is the only thing holding them back fear of Trumptards? I mean, if he were impeached Pence would take over. Why would they hesitate?
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