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  1. Kacper

    The Most Liberal Thread Ever

    I am a progressive libertarian and the room says it is open to progressives. You should rename name it the statist democrat only room so you can continue to circle jerk around incongruent public policy goals in the name of Wall Street donors.
  2. Kacper

    The Most Liberal Thread Ever

    You should leave the DNC. That you prioritize bigger checks for drug addicts over investing money in creating educational opportunities for people reflects that parties mindset that people must be kept tied to the federal government for their survival.
  3. Except SS is insufficient and it does not get invested in the capital markets. SS is spent and replaced in the books with a low interest government bond placekeeper. Force everyone who works into a 401K, IRA, or some other vehicle. It is the only way the wealth disparity will lessen.
  4. Kacper

    The Most Liberal Thread Ever

    Then we disagree.
  5. Kacper

    The Most Liberal Thread Ever

    As I said, I don't care where the money comes from. Eliminate the EITC and give the handicapped a bigger check if that is your concern. Pay for free college by taking a couple aircraft carriers to the auction block. We need to stop catering to the lowest among us at the expense of the more efficient use of our public funds.
  6. There is the added question mark about enforcement. Over-police any area and that is where your arrests and convictions will occur. It is only logical the government have stepped up enforcement in border states closer to the problem, but we really don't know who many crimes truly are committed by whom. for the last 30 years or so, somewhere between 35-40% of murders are never cleared. The police don't even seem to much care about B&E's and such except to the extent that they can track down the low hanging fruit like the people who swipe plastic and try to use it in front of the cameras or pass bad checks while standing in front of the camera, etc.
  7. Kacper

    The Most Liberal Thread Ever

    There doesn't need to be a good argument for eliminating the EITC. More people will benefit from a free university education than enjoy that now. Like I said, I don't care where the money comes from, the democrats who scream about government subsidizing worker wages at Walmart seem to not realize that it is through the EITC. Do away with it and Walmart will have to pay more competitive wages to attract workers. EITC is also the source of much of the fraudulent tax returns having been filed in recent years. The IRS was paying out the money based on what the returns represented without actually processing them. By the time they found out the thing was fraud, often the money was wired away and the perpetrators vanished without a trace. It is one of the reasons they delayed sending out checks in 2017 for 2016 returns.
  8. It would have to be a system that never gives them the choice.
  9. Kacper

    The Most Liberal Thread Ever

    One can be progressive without being a statist democrat. If everyone gets a free college degree, we shouldn't need to have much in the way of welfare
  10. We need more immigrants. Whether or not they come legally or illegally doesn't really matter much. Too many Americans are too special to work any more.
  11. Kacper

    Iran Spring fizzles

    Iran has been an odd bird for quite awhile. The Iranian masses are pro-west but the government is always anti-west. Really Jimmy Carter's fault though.
  12. Kacper

    Onward To Mars!

    And not a single democrat will criticize him for wasting a mint sending his car to mars instead of using that money to help poor people.
  13. Kacper

    The Most Liberal Thread Ever

    1. The number of people in the middle class who are not is reflected in the high median credit card debt and it is more than just a "percentage" as you previously indicated. 2. I don't care how free college gets paid for. Pay for it by eliminating the earned income tax credit for all I care. 3. I don't care what you think about my attitude. You strike me as someone who would be all for "the environment" without actually supporting anything that would adversely affect you personally. We are responsible for too much of the world's pollution as is and the last thing we need to do is add to that with more pointless consumerism. 4. The disproportionate high wages drive the influx of people to the west coast and the disproportionate high wages create more money chasing after the same goods which leads to housing inflation which leads to homelessness. 5. People all around the world can live "comfortable, prosperous" lives on less money than Americans make and certainly less than $20/hour. The government, however, in the US needs to drive wages up to continue to monetize the debt which drives the purchasing power of the US dollar down since fiat currency is debt backed and not gold backed.
  14. There are many that will live hand to mouth no matter how much they make. With deferred compensation it avoids being placed in the hand to begin with.
  15. Kacper

    The Most Liberal Thread Ever

    Don't see how that logically follows.