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  1. By the way, why are there only a few forums on the main site now? Was the "liberals only" forum turned into this "club"?
  2. Voter suppression, Republicans claiming votes are corrupted (due to Covid) and Trump not giving up the White House. What are the Democrats doing about this? By the way, what is a point? When they say Biden is leading by 8 points, what does that mean? Nobody ever bothers to explain it in the media.
  3. You're wrong on several things. To be cynical is to fail both yourself and your community. The media does not want Trump, but because they are driven by profits they constantly give him attention, which serves the Republicans because Trump's only purpose is to distract while they do things that hurt the people of this country. And no, Trump will not win, as 2020 bears no similarity to 2016 whatsoever.
  4. Thanks for the clarification. Though I still wonder why organizers don't state such things. I do suspect most of the millenials are confused.
  5. Yeah, but when's the trial set for and how long will it go on? People can't keep marching for weeks and won't. So why not call it a day- mission accomplished, and go home. Then come out when the trial starts. The organizers seem confused about what they are actually accomplishing since walking in the streets is not political pressure on individual lawmakers for specific bills. Maybe this is proof of my theory that a lot of this is happening so widely because people want to be amongst others in crowds.
  6. So we all pretty much got what we wanted with the convictions. Why are people still marching nationwide? I thought it was weird that none of the organizers I heard talking yesterday said anything specific, just "we want justice" and the like. It will be weeks before a trial and marching accomplishes nothing at this point, so why isn't everyone going back home so the virus can stop spreading?
  7. Oh, so it's to create a barrier to idiots so they can't break in from outside and write stupid S@#$?
  8. Does anyone else find it strange that the media is avoiding calling the looters what they clearly appear to be as we watch them on tv: degenerate millenials? Seriously, it's not like there are middle-aged white women out there breaking into stores. Most of the people seem to be minorities, male and between 18 and 30. It's also interesting that news coverage seems to have completely missed the fact that none of this, either protests or looting, would be so bad if people weren't stuck at home because of Coronavirus. I mean, they have nothing to do. If these millenials had jobs to go to, they would have if things were normal. People are looking for an excuse to gather and feed off a crowd- like they do at sporting events. And these protesters are the same people who don't vote, right? The same constituency that destroyed Bernie in the polls by not showing up to vote because they're useless. The same ones who are going to hand the election to Trump if he happens, by some stroke of really bad luck, to actually win.
  9. I hear you about not getting complacent, but if Biden loses it'll be not because of the redneck base but because idiots who would have voted blue didn't turn up to vote. But what's this about Wisconsin being razor-thin? The polls all show Biden winning in every state that matters. What do you call this? https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2020/president/us/general_election_trump_vs_biden-6247.html
  10. It serves to shut up the stupidity coming out of his mouth- lol. I completely disagree. It will be a landslide. Biden is winning in every state that matters. There's nothing that can be tight and no red states that need to be flipped. The redneck wastelands like Kentucky (where you don't even hear talk about throwing out McConnell) can be left to rot- they won't matter.
  11. Does anyone know where I can get a list of all the things Trump HASN'T been able to mess up (i.e. things he has been blocked from doing or where he lost his nerve)? I can't find anything when I Google it.
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